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5 Fun Outfits from Wild West Island

Poptropica Wild West Island is filled with fun and adventure, including lots of activities and mini-games. But it’s also filled with some really great Western-themed costumes and outfits. Here’s a selection of some of the best ones that I was able to find, along with instructions on where to find them.

  1. Marshal Taylor
    Poptropica Wild West Marshal Outfit

    Sure, when you become marshal yourself you’ll get a badge to make it official, but you can also get Marshal Taylor’s full outfit to give you an even more authentic look. You’ll find Marshal Taylor over at the saloon. He runs off after giving you his badge, but he re-appears in the Marshal’s office at the end of the quest, once you capture El Mustachio Grande. The Marshal’s outfit features a brown cowboy hat with a star, a red bandana, and a vest and gun belt.

  2. Saloon Lady
    Poptropica Wild West Saloon Lady

    If you look outside the saloon on the porch, you’ll see a beautiful lady standing there in a reddish-purple dress. This fancy saloon outfit looks great and includes a frilly dress top and bottom along with an outstanding feather hat. It even has a black choker, bangs and lipstick/blush.

  3. Train Conductor
    Poptropica Wild West Train Conductor

    The trains in Wild West Island haven’t been running on time and that has the conductor worried. But concerned or not, he has a fun and unique outfit in Poptropica. You can costumize him to get the same look, which includes a conductor’s cap, a blue vest over a white shirt and black tie that includes a pocket watch chain (probably to wonder why the train still isn’t here), and blue pants. To get the look right, be sure to copy the worried and concerned expression on his face.

  4. R.J. Earl
    R.J. Earl Costume in Wild West Island

    He’s a purveyor of potions, including many strange and interesting elixirs, fixers, and magnificent mixtures. Or, maybe he’s a big con artist. Either way, he’s got an outlandish and wonderful outfit that you can copy with the costumizer. It features a huge top hat, a crazy vest and even a nice gold monocle for that added touch. You can’t costumize his beard, but the wild hairdo still looks good without it. See if you can convince anyone to buy the Brooklyn Bridge after putting this costume together. You’ll find R.J. Earl standing outside his elixir booth in Rock Ridge.

  5. Miss Annie Oakley
    Poptropica Wild West Costumes - Annie Oakley

    There are a lot of great outfits available over at the Shooting Contest game in Dos Cactos, but my favorite is Miss Annie Oakley. You can copy her entire look, which includes a hat with a silver star, a blue vest, tan dress, and a gun with belt that features a longhorn buckle. And don’t forget her freckles. You don’t want to mess with Miss Annie Oakley!

What do you think of these outfits? There are tons more around Wild West Island. Post below in the comments section and share some of your favorites!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. Hello,I love those outfits so much ,here’s my favorite !
    Copy the pink dressed girl waiting at the trading place.

  2. Isn’t Annie Oakley a real person?

  3. rj looks cool.


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  18. The saloon Lady’s dress looks great as a Vampire dress, actually.

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  20. so much asians no offense any way im an asian myself but i only speak english 🙂

  21. The Annie Oakley one looks adorable! 😀 I did a paper on her one time.

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    But I speak a little of my bad asian language… 🙁

    And as for the comments thing,
    Isn’t it the person who commented,
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  25. I like all of those outfits! But I just my own Member’s only Hero Outfit.

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  27. wow! all the out fits are so cool!@ good outfit is a poptropica outfit

  28. I know, right jake?
    I like taking the top of the Saloon Lady,
    the skirt of the goth in Cryptids @ the very right,
    a scull belt from AstroKnights (any your style),
    the mouth from Saloon Lady (or any other one, that’s just the best one.),
    A black choker from (unknown 2 me, copied off someone :oops:)
    and those long hair strands from the Pop Star outfit (with the white earrings).
    I call it: Punk’n Pink.
    … I don’t really like pink, though…
    *i still like the outfit!*

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    (even though the name sucks…)

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  38. Wild west island is awesome. I beat it. But whats weird though, when the El Mustachio Grande gang destroys the bank, at the end when I capture El Mustachio Grande, the bank is still there! And the bank guy still says the El Mustachio Grande gang will come to destroy the bank!

  39. dangerous flame is my younger cousin.

  40. dangerous flame beat the island in one hour.

