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Poptropica Cheats for Night Watch Island!

Night Watch Island...do you have what it takes to guard the Twin Palms Mall in the wee hours?

Night Watch Island…do you have what it takes to guard the Twin Palms Mall in the wee hours?

Night Watch Island Complete Video Walkthrough (Including Bonus Quest):

(Scroll down for a complete written walkthrough below.)

Night Watch Island Written Walkthrough

The Areas
There are 20 areas total.  You go through three areas before  you hit the Mall Atrium, the central hub on the map. From the Atrium, you can reach the Manager’s Office, Mall Left, and Mall Right.  Mall Left gives access to 6 stores, while another 7 stores are accessible from Mall Right.

  1. Main Street
  2. Parking Lot
  3. Security Office
  4. Mall Atrium
  5. Manager’s Office (reached from the Atrium)

Mall Left (left to right):

  • 3rd floor: PrintFax, Giuseppe’s Toys
  • 2nd floor: In the Now Clothing, No Pain No Gain Fitness
  • 1st floor: Crawl Mart Pet Store, JollyGifts Gift Store

Mall Right (left to right):

  • 3rd floor: MacGuffin’s Gadgets, Good Deals Electronics, Carnival Costumes
  • 2nd floor: Slugger’s Athletic Keepsakes, Slumbertown Mattresses
  • 1st floor: Sizzle Tanning Salon

There’s also various kiosks located around the Mall and are described as needed in the walkthrough below.

Night Watch Island is really the Twin Palms Mall with almost the entire adventure taking place inside a suburban shopping center. In order to complete the story on Night Watch Island, you  have to catch a cat burglar who’s trying to steal a priceless vintage baseball card. The island is fairly linear, meaning the story takes you from place to place without a lot of options for doing things in a different order.

  • Part One: Get the Job
  • Part Two: Investigating the Alerts
  • Part Three: Find Eddie the Snake
  • Part Four: Capture the Burglar
  • Bonus Quest: Find the Rare Sports Cards

One of the big differences between Night Watch Island and the other Poptropica islands is the use of the SMART PHONE.  Once you have the phone, it will appear as an icon in the upper right, next to your backpack.  In addition to being able to use it (described below when you first get it), you’ll get Calls and Alerts on it.  A Call will jump to the middle of your screen, but when you get an Alert, the phone icon will start flashing red and a large “!” will appear next to it and you have to click on it.

PART ONE: Get the Job

When you jump out of your blimp, you land on Main Street next to a Bananabee’s restaurant (this island’s Common Area).  You can only go right, to a line of people waiting outside the Twin Palms Mall.

The first guy in line tells you he buys everything MacGuffin makes to sell on the Internet. A redhead with freckles tells you that “this line is nothing, she waited in line for three weeks to buy voice-activated toilet paper.” Everyone else in line tells you how excited they are for the new MacGuffin gadget, even if they don’t know what it does.

Heading right, you reach the entrance to the Twin Palms Mall, but its locked. It’s after hours. Head right to the Security Office door and click on the red button and they’ll tell you the Mall doesn’t open until 7am.  What to do? Continue right to the Parking Lot where you’ll find Gus, a crying security guard.  A clock tells you its 9:02pm.  Talk to Gus and he tells you that he’s been fired after 10 years on the job and that the mall isn’t safe, then he walks off right. Go right to the PrintFax car and talk to the kid who tells you that it’s too bad about Gus, but the stress must have been too much for him.  Then he drives off. Keep going right until you run into a guy in a Yankees hat, the owner of Slugger’s Store.  He suggests that you talk to the mall manager and apply for the job of night-time security guard.

Head back to the Mall. On Main street, go back to the Security Office door and click the red button.  The manager asks if  you’re here for the night watchman job.  Then she leads you through the security office and into the Mall Atrium.  She needs to test you to see if you’re qualified for the job.

