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Creators in Common Rooms and a Clue

Captain Crawfish posted in the official blog today about common rooms, which are the multiplayer rooms on each of the islands. As most Poptropica players know, these are the buildings on Main Street where you can go inside and meet other Poptropica players. You can do some limited chat (you have to pick from a menu) and you can play a lot of the multi-player games to improve your Battle Ranking.

It also seems that Captain Crawfish and other Creators might be making some special appearances in the Common Rooms from time to time. It would be cool to meet Captain Crawfish, Shark Boy, Ned Noodlehead, or any of the other Creators online. In a way, it’s kind of what Club Penguin does with Rockhopper and other celebrity penguins for the parties.

But there was one other item in the post today that is a clue about a new feature coming to Poptropica. It sounds like buddy lists. Here’s what Captain Crawfish said:

If only there were some way to keep track of my new Poptropican friends, and maybe check in once in awhile to see what they’re up to.

So that’s two features that the Creators have hinted at. The other is a re-vamped “Closet” feature for better managing all your costumes and outfits in the game. Both of these new features would be very welcome additions to the game!

Speaking of Common Rooms…

I’m writing a longer guide to all the Common Rooms in Poptropica, but here’s a list of all the ones you can visit. With 25 islands in Poptropica now, there are a lot of places to go now! All of the common or multiplayer rooms are located on Main Street, which is the entry area for each island.

  • Early Poptropica – Soda Pop Shop and Arcade (yes, there are two!)
  • Shark Tooth – Coconut Cafe
  • Time Tangled – Party Time Tower
  • 24 Carrot – 24 Carrot Cinema
  • Super Power – The Daily Paper
  • Spy Island – The Hair Club
  • Nabooti – Fly-By-Night Airlines
  • Big Nate – Cap’n Salty’s
  • Astro-Knights – Crop Circle Inn
  • Counterfeit – The Moldy Baguette Inn
  • Reality TV – Billiards
  • Mythology – Midas’ Gym
  • Skullduggery – The Broken Barrel
  • Steamworks – Steamworks Gear Shop
  • Great Pumpkin – Flying Ace Cafe
  • Cryptids – Bert’s Bed & Breakfast
  • Wild West – Dusty Gulch Hotel
  • Wimpy Wonderland – Photo Gallery
  • Red Dragon – Frog Creek Library
  • Mystery Train – Reverie Lounge
  • Game Show – Robo-Bling Boutique
  • Ghost Story – Visitor Center
  • S.O.S Island – Daggoo’s Fish Market
  • Vampire’s Curse Island – Barn (Unnamed)

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  84. I used to HATE common rooms cuz I thought they were a waste of time, but when I was on Mythology I went to the common rooms and I LOVE them now! I am now going to every common room in every island, and this page helps a ton! Especially in SOS. So, thanks Fierce Moon! And add me: isafartburger09
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