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Poptropica Now On iPhone

Some pretty big news today in Poptropica land. The app has been updated and you can now play Poptropica on your iPhone. It’s no longer just for iPads. It’s a little challenging to play Poptropica on such a small screen, but now if you need your Potropica fix on the go, you have more options. There’s still no word on when they’ll make a version for Android devices.

It will be interesting to see how many people download the game. It’s been out on the iPad for a few months, but according to AppAnnie, the iPad version of the game has only received 260,338 downloads on the iPad so far. That’s not very many downloads. To compare, the popular game 2048 was getting nearly 200,000 downloads every day¬†for the first month or two it was out.

One of the problems is that there aren’t as many islands to play on the iOS version, but the Poptropica Creators are doing their best to solve that. In addition to releasing the game on the iPhone, episode 1 of Mission: Atlantis was released today on the iPad and iPhone versions as well.

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Here’s the trailer for the new iPhone version:

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