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Poptropica Furry Monster Costumes

Halloween is getting closer and you can really tell on Poptropica. Great Pumpkin Island opened up for everyone this week and now you can get a bunch of new Poptropica Furry Monster costumes. There are eight costumes in total, four for girls and four for boys. That’s a lot of furry monsters. Let’s take a quick look at the different choices you have.

Girls Costumes

Poptropica Furry Monster 1

Poptropica Furry Monster 2 - Girls

Poptropica Furry Monster 3 - Girls
Poptropica Furry Monster 4 - Girls

Boys Costumes

Poptropica Furry Monster 1 - Boys

Poptropica Furry Monster 2 - Boys

Poptropica Furry Monster 3 - Boys

Poptropica Furry Monster 4 - Boys

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  2. Told you. Okay bye.

  3. Personsareweirdo12

    These creatures resemble the leaked costumes of “Monster Carnival Island”, the unreleased island that appeared on the Poptropica Map in early 2008 and mysteriously never went live. (Instead, as older players may recall, it was replaced by 24 Carrot.) As far as the Creators are showing us, they probably won’t be releasing this Monster Carnival Island.

    For reference: The Poptropica Help Blog has given away 13 of these epic monster-type costumes back when they were unobtainable.

  4. Personsareweirdo12

    i just wanted to post this on because you guys didn’t know.

  5. venus fly trap...

    you are all dum heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love love the outfit! But why are they all green?

  7. hey venus fly trap. how you doing?

  8. “There’s something under the bed!”

  9. Let me guess.
    A monster.
    How many people have heard of the monster mash.
    Do the monster mash!
    Ooh. And Poptropica sure does like halloween.

  10. Who wants to watch Monsters Incorperated?

  11. I’ve heard of the monster mash.

  12. Click on my name to hear it.

  13. Ooh. I haen’t watched that moie in forever.

  14. The Monster Mash? Nice.
    Oh how did you where all four costumes at the same time in that first picture? :O

  15. He used Microft paint with different screen shots.

  16. (White Dragon Boy) I really dont get it. Poptropica makes a big deal about Halloween but what about Christmas its a fun time with christmas trees, snow, love, stuff like that the least they could do is make a mini island game like the Haunted House. Really whats up with that?


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    😆 🙄 🙂 😉 😛 😀 😎 :mrgreen:

  19. (WDG) Thats right, no cursing grigory. This is a happy blog full of our opinions for the topic. And btw, I personally think that is waaayyyyy too many monster outfits! :shocked:

  20. I love the haunted house mini-quest! That is my poptropican’s home when I’ve finished all the islands (which I have so far.). I love to stand on top of it, it just looks so creepy! But I agree WGB. They probably will do a mini-quest on christmas because it is the most celebrated holiday ever. more important than halloween or saint patricks day or 4th of july. Just near christmas. But yeah, they didn’t do one last year, like with the haunted house. they just put up costumes to wear. It WILL be a shame if they don’t have a christmas mini-quest.

  21. You know what guys? They really should make the harder islands award more credits.
    Heres my chart:

    Hard- 250
    Medium- 150
    Easy- 100

    Isn’t that what it should be? If we beat the hard ones, we should be awarded, right?

  22. Great idea, White Dragon! That’s awesome.

  23. It really doesn’t make sense: If they are going to rate the islands, then why not award the difficult ones as well? Oh well, how are you doing Super Thunder?

  24. Why do they have eight costumes that look nearly exactly the same, when they could just make one and let the player switch between one and another? And they ARENT FURRY!!! How did the PoptropicaSecrets creator make that photo with four monsters?

  25. BTW I don’t think Nabooti Island should be medium.

  26. (White Dragon Boy) That is a good idea White Dragon. Plus if you did beat all the island, saved you game, and beat the Earth Day Mini Game and Haunted House Mini-Quest and you didn’t spend any of it you should have 1675 credits.

  27. (White Dragon Boy) Hey White Dragon i figured out who many credits we would have from the prevouis island we have beaten if your idea became a reality, we would have 2725 credits thats more than enough to get all the customes in the store and a few gold cards. Pretty sweet.

  28. (WDB) Hey Super Thunder quick question how do you post a picture of a poptropicain on the blog how do you do that?

  29. In the PoptropicaSecrets newsletter it’s said that the haunted house now costs 350 credits and it also says that in the store when you roll over the card but when you click on it it says 0 credits.

  30. i know that just by it its just a glitch its still 0 credits

  31. hey does anyone know or play a game called fusionfall if so tell me

  32. by the way the last comment was posted by me (WDB) Sorry.

