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Halloween Costumes – Monsters

Poptropica Furry Monster

Halloween is all about creepy and spooky and nothing says creepy like monsters, right? Fortunately, there are a bunch of monster costume options in Poptropica. One great group of monster costumes that you can wear is the Furry Monster Collection. There are four different costumes in the set. They’re a little more cute than creepy, but they’re perfect for trick or treating around all the Poptropica Islands. Boys and girls have slightly different options.

All the furry monsters share the color green, but otherwise they have different features including wings, horns, fangs and even polka dots and stripes. The really cool part is that you can mix and match parts of the four main versions to create your own completely unique furry monster. With so many different parts, you can come up with something really creepy or very cool.

Poptropica Swamp Monster Costume

Another lesser-known monster outfit is the Swamp Monster, also available in the Poptropica Store. It’s an all-white outfit with fangs and gills and it’s perfect for wearing around on Cryptids Island or just hanging around under the docks on Counterfeit or Skullduggery. Someone might even take your picture and try to claim they found a legendary monster!

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  1. i like the first it looks like a unicorn 😛

  2. i like the polkadots too.

  3. what about the Frankenstein costume

  4. appericium! arresto momentum! alohomora! accio! atupefy! expelliarmus! obliviate! avada kedavra! crucio! imperio! salvio hexia! babbuilious! tarantallegra! sectumsempra! rictusempra! protego! leggilimens! finite incantantem! portus! avis! orchideous! avifors! colloportus!

  5. is mystery train coming out tomorrow?

  6. 3rd yes Mystery Train on Fri.

  7. you forgot Lumos I have an app on my phone that lists all the Harry Potter spells Wingardium Leviosa, Locomotor, Locomotor Mortis, Stupefy

  8. i dont have to go to school cuz im on break and there should be a UNICORN costume!


  10. Silver Moon, you forgot impedimenta and Confringo

    P.S. N.H., how do you know that we don’t know each other personally?

  11. Nah just jk

  12. Awww….9th to comment! oh well!

  13. you guys both left out LEVICORPUS

  14. what about Vulnera Sanentur to heal sectumsempra

  15. i didnt put all because its so much the compleye list is in harry potter wikia

  16. I think that game show island is gonna be a little, i donno……HARD!

  17. oh and liberacorpus! it counters levicorpus!

  18. What happened to Meg and Nora, I haven’t seen them in a long time.

    P.S. Hey Fierce Moon, you know how everytime you chat, you have a blue background? Well I was just asking if we could do that to, it’s just a question.

  19. pretty sure that the blue background signifies she is a blog creator

  20. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they had a cobra costume on Pop?

  21. How did people get talking about harry potter?

  22. im trying to make a michael myers custome from halloween

  23. Oh Imma be a ninja on poptropica or atleast make an outfit 😀
    Its quite hard coming up with an inspration O.O

  24. Hey Silver Moon, what about Expecto Protonum?

  25. Original Halloween costumes created by Cae315
    Jack Sparrow costume: jack.sparrow1
    Jedi costume: thejedi20
    Hermione: hermi1.g.
    Halloween (girl): hallowette
    Sleeping Beauty: briar.rose
    Ke$ha: ke$ha2347

  26. Lol About the Sea Monster you could just hang around Nessie at Crypids and act like its your twin 😛

  27. does anybody know someone wearing the boys furry monster 2 costume be my friend im friendly dragon if you are wearing one right now