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  42. I think that Marshal Taylor is a shout out to Eerie Indiana (it’s from the ’90s. Check wikipedia if you don’t know it.)!

  43. hey lucky ice how do you do the thing with the mouth on the avatar studio?

  44. Wild West Island is cool. Still trying to beat it.

  45. silver moon, if your talking about it moving when your not saying anything,
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    And there’s a sumo-wrestling picture on PSP,
    along with a serene picture of a bridge,
    with little details that it could be in china or someplace like it.

    But perhaps one of these two aren’t true…
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    😉 From EP,
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    I’m quite concerned about his lack of vocabulary as well. It seems like the only words he knows are “Blimey,” “Bloody hell” and “Dunno”- yet he insists on laughing at Crabbe and Goyle’s intelligence or lack thereof. If I wasn’t so nice, I would’ve laughed at the irony. But I guess, like Patient No. one, excuses must be made on account of his upbringing. Having an enormous amount of siblings before him, Ron has an annoying habit of comparing himself to those around him. Unfortunately, it does nothing for his self confidence-especially when compared to me.

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    It is also funny how oblivious he is- does he not realise Lavender Brown fancies him? Considering she only speaks about wanting to snog him at every possible moment, and a lot of the time in front of him, I’m astounded at how deaf and blind he is. Doesn’t he know that they’ll make such a great couple? Unlike Cho and Harry, these two are made for each other. They have the same irritating and insensitive personality, they adopt the same annoying tone when they talk, and, as a bonus, they even have an IQ equivalent to each other! That truly is a miracle, considering how low Ron’s is.

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  83. I like the saloon lady best! Which outfit do you like?

  84. i like miss annie Oakley 😉

  85. I like Miss Annie Oakley’s hat and hair, but I like the saloon lady’s entire outfit.

  86. I like the Saloon Lady. R.J. Earl looks plain weird.

  87. cool! i luv the costumes <3 and btw i finished Wild West lsland.. it was kind of hard o . o o well PEACEEEEE 🙂 😀

  88. HeElLlLoOoOoOoO?????

  89. CAN YOU SEE ME???

  90. Oh, never mind… 😳

    I like the Saloon Lady top with other accessories,
    Click my name to see my current outfit
    (Hope you like it!) 😉

  91. my kindle rocks!!!!!!!!!! i am typing on it right now and i can use the internet on it.

  92. look at my new out fit click my name! !

  93. It’s a quite a cute outfit, silver moon. but the bangs from the back hair look a little weird combined with the other bangs. Click my name to see my outfits- I keep on changing.

  94. Why don’t you chat in a chat room? I got one on my blog.

  95. Red Heart where did you get the notebook????????? I love it with the long jacket. You look like a cute scientist if you had black glasses!

  96. Well, glad you liked my outfit… 😥

    I liked all of you guys too!!! 😀

  97. EP: Good Outfit 😀 (im not saying this only to cheer you up… i actually mean it :mrgreen: )

  98. psophia- i got the clipboard from that mini mission- Dr. Hare’s secret Lab or something. You know that man with the pink labcoat outside the rabbot suit? I customized the clipboard from him. Thanks for saying my outfit looks good. 😀

  99. Oh your welcome, and thanks too! BTW, I love your blog.

  100. Thank you Raheat,
    though it’d be better if instead of pink, it was purple or green.
    Something other than pink.

  101. I really like to play wild west now

  102. Those are super-greatly-nicerly-awesomely-exteremely-ultra-hyperly-max COOL!

  103. I like Miss Annie Oakley and the Saloon Lady but not Saloon Lady’s ‘mole’ or something. 😉


  105. wher’s” how to get your player realy hot” secrets?

  106. Prickly Monster

    party code DGN61

  107. I think poptropica should make a island called “Call Of Duty” Island. were you can learn your skills of fighting and war and power and more or etc. Also I think they should make a Island called ” Halo Reach” Island, to learn about the war bewteen aliens and human and also to become the journey of a spartan = human or/ a elite = alien!!!!!!!!!!!! You choose creator or maker and founder of poptropica think of it, it would be so fun babys would want to play it!!!!!Please think of it and write me back!!!!!!!!P.S. THINK OF THE KIDS SMILES ON THEIR LITTLE CUTE FACES THAT DAY IT OPEN IF YOU WANT BUT PLEASE MAKE IT I REALLY WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO BECAUSE I KNOW YOU CAN DO THE MOST CREATIVE THINGS IN THEE WORLD WHINCH I LIKE ALOT. T.A. = THINK ABOUT SINCERELY&PROMISE, !!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!

