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ALS Ice Bucket for Everyone

ALS Ice Bucket for Everyone

The #IceBucketChallenge has pretty much taken over the Internet these past two weeks, with lots of Poptropica people getting in on the act, including yours truly. To give everyone in Poptropica a chance to have some fun, the Creators have released a special “advertisement” limited time item — the ALS Ice Bucket. The next time you log into the game, it will appear in your backpack. Use it to drop a bucket of refreshing but cold ice over your Poptropican’s head.

It’s great to see all of Poptropica get behind the ALS ice bucket challenge. Remember that you can donate to the cause by visiting the official ALS Ice Bucket web site.

I put together a small animated GIF sequence to show what the result looks like. It all happens quick–the animation of the ice bucket over your head takes less than two seconds to complete!

Poptropica Ice Bucket

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  1. Cool! The ALS ice bucket challenge is taking the world by storm. But its for a good cause 🙂

  2. So many of my friends have done the Ice Bucket Challenge (in real life) and it’s amazing to see all the celebrities who have done it. Who’s your favorite?

  3. Lol I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Yesterday (Real Life) it was super cold!!!!

  4. I got it in my backpack with the Galactic Hot dogs yet when i logged in back it was gone!!! What happened?

  5. Hey Marceline,

    Unfortunately Poptropica routinely removes limited time items like rewards from advertisement buildings. They’re only available to you for a limited time. They treated the ALS Ice Bucket item the same way they do with advertisement rewards.