GAME: Spot the Differences

An image will appear that you have to study.  Then another will appear and you have to click on the 5 differences.  You can toggle back and forth between the images, so it’s not too challenging. The differences between Photo #1 and #2:

  1. Dr. hare t-shirt design (second from right in second row down)
  2. turquoise belt on wall
  3. disco light
  4. yellow star on red t-shirt on rack
  5. jeans on floor point a different way

Things to look for: Dr. Hare t-shirt design, turquoise belt, red tee with yellow star, jeans on the floor, disco ball

Things to look for: Dr. Hare t-shirt design, turquoise belt, red tee with yellow star, jeans on the floor, and the disco ball


Next the manager wants to test your ability to patrol. She tells you to jump on the scooter and patrol the mall looking for trouble.  She’s set up robots to test you:

  • In front of the Chinese Food kiosk are two robots, a boy and a girl.  Click on them to tell them “no loitering” and shoo them away. Roll right past the escalator to the next area called Mall Right.

In Mall Right, roll past the elevator and you’ll come across a robot granny in front of a New Store Coming Soon! sign.

  • Say hello to Granny, then keep rolling right
  • At the escalators, you’ll find a robot boy trying to run up the down escalator, click on him to scold him for running up the escalator.  Roll back left to Granny.
  • You’ll see a robot burglar grab Granny’s purse.  Quick, get after him!  Head left back to the Mall Atrium

You’ll run over the robot thief, but the Manager gives you the job.  Congrats.  The manager gives you a SECURITY GUARD BADGE and sends you to the Security Office to start your shift.  Put on the BADGE. Congratulations, you’re now a night watchman!

PART TWO: Investigating the Alerts

An Alert appears on the huge security screen: “Disturbance in MacGuffin’s!”  Before you investigate, check out the office:

  • energy drinks on the console – the manager warned you to avoid these
  • a corkboard – notes from Gus, the paranoid night watchman
  • a map of the mall – a great resource for finding what you need.  In this case, MacGuffin’s is on the 3rd floor in Mall Right

Exit into the Mall Atrium. Run right to Mall Right.  Click on the elevator button.  Enter the elevator.  When it drops you off at the 2nd floor, hit the elevator up button and re-enter the elevator.  You’ll jump off at the 3rd floor.  Head right to MacGuffin’s.  Enter.

Inside MacGuffin’s are all kinds of strange electronics.  Head left until you see a “Ringing” coming from a Quake-Master massage chair.  Click on the chair to get the SMART PHONE.  Answer the incoming call.  It’s from Gus!  It’s his phone that he lost.  He says it’ll come in handy with thieves about.  He teaches you the different apps:

  • Security camera – you can see the live feed from security cameras inside stores.  In this case, you’re seeing inside MacGuffin’s.  Gus tells you to find the mystery gadget that everyone’s talking about.  Use your mouse to navigate to the far right and click on the Quick-Charger. Next he says to check out other cameras.  Use the arrows at the lower left to toggle through the 12 different cameras (see the list below).
  • Contact list – preset numbers you can call:
    • Home (Gus) – give him a call if anything strange happens
    • Mall Manager – she’s getting ready for bed
    • Print Shop Owner – sitting in his apartment watching the game
    • Slugger’s Owner – wants to know if everything in his store is okay and when was the last time you checked on it?
    • Pet Shop Owner – suggests you check on the coral snake, who gets out of his cage now and again
  • Notes – empty for now
  • Planet Slug Game – “defend Earth by flinging bombs at them with patented slingtech3000 technology”, it’s Angry Birds in space.  The trick is to use the “+” sign as a marker.  Start by pulling the rocket back exactly to the “+”.  Depending on where the plus sign is, you’ll destroy something – either one of the slugs or an asteroid that’s in the way.  If you destroyed the asteroid, fire your second rocket from the exact same position to get the top-most slug.  If you hit the bottom slug from the “+”, you’ll need to adjust above or below the + to hit the second slug.  Takes a little practice, but isn’t too difficult.
  • Power Button – click to return the phone to your backpack

Smart Phone Camera LIVE Security Feeds:

  1. MacGuffin’s Gadget Store
  2. Good Deals Electronics Shop
  3. In the Now Clothing Store
  4. CrawlMart Pet Shop
  5. PrintFax Print Shop
  6. Slugger’s Athletic Keepsakes
  7. Slumbertown Mattress Store
  8. JollyGifts Gift Store
  9. Sizzle Tanning Salon
  10. Giuseppes Toy Store
  11. Carnival Costumes
  12. No Pain, No Gain Sports Fitness Store

Leave MacGuffin’s and you’ll see your phone has an Alert.