  108. Angel as I reside in the heavens I can see that poptropica secrets does not make poptropica.

  109. Artemis! Please speak to me!!

  110. Green Grape, you must know that because Artemis and I are gods, we are very busy. Artemis must continue her work, and answer the mortals who pray for her assistance. I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability.

  111. If you have questions about other gods, I will attempt to answer those too.

  112. Green Grape, you must understand that Artemis and I are very busy. We must continue our work, and respond to prayers from mortals as well. We (the other gods and I) try to answer all questions asked, so I’m sure Artemis can speak with you soon. I might be able to answer your question as well.

  113. Please switch the above comments around. Surprisingly enough, sometimes the internet connection up here on Olympus isn’t that great, which is why the two comments are switched around.

  114. i made a simple but cool cowboy outfit i stole from the gunslinger then i got rattle snake rangler i got that lasso but if you can find another one use that and thats it 😀

  115. Hey,Aphrodite I think it would be more if you stop all that non-sense and go hang out with your loser friends.

  116. Hey,Aphrodite i don’t think you are the real one named aprodite if you are tell me all the gods when you come to my house tomorrow and it better be right and also you need to stop talking you send 4 request and i do know how to spell encyclopedia and i will put a whole open bag of hot cheetos and make you all of why i spell encyclopedia.

  117. secret ninja, you just spelled encyclopedia.

  118. invisible catfish

    Here are the bad guys for each island:
    Early Poptropica: NIL
    Shark Tooth: Booga Shark
    Time Tangled: NIL
    24 Carrot: Dr Hare
    Super Power: The Supervillians and possibly Ned Noodlehead
    Spy: Director D
    Big Nate: NIL
    Nabooti: NIL
    Astro-Knights: Mordred/Binary Bard
    Counterfeit: Black Widow
    Reality TV: the people who are participating against you
    Mythology: ZEUS!!!!
    Skulduggery: Captain Crawfish
    Steamworks: Killer Plants
    Great Pumpkin: NIL
    Cryptids: Gretchen Grimlock
    Wild West: the Mustachio Gang
    Wimpy Wonderland: the Whirley Street Kids, possibly Manny

  119. invisible catfish

    secret ninja, don’t be so mean. anyway, a better idea for a new island could be something to do with medicine (find the cure for 5 deadly diseases, at the end your doctor friend gets nobel prize, you get the island medallion). Recently i have been reading the book The Call of The Wild, so maybe an adventure about the Arctic that seems something like Skulduggery Island would be nice.

  120. invisible catfish

    To all the gods up there on Olympus: I hope i don’t seem like a foolish mortal trying to act smart, especially because i attacked zeus in my “list of bad guys”.

  121. invisible catfish

    What is the name of the girl who pretended to be Hermione Granger and commented about Harry Potter and Ron Weasley?

  122. invisible catfish

    will everyone please stop talking about spelling? I have a spelling competition this Saturday and all this talk is making me damn nervous!

  123. I think the outfits that you don’y have to buy are better than the ones you have to buy. I love this game, I forgot about it for like 2 years and now I am glad that I remembered it. I am doing Diary of a Wimpy Kid Island, I tried finishing Wild West Island but the train part is really hard. I don’t really know if anyone will be able to help me but oh well. I usually finish them all, I really wish that we could talk to other poptropica players in the game but you can only ask them certain questions or ask them to play a game with you. I guess this site is for poptropica players to talk. I have Skype, so if you wanna talk to me about poptropica or you just wanna talk to me, my username is renak6 or if you can’t find me that way my name is Sirena Kriser. I would love to talk to you guys, especially anyone who loves poptropica. I am sorry for making this comment so long, I thank you for reading all of this crap I am saying 😀 I love you poptropica fans and hope to talk to you later on my Skype. I hope you guys all have fun playing on Poptropica. I also will help you guys if you need anything. Thanks again for reading my comment, I really do appreciate it 🙂 Talk to you guys later.

  124. i made a persephone outfit!it is not scary at all.
    1 dye hair yellow
    2 get aphrodite’s hair or go to herc’s hero hut and get the green girl’s hair
    3 get aphrodite’s dress
    4 at main street at mytholigy island get the white sash on a lady

  125. invisible catfish

    spelling competition’s tomorrow……..:( Wish me luck!

