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Midnight Red Ninja Costume for Members

There’s another new ninja costume available in the Poptropica Store. It’s called the Midnight Red Ninja costume and it’s available for members only. It’s based off an earlier costume, the original Midnight Ninja outfit, which is also still available in the store for everyone. The new Midnight Red Ninja costume features a black outfit with red accents. Your Poptropican will also get a really cool-looking ninja sword. Of course, it’s being released to promote the upcoming Red Dragon Island, which takes place in ancient Japan: when ninjas ruled!

The creators point out that everyone can still get the original Midnight Ninja and the Samurai outfit in the store. Members get them for free, and everyone else can use credits from completing the islands. Poptropica historians may remember that a few years ago, there was a limited edition ninja outfit available called the Light Ninja.

Midnight Red Ninja in Wild West

Were there ninjas in the Wild West? Of course! You just could never see them...

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  1. i have a costume i wanan share

    1.Get the bangs from prom queen and the bun from the girl closest to basho’s house

    2.Wear any kimono and get a bow on the back

    3. Finally get the bikers lips and freckles( make sure u have a normal skin color)

    I call it Cute Japanese Girl.

  2. Did you know people, *waving hands in the air*

    That the ‘Cassandra’ in comment pages just like in Cute Girl and Queen of the Underworld, did you know that she was……

    ……..Green Grape.

    She did this as a cover for the previous persons she met (ex. MD, SP, Ke$ha,IF,CD,BT/Jade and me.

  3. Outfit idea:
    1. red tinker bell dress
    2. red midnight ninja belt
    3. biker girl jacket and lips
    4. black widow hair (b4 black widow goes all schizophrenic-kleptomatic)
    5. black tights
    6. prom queen bangs

    This idea is by ShinyPear55, a poptropican fashion designer who used to frequent this site more, but she wasn’t able to go on for about one week. One day, she checked the site again. Everyone had forgotten her.

  4. cool……………but I’m not a member of poptropica-_-

  5. Hey guys if you look at the poptropica store right now you can see that the midnight red ninja is gone from the list of items there, I still have it in my inventory which is a good thing but wonder if it got deleted like the rock star 1 outfit did.

  6. Anybody else think this is strange?