What to do when you get an Alert: 

  • Click on the flashing phone icon. This first alert is: “Security Alert in Slugger’s Athtletic Keepsakes!”
  • Then click on the “View Camera” button. [Bug – when we first clicked on the View Camera button, the room was supposed to be Slugger’s, but it was actually MacGuffin’s.  If you get this, use the arrows at the bottom to scroll through the room a couple of times.  Then go back to #6 and it should be fine.]
  • Using the security camera feed, scroll along the bottom of the room until the box is blinking and turns red.  You’ll see some upended boxes and a football helmet.
  • At this point, Gus appears to give you the next piece of information. In this case, Gus tells you to call the owner.

Go to the Contact List app on the phone and call Slugger’s owner.  He’ll tell you that you need to check to see if his Honus Wagner vintage baseball card, the most valuable card in the world, is okay.  It’s in a safe behind a statue and the combination is 6723.

Go down to the 2nd level and Enter Slugger’s. Go to the the right of the store and click on the Statue that says “Take a picture with the champ!”.  You’ll push the statue to the side, revealing the safe. Click on the safe and enter: 6723. The safe will open. Grab the HONUS WAGNER BASEBALL CARD.

  • CALL: Slugger’s Owner tells you he’s relieved it’s still there.

Click on the safe again to return the card, then click on the statue to push it back in place. Head back to the Mall Atrium.

  • ALERT: Giuseppe’s Toy Store! On the camera feed, use your mouse to scroll to the top of the screen to the overhead light.  When you’ve hit the right spot, Gus will appear and tell you that the light being on is odd and you should check it out.

Run left to the area Mall Left. At the elevator, press the button and head up to the 3rd floor. Head left, remember to jump over the space where the escalator is, and enter Giuseppe’s. Inside Giuseppe’s, click on the red TOY BIRD to grab it.  On the floor is a ROBOT TOY, grab it too.  Seems the robot might have set off the lights.

Exit the store and head back to the Atrium.

  • ALERT: Sizzle Tanning Salon!  Zero in on the closed tanning bed, the one on the left.  Gus will tell you he thinks he knows what’s going on.

Run to Sizzle, in Mall Right on the 1st floor. Inside Sizzle, click on the lefthand tanning bed.  An overly tan woman says she just wants to stay a few more minutes, even though the mall is closed.  Leave Sizzle.

  • ALERT: Good Deal Electronics! When you start to look around with the live feed, the signal is lost!  Gus tells you someone is in the mall and doesn’t want you to see.

Head to Good Deal on the 3rd floor of Mall Right. Inside Good Deal, head left and your phone will ring.

  • CALL: It’s Gus, who tells you that he could have sworn he just saw someone in the store.

To the left is an employee only room, but it’s locked.  Exit the store and go back to the Atrium.

PART THREE: Find Eddie the Snake

  • ALERT: Crawl Mart!  Move the camera to the far right.  Gus confirms that the coral snake is missing!

Use your phone contact’s list to call the Pet Shop owner, who tells you that the snake, Eddie, might be hiding behind his favorite rock in his glass case. Head to Crawl Mart on the 1st floor of Mall Left. Inside Crawl Mart, go to the snake’s empty terrarium at the far right.

  • CALL: Crawl Mart Owner will tell you that you might be able to lure Eddie out with his favorite snack, just don’t use any of the store’s birds.

Exit the store, where you’ll see Eddie, a moment before he takes off.  Go after him.  Follow him to the following locations where he’s hiding.  The item he’s hiding in will be shaking.  Click on the item and he’ll take off.

  • MacGuffin’s – a Pocket-Sized Porta-Potty
  • Sizzle Tanning – the right-hand tanning bed
  • Finally, you’ll find him in the Chinese Food kiosk in the Mall Atrium, where he’s ducked down behind the counter.  Go into your backpack and use your TOY BIRD.

Eddie will eat the bird and take off again.

  • CALL: The owner tells you not to worry about it, he’ll get Eddie in the morning.

Head to Mall Right.

PART FOUR: Stop the Burglar

  • ALERT: Carnival Costumes!  Once again you’ll lose the signal and need to go investigate.

