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Cruise Ship in Italy Runs Aground

I don’t usually post about non-Poptropica news, but have you heard about the cruise ship that ran aground in Italy last night? The ship, the Costa Concordia was carrying 3,200 passengers and 1,000 crew members when it ran aground near the coast of the island of Giglio. It’s a sad story because at least three people were killed and many more are still missing. The good news is that authorities think the missing might simply be unaccounted for and being treated at hospitals and shelters. There are as many as 70 people still missing from the ship.

It’s of course very rare for large cruise ships to sink and the timing is really strange for Poptropica fans because of the upcoming S.O.S. Island, in which you are on board a cruise ship that sinks in the North Atlantic. The creators originally planned this new island to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and I wonder if this tragedy in Italy will cause them to delay the launch of the new island.

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  1. aww, what a tragic coincidence. 🙁

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    how sad! all those ppl r missin!
    and the timing is a bit creepy

  5. That’s really creepy o.o

  6. why not play it ? and dont you guys find it a little bit strange that a cruise liner sunk on the 100th anniversary of the titanic?

  7. Jeff Kinney might use the incident for an advancement for S.O.S. island, poor people

  8. I was wondering, was this incident yesterday? If it was some psyco might have planned it for a stupid trick for Friday the 13th

  9. He could have srewed up the routes for each ship and made them miscalculate the way

  10. I doubt it would be like that. I mean, accidents do happen. I doubt Poptropica would do something like that.

  11. That is so sad

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  14. its sad I wonder who are the missing people’s names

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  16. I was thinking of making an arrow to the knee joke,then a cruise ship took a coast line to the hull

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  26. L,i love your ”arrow to the knee” 😆
    Okay, thats a drop-dead coincidence.. And thats sooo sad for the families of the passengers and crew,But!… Im agree with Ryuzaki.I prefer be a world-famous murder than sad! Isnt our concern 🙁

  27. Its these times when your glad you learned how to swim…in the dark.

  28. L i found ur joke offense becuz my great aunt is missing from that boat gramma calld and told me NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR JOKES L

  29. And people ask my mom why she doesn’t want to go on a cruise.

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  31. and yes,if we can seriously draw anything from this,never go on a cruise boat,they always sink at some-point

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  78. Hey guys! This news is very interesting! I cannot wait for S.O.S. to come out for members! It seems like such a fun island. I do not think that they based it off of the Titanic, it says in the daily POP that it is the Pequod, the ship that sank Moby Dick.
    If you look in the trailer for the S.O.S. island, you will see a whale. I think that is Moby Dick….

  79. Also guys, if you look at yahoo news, you will amazing photos of the boat capsizing.
    I pray for all the people who were wounded or died. It is very tragic. 🙁 It reminds me of the Titanic….

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  112. Yes, and the sad part is the captain of the ship (as I heard) hid the fact the ship was sinking from the passengers by telling them it was just an electric failure.

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  123. actually i am an italian and i saw it on the italian news, it started like this:it was 21:45 and the boat hit a very big rock and all of a sudden there was a blackout and everybody started to freak out , the captain said that every body should stay calm because there were just “electrycall problems” ,27 minutes later the boat starts to incline 45° degrees on the right,the captain knew there was a problem so he trew himself in sea and swimmed to the beach , the passengers started to wear the life jackets most of them were rescued and many trew themselfs in the ocean -they arrested the captain and they say for now that there are a total of:7 are dead and there are 29 missing a real tragedy 🙁 🙁

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  137. I heard that the captain was trying to impress everyone by sailing close to the shore and saluting his family.AND he’s crashed a ship before!

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  142. OMG when i was 6 I was on this ship, i would never imagine that costa concordia will sink

  143. OMG stands for oh my god nicoletti. by the way OMG you r a geek. hope u wernt on that ship that sank.

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  146. That is sad what happened to the ship.

  147. It’s really sad, cause my best friends cousins were on that ship.
    Thankfuly, most of them got out……but 2 are missing
    My besties been depressed for a long time….:(
    Please pray for her cousins and every one on that ship