  33. weird the creator of this blog is a girl on poptropica.(‘_’)

  34. Omfg i love fusionfall. 8D /mindblown

    I played it for such a long time haha, i check back every week for codes. /nerd;;

  35. OMG I loooooooove Halloween. BTW I completed Great Pumpkin! It was sooooooooooooooo easy.

  36. Neat Comet, that song is from Jane and the Dragon. I heard it on the show.

    It is based on religion remember.
    And Halloween is basically not even really based on religion.
    It was something the Europeans to celebrate the harvest. Hallows eve. It just became what it is. Oh and I don’t celebrate Christmas.
    Not based on religion. Just because.

  38. I’m going back to 505
    If it is a seven hour flight or a 45 minute drive
    I can not sing though I choose to do so anyway!!!

    Anyway. Changing the subject.
    My favorite holiday or celebration is not Halloween,Birthday(Everyone forgets).
    No it is thanksgiving!
    I love that holiday!
    Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! (Even though the white men killed the Native Americans)

    I’m hyper and obnoxious today for no bleeping reason! I’m just so excited!

  39. I love the food! And the family! And presents! (We get presents on Thanksgiving.)
    Yeah! And………………..I’m going back to Texas! Man. I’m drained. No more excitement left.

  40. Man. Those comments were obnoxious. Way obnoxious. Man. Okay. bye.
    Wait did I sing on here! Weird.
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  41. Smart paw is bipolar. Obviously. And he is crazy too.

  42. BARBIE AD. Early Poptropica.

  43. I like the “Barbie designs… They are so creative! (not to embarass me… 😳 )

  44. this is the dumbist thing i ever saw put something new on

  45. That IS cool WDB! (White Dragon Boy, That is what I’m going to call you from now on: WDB.) I’m am not one to save my credits though, I only have 100 after the great pumpkin one. And I love thanksgiving too Smart Paw! Most likely for different reasons though, we don’t celebrate it, so I think of it as an another break! 😉 And Super Thunder, I also want to know how to do that too! The poptropican picture posting thing! It’ll probably be easier than the WDB, WDG thing going on right now…

  46. And speaking of barbie, (no, not really) have you guys seen those new polly pocket ads? They are so strange!!! 😯 I know I used to play with those things, but polly does NOT have shiny hair. She looks really creepy now, and now that I think about it, she kinda was too back then. And what’s stupid is that they’re making the SAME toys, but with different ads. I just felt like saying it…

  47. Ohhh! So cool! I found a new face! 😯

  48. Superman, they are 4 outfits. They show 8 for boys & girls.

    If you click on my name (White Dragon Girl’s) you will see my poptropican! This is for the advantage of everyone out there!
    (Actually, I tried to put a picture of my poptropican by putting up a link of it from the avatar studio’s, but apparently that is NOT the solution. But if you click on my name, you can see her anyways, and if you can tell from her, I <3 the color purple!)

  50. me too!! purple is my favorite color!!

  51. Looks like we’re having Scottish Island not Dino Island then.

  52. How many islands have you completed?

  53. (WDB) Ok so our only clues for DINOSAUR ISLAND is a dionsaur foot, a jeep, a statue or a stuffed model of a Dough Dough Bird, a fake chicken tied to a tree with a bell on it, a couple of mansions, and a castle that was fully built. Hmmm.

  54. i mean wasn’t fully built sorry.

  55. (WDB) i have completed all 15 island

  56. yeah white dragon boy or whoever you are, My Brother Cuddly Walker invented it first. Only he did it a different way. Like this: 😯

  57. i’ compleated every island including great pumpkin

  58. who has membership on here

  59. Everyone! Go on Poptropica, Then go to Astro-Knights island. Click on your inventory, and once you hover over your medallion, you now have the option to Replay the Island. And I think the next island will be Royalty Island or something like that. I like the Dinosaur Island too!

  60. WDB, it’s a castle with (what looks like) a Scottish flag on it… Macbeth Island? And you missed the general store.


  62. (WDB) by the way whoever plays fusionfall meet me at the Cul-De-Sac this Saturday at 11:00 am. Sharp!

  63. Woah Im Spottew Paw Im Poptropica Yous Walktrunghs Its Good 😀

  64. Like Cuddly Walker’s brother Skittles said, “white dragon boy or whoever you are, My Brother Cuddly Walker invented it first. Only he did it a different way. Like this: 8O”

  65. Uh, I’m his sister, Scary Shell.

  66. 😳 sorry. i didn’t know u were a girl.

  67. im a girl 😀

    and thats a cool emote, too: 80

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  72. it’s 8:3am in Australia.

  73. Who cares if u are a girl

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    Anyone but RSA and SP are welcome to my blog.

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    Well. I never cared about your crappy blog anyway. Soooooooooooo. Yeah.

  76. Booooooooooooooooooooooooo. That sucked.


  78. I completed all the islands including SteamWorks

  79. Its me from the futere. It is from time tangled island