Head up to the 3rd floor. Inside Carnival Costumes, go to the far left.  There’s the costume for the cop and the one for the robber.  Wait, that’s a real robber!  He’ll knock you down as he’s escaping.

  • CALL: Gus tells you the thief is probably after the Quick-Charger gadget.  He tells you to go to MacGuffin’s and stop moving so the lights turn off.  You might be able to ambush the thief.

Following his instructions, enter MacGuffin’s.  You’ll hide in the corner and the lights will go out.  The burglar will sneak up and you’ll surprise him.  When you do, he’ll drop a BACK ROOM KEY.  Pick it up and go to Good Deal Electronics on the same floor.  Go to the locked Employees Only door at the far left of the room.  Go into your backpack and use your ROBOT TOY.  He’ll keep the light on for you.  Now use your KEY and enter the room.

Inside the backroom, you’ll see a familiar apartment background (hmm…) and a computer with a note on it.  Click on the note and you’ll see it’s a New Store Application:

Preston Wilhelm is the owner of the PrintFax shop. What's he doing applying for a new store? Hm...

Preston Wilhelm is the owner of the PrintFax shop. What’s he doing applying for a new store? Hm…


  • CALL: Gus suggests you check out PrintFax (Mall Left, 3rd floor)

As you get to the 3rd floor, the thief comes barrelling out in a security golf cart, rides down the escalators, and heads to the Atrium.

  • CALL: Gus tells you there’s a scooter you can use to chase after him in the Manager’s Office.  (How does Gus know everything that’s happening to you?  Weird.)  Anyway, he sends you a list of possible passwords to the Notes app on your phone.

The Manager’s Office is on the 2nd floor of the Mall Atrium.  To get to the office, run up the escalators at the right-hand side of the Atrium.  The thief will appear and run over you again if you hang out in the Atrium too long.  Time to get that scooter!  Enter the Manager’s Office.  Click the control panel for the scooter.  The password is FROST.  Unfortunately, the scooter needs to be charged.  But how can you possible CHARGE the scooter QUICKLY?  Hm.  Wait, a minute…get to MacGuffin’s!

Inside MacGuffin’s, grab the QUICK-CHARGER.  After all, you’re on official business.  Go back to the Manager’s Office in the Atrium.  Use the QUICK-CHARGER out of your backpack.  Now jump on the scooter and exit the office.  Take the down escalator to the first floor, go right to Mall Right, then turn around and go back into the Atrium.  You’ll find out that the best way to catch the thief is to get behind the up escalator as he’s coming down.  So, go to the far left of the Atrium.  When he comes down in his golf cart, you’ll take off after him and he’ll crash.  But wait, he’s a robot!  You’ve been duped.

  • CALL: Gus tells you that you really blew it.  Thanks Gus.

Go to Mall Right

  • ALERT: PrintFax Print Shop!  The live feed shows the thief photocopying something.  Get to PrintFax, stat!

Inside PrintFax click on the copy machine.  Click Menu, then Reprint Last Scan, then the green Print button.  It’s a copy of the Honus Wagner baseball card.

  • CALL: Gus wonders where the real card is.  Time to return to Slugger’s.

In Slugger’s, click on the statue.  Uh-oh.

  • CALL: You tell Gus it looks like the safe fell out of the wall into the floor below.  He tells you to get the blowtorch from behind the picture in the Manager’s Office to use to cut through the padlock on the New Store.  Head to the Office pronto.

Inside the Manager’s Office, click on the framed picture of the robot boy over the “employee of the month” sign.  Grab the BLOWTORCH.  Then head back to Mall Right. Go to the New Store front and equip the BLOWTORCH out of your backpack.  Click enter to go into the New Store. Inside the New Store you find the thief.  But he escapes up the wall before you can stop him.  Jump up the ladder and click “go up” at the top.

Air Vent Chase
You’re inside an air vent.  You see the thief, but you can’t get by a red barrier.  Equip your BLOWTORCH again and click on the barrier to torch it.  Continue right and then up the ladder until you’re in a room with Ventilation System A and Ventilation System B written on the wall behind you.

You’ll start on the right side navigating through System B.