  126. invisible catfish

    why is everyone treating me like trash these days?

  127. heyy if anyone is on right now go to freind code room BMW75

  128. you all took to freaken long

  129. invisible catfish

    im coming to your multiplayer room, maroon icicle. are you still there?

  130. invisible catfish


  131. invisible catfish

    Why are you taking so damn long to respond?

  132. invisible catfish, I think that’s a really good idea about an island for finding cures for deadly diseases. that would be sooo awesome… by the way, anyone know what island’s going to come out next? and when?! 😉

  133. srry my room code is bke41

  134. BCQ76 is my room code

  135. im srry i exited theroom.

  136. omggggggggggggggggggg i beat it :mr green: :mr pink:

  137. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :mrgreen: 😉

  138. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hyperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😆 😀 😛 😥 :mrgreen: 😉

  139. invisible catfish

    zany tornado, the next island is going to be about the land of the rising sun.

  140. Everyone respond to my suggestion plz, how do u think of a island called… Resident Evil 5 Island? not a catchy name and stuff, but i really like the game and FYI im a girl.

  141. 😛 :O 😎

  142. 😀 lolz, i was posting to quickly… and it told me to slow down….. 🙁

  143. invisible catfish

    to everyone out there! i don’t think it is good to create islands about video games/books as it will cost jeff kinney $1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 in copyright issues!

  144. invisible catfish

    also, some video games might be too violent so that girls don’t like them, or so girly that boys don’t like them.

  145. invisible catfish

    i got in the semi-final for spelling competition, it’s this saturday.

  146. Hi there!
    Good job invisible catfish!

  147. Shy Rider (Poptropican name)

    MY FAV is the Saloooon lady! She is soooooooooooooooooo pretty!

  148. Shy Rider (Poptropican name)

    Eh, invisible fish! I’m a girl! I like violent games! Well, adventure and action ones. I hate dress-up games, coz all you do is mitch, match the clothes.

  149. i agree dress up is booring i think wild west is fun because action is fun and fun is what i want in a video game 🙂 so what the heck r u talking about *some games will have to much action for girls* what r u predjuiduce against girls playing action games?!?!?

  150. No offence but why is there mostly girls on here?

  151. @Mase – Because girls are awesome.
    @invisible catfish – Congrats on making semi-final.
    @Shy Rider – I agree! Saloon lady is the best!
    P.S. Who liked the horse they rode around? I know, for one, I did!

  152. AND this is for a few people i will say your name and sentence
    invisible catfish- poptropica doesnt got much action and girl can like killing game and shooting game and action. r u one of those people that thinks boys are better then girls cuz i luv shooting games
    invisible catfish congratz
    mase – whatcha got against girls
    team edward-wild west dont got much action
    and last if you want a real action game here r a few
    toonraiders it awesome lots of action

  153. Please help me- I love the Miss Annie Oakley look but where is she when you go to the shooting contest? Please help me I really want to wear that!

  154. hellp where is the shooting contest lady?

  155. rara she comes after u win the shootin` contest.

  156. @MidnightGyps, yes!! Elmer(’twas that the horse’s name? I thought that guy said it ’twas) made Wild West one of my favorite islands. I hope we get to have an interaction with animals in more islands. Maybe another horse, but I dunno.

  157. I actually only used half of Annie Ockly’s outfit. I used everything except her hat. I used a girl’s green hat. She always stands outside the marshals office. I love her braids, that is why.

  158. My name is really Miranda Kinney!

    My favorite out of all the islands is the one I made with the Steamworks clothes.

    But out of this island, mine would have to be the Train Conductor’s one.

  159. I like gothic looking stuff :3

  160. @invisible catfish Are you talking about advertisements? Because the video games pay them to do that… and also he wrote Diary of a Wimpy kid, and paid Mary Pope Osborne to do a island about he. (i have no idea about Great Pumpkin, i think it isnt copyrighted)

  161. @invisible catfish Are you talking about advertisements? Because the video games pay them to do that… and also he wrote Diary of a Wimpy kid, and paid Mary Pope Osborne to do a island about he. (i have no idea about Great Pumpkin, i think it isnt copyrighted) 😛

  162. Uh I have no idea what’s going on. Lolz