Jump right, over the rotating fan, into the vent. Torch the barrier. Head right, drop down, and torch the next barrier. Continue right, up the ladder to the top where it says “danger: elevator/escalator drive mech.” You’ve caught up to the thief, but he takes off again. Use your blowtorch on the barrier above you, then jump up.  Travel left across the top of the red barriers then blowtorch the barrier you’re standing on when you’re past the moving machinery below you. Drop down and you’ll catch up with the thief again, who bumps you off the platform.

Go back through vent System B you just went through, but this time stop halfway up the ladder.  You’ll see a beige barrier on your left.  Torch it and step into the darkened vent shaft labelled “B”.

This is halfway up the ladder in Vent System A.

This is halfway up the ladder in Vent System A.


A fan will blow you up to the next level where you’ll find a switch with “A/C” on it.  Torch it.  The thief will tell you it’s not over.

Head back to the center Ventilation room and head left. The moving fan will keep you afloat while you torch the beige barrier into the System A vents. Head left then drop down the ladder.  At the bottom, you’ll encounter the thief yet again.  He’ll run up a ladder.

There’s an “A/C” switch on your right and a barrier on your left.  Torch the switch, then torch the barrier. Go left and torch the next barrier.  Head up the ladder.  When you get to the top, torch the barrier and drop down into the room. “Gotcha, you’re trapped now!” you’ll say. AGAIN, the burglar takes off.

He jumps down, but you’ve torched the System A “A/C” so he crashes down and drops the Honus Wagner baseball card.  You grab it and the two of you crash out of the large vent onto the Mall Atrium’s humungous fountain.

Just when you think he’s going to run away again, Eddie comes by on the scooter and knocks you the thief silly. You all end up on the floor of the Atrium.  Gus has called the real cops and they unveil the thief.

Of course, it’s Dr. Hare!  No, it’s really the print shop owner, as you’ve suspected since you saw his name on the new store application. Right?

CONGRATULATIONS!  You got the burglar, saved the priceless baseball card, earned the undying respect of Gus and the Manager and and got your island medallion!

Bonus Quest: Find the Rare Sports Cards
Scattered around the mall are 9 collectible cards – Canada’s best athletes from the ‘60’s!  You’ve got to recover them.  As you leave the Atrium, follow this order:

  1. No Pain, No Gain – Left Mall, 2nd floor – far right of the room, the baseball shooter, the card is up on the rack of clothes, click on a baseball bat from the rack, then click on the shooter, now quickly run back and face the shooter just to the right of the rack.  Hit the spacebar as the balls come at you and you’ll knock the card down.  Easy peasy.
  2. In the Now – Left Mall, 2nd floor – click on the large speaker to the left of the “Get in the Now” sign
  3. Crawl Mart – Left Mall, 1st floor – in the piranha tank on the second level, you need to click on the card just as all of the piranha are moving away from it
  4. JollyGifts – Left Mall, 1st floor – click on the exploding confetti can on the checkout counter, second in from the left
  5. Go back to the Atrium and leave the mall through the security office, jump up to the top of the mall dome and the card is on the top. Head back inside.
  6. “Saturn” – Mall Atrium, above the fountain – jump up the fountain and its on the middle planet, on one of “Saturn’s” rings. From here you can actually jump to the pizza kiosk to the right.
  7. Space Time Pizza – Mall Atrium, 2nd level on the right – click on the lump of dough closest to the oven and quickly click on the card behind it.
  8. Sizzle Tanning – Mall Right, 1st floor – click on the control panel of the first tanning bed until its on the lightest setting, simmer.  Then click on the tanning bed.
  9. Slumbertown – Mall Right, 2nd floor – use the sleeping masks cabinet to the left of the exit to jump up to the mattresses on the next level.  Use the blue mattress to jump up onto the big purple mattress that’s at an angle.  When you reach the floor, you’ll run back and see the card on the upper platform.

Head to Slugger’s to talk to the owner and return the missing cards.  As a reward you get the Old-time Baseball Uniform!



Our Original Post Announcing Night Watch Island:

The creators of Poptropica have announced the next Poptropica experience: Night Watch Island! As you can see from the logo, not much to go on other than the image of a flashlight. A land of perpetual darkness? Or just a night out during a blackout? And does it have anything to do with the earthquakes on the island of Poptropolis Games? We’ll keep posting as more information becomes available.

We’re taking a stab that the next island will ship sometime between January 24th and 31st. Stay tuned to see if we’re right!

EDIT: The trailer for Night Watch Island has been released! Looks like the next Poptropica island takes a cue from movies like “Paul Blart, Mall Cop”, because the main theme is: you get to be a Nightwatchman in a suburban mall. I’m guessing the evening doesn’t go off without some kind of hijinks.  Check out the video trailer below:

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  61. whats with the snake???

  62. Hey, I love Poptropica, and I have been playing since Nabooti Island had just come out

  63. when will this island be released?

  64. I don’t know when night guard island will be released…but I hope it’s soon…it sounds…

  65. P.S. I’m 13 and in 8th grade…

  66. P.S.S. I’m a member…the items are very cool…

  67. Has anyone heard of the “Cirque Du Freak” series?…I’ve read all the books…it is one of the best series I’ve read…

  68. i mean to say it’s…not it is…

  69. lego maniac who is 8 and has been playing since kindergarden

    does anyone love LEGOs and how do you do that little trademark sign?

  70. Hai! I’m in 8th grade (13 years old) going to be 14 tommorow!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!


  71. You can wish me Happy b’day tommorow. (if anyone cares, of their “OWN FREE WILL”)


  72. Thats when Poptropalis games will sink. That is one of my favorite islands. Im so mad. <:<

  73. Happy Birthday,Thalia Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..I can’t get past Poptropolis Island anyway………..I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Legos……

  74. Slippery Starfish

    I haven’t been on here for a long while…

  75. who has heard of PARAMORE?! they’re like one of the best rock bands like EVER!

  76. I like some of Paramore’s songs. Ignorance, Playing God, The Only Exception and Brick By Boring Brick are the ones I like.

  77. i LOVE poptropica i have been playing since i was about 5yrs old now i am 9, wow thats a LONG time!!! right?

  78. i am a completer its been 5 months since i start playing no i complete 29 islands

  79. im alomst 11 and been playing since i was 6.

  80. Have you guys ever saw the vampire daries? its really good

  81. @ Noisy Shadow
    They have a new album coming out called NOW i don’t really like it but it’s okay.
    I cannot stop to listening to them though! I think i might have a Paramore problem 🙁
    oh well! 😀

  82. i am 13 years old and i am great at these games

  83. umm….
    @thalia grace- did you steal that name from the percy jackson series?
    and happy late birthday

  84. i wish night watch island is here and oh i love the items

  85. yay!Cant wait,cant wait!!!

  86. Thanks for the info and i cant wait to play the island. I have been playing Poptropica forever now and have completed every island on some acc. but not on 1. I only need a few more. I also cant see the video either! What gives? Well, finish up those islands and play on!

  87. Ive heard of the “Cirque Du Freak” series! it is the best series in the world!!!!

  88. i am a member but i can’t find night watch island on the map

  89. i cant wait till the island comes out and i can watch you play it. i think its going to be EPIC!

  90. i just cant wait and gonna have all 33 medallions to see use my username and add me as a friend this it issej529 i am a king

  91. i just cant wait and gonna have all 33 medallions to see use my username and add me as a friend this it issej529 i am a king losers feel my wrath feelin down when ya losing to a fourth grager Thalia Grace you sucker later jackblack out

  92. i just cant wait and gonna have all 33 medallions to see use my username and add me as a friend this it issej529 i am a king losers feel my wrath feelin down when ya losing to a fourth grader Thalia Grace you sucker later jackblack out

  93. Thalia Grace poptropolis is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy u jus a wimp wimpykid wimpykid

  94. i have been playing since Poptropica started which is 2007.anyway i hacked in poptropica to gat free membership you have to say iam a giek for me to tell ya how ya hear.

  95. oh baby will ya be with me oh yeah

  96. I hope the new island comes out soon my friends and I love poptropica it is a cool website and I love the cool islands

  97. jack black is a total giek (geek)

  98. I have almost beat ALL the islands !! You can add me as a friend, here is my user name : bluemoon2019

  99. I love poptropica its the best game in the whole in tire world. its so awesome that i already have 6 madalions. and please hurry up and bring night watch island i am dying for it

  100. Hello guys,
    I really love the Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid and from that I have found the name of this cool website.Jeff Kinney has always been a great cartoonist and a great computer gamer!He make so cool things his mind goes so fast.How does he think of all these islands?They are very cool!I’m waiting for more islands and more books to come.If you want to add me in poptropica your surely welcome to do it my user name is Hellokitty131423.If I would ask you something it will be HOW DID YOU KNOW ABOUT POPTROPICA comment here and tell me.

  101. hey i am too a fan of ‘diary of a wimpy kid’ well talking about te islands, all are advetures and jeff kinney is doing a pretty good job . no , best job ever! . i know about pop from my best friend. she totaly loves pop and her favorite island is cryptids.(mine too).its the best virtual world i ever know . i wish poptropica could be a real world! 😉

  102. Poptropica News
    Hello, guys. It is I, Black Widow, news reporter. Well, it seems like I won’t be reporting any news for a while. I’ll be reporting daily news (the news you’d see on TV every morning). So, for now, that’s what I’ll be reporting. Not anythings like islands or somewhat. So, goodbye. -Black Widow

  103. jack black: shut up,bacause I have all the island,too you dumbutt!


  105. I am not kidding.

  106. cheerful tornando

    the Samurai give me the ticket but i dont no what to do

  107. IT STINK poptropilas sunk but i didnt get the medallion:(

  108. when will the island come out for Gods sake

  109. yeah,ye suck,PINK jack 😡 😆

  110. jack black, u r a giek, now tell me how

  111. jack black u r kinda of mean and im saying this just because im in 5th grade but im not bragging am I nope act older would u

  112. I can’t wait for this island to come out! Poptropica does hide a lot of secrets in its islands like hidden costumes and such, so maybe more ‘Easter Eggs,’ (As some call it,) may be found in Night Watch!

  113. I hope they make movie island real and i cant wait for night watch island.

  114. i like poptropica it has cool islands and it is fun to play

  115. cant wait

  116. black jack is acting like a jerk

  117. iv beaten every island im a member

  118. Daily Poptropica News
    Hey, guys. So, remember from my last post, and how I said I’d be reporting DAILY news, and not big events, such as the Poptropololis Games sinking. Well, I just thought I’d start this post off as a reminder that I’ll only be doing daily news until I come across some other big events. Anyway, here’s the Daily Poptropica News: You know what I hate most? Not knowing things! Well, that’s the particular reason I decided to be a Poptropica reporter. So, what I’ll be telling you guys today is: Weather, prison escapes, ect.“ So this morning in your blimp, you noticed some pretty windy weather, right? Well, you don’t need to think you’re crazy! There really was wind, and you’d believe it too! The wind was at 90 MPH (miles per hour) this morning. It dropped only a tad bit, 6 miles or so. Don’t be scared, though. I mean, the wind will only blow you off the map, literally. So, in case someone didn’t get that sarcasm, I meant you should stay behind door. Also, tell me what you think of the wind; has it got something to do about the new `upcoming` island, Night Watch island? Hmm…Pretty interesting, though it shouldn’t have any affect on your virtual life. Anyway. Well, guess what? There was a prison escape! “Oh, my!!!“ you’re probably thinking. Well, don’t! You shouldn’t fret, because—you know what? Let’s get a bit more details: Early this morning (FEB 14TH, 2013), the prison escape of Louis Megale, a Mexican thief (steals jewels), escapes prison! I”M SORRY, GUYS! I’LL FINISH THIS POST LATER, MUST GO ***

  119. I found out about Poptropica as my friend told me about it.
    :mrgreen: 🙄 🙂 😛 😀

  120. And btw, my id is bestpen. Anyone is welcome to add me.

  121. i think this island will be a really cool hang out spot to just look around and try on some of the outfits! yunno?

  122. also they could have a juice bar like on 24 carrot island! except it changes your skin colour!!

  123. 33 medallions in a row yessssssssssss! night watch island is going to be easy

  124. this is pretty cool . . . i am looking forward to it. my friend says that she is tired of all the horror-themed islands so this is a nice change.

    And they have a pet shop!
    cuz in the trailer they had snakes escaping and stuff.

    hey busy ice add me as a friend: pittbulldoggie

    yes i know i spelled pitbull wrong

  125. @jack black: wow, so mature. Hey, you sound hungry. I’m going to serve you up a big dish of “NO ONE CARES”. Isn’t it delicious? 🙂

  126. THis is to JACK BLACK you are oddd.I have all of the medals HAHAHA

  127. when will night watch island be released?


  129. OMG!!!!!They should totally make an avengers island!Or at least an island with Thor and Loki on it!!! Thor is my absolute fave avenger!!!!!!!!I LLLLOOOVVVEEEEEE poptropica and have been playing the game since it opened!I now have all of the medalions!SQUEEEEE!

  130. when the heck is twin palms mall going to open?!

  131. Night watch is oouuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. This is the best island yet!

  133. Really jack black, you think were so cool just because you’re mean?

  134. Just to let u ppl know… There are actually 32 total island with night watch being the 33rd island.

  135. If you want to friend me it’s panda21894.
    I bet all of you that have all the medals spend 24 hours on the computer.

  136. Oh, and hyper bettle, are you saying that because of the Poptropolis Games sank?

  137. im at pro in poptropica. won over 30 medals. i just have to complete this island to recieve my 33rd medal. add me when you get to. shiny fire is my name. 😉

  138. When’s the walkthrough coming out?

  139. It’s out for memebrs now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  140. Hey Jack Black so what you have 33 medals I have 20 thats pretty close only 11 away and oh yah im a fourth grader

  141. Jack Black put what state you live in im just curious because one of my other friends live in the same state as me and you should friend me my username is perfectrider101

  142. im a member and im done with the game ! take that jake black

  143. how do u charge the scooter???

  144. Hey folks, I am a member the island is the BEST I have been on!

  145. im so excited i wish i was a member soi could do the demo

  146. Im a member so i am on poptropica.

  147. when is night watch island coming out i have about 20-something medalions and i cant wait to comeplete night watch

  148. Hi I’m new here so if you want to friend me then my username is legolover366.

  149. Troolllllls! Jack black is really is a giek. We should put that word in a dictionary!

  150. Hi I am new here so if you want to friend me then my username is emmahoward12

  151. where are the directions/cheats?

  152. There is no video!Didn’t you read the sign? That is dumb.

  153. poptropicacreators

    Thankyou for putting a walkthrough up for our newest island, we had a look at your island creation and we put it in the ‘maybe’ section of our new island idea’s.

  154. I was so sleepy this morning but when I saw that the video was done I was like aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Hi i,’m new here so if you want to friend me then my username is above or emmahoward12.

  156. If you are wondering what I’m doing up this early in the morning.Well I am a morning person and when I’m up I’m up.

  157. I <3 Night Watch Island! LOVE it!

  158. I completed it,was stuck on the eddie part but the written walkthrough helped me out on that and the rest.I hope to be the one of the first ten people to complete it,so wish me luck,please.

  159. really cool. not so fast on a really slow computer though…

  160. @Skyboy303

    Tbh skyboy, i first read your website when night watch island came cause poptropica secrets did not have it at first. N the walkthrough did not help it did not make sense so credit to poptropica secrets

  161. i messed up trying 2 catch the thef how can i redo it. i also dont wanna restatmthe level i have 26 medals

  162. I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I’m in the top 10!

  163. It was last night. I NEED TO BE IN THE TOP 10!

  164. Man, i think there was a glitch, first, i didn’t see eddie the snake,second, i didn’t see the robber with the security golf cart running all over the atrium after charging the scooter and go out to get him

  165. poptropica player #1

    sup brah haha this cheat is awesome it helped me out so much

    – not a guy-


  166. I finally finished it

  167. done hope im in the top ten !

  168. My computers broke down so I can’t play.I’m so mad.errrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  169. this is going to be awesome

  170. its probably gonna take days but i started it cuz members get early access, trust me it takes really long.

  171. I wish poptropica had sound

  172. Hello!
    I was wondering if you could put a video on it, personally I think video walk-through’s are better

  173. poptropica has sound on the eleavaterreally cool

  174. what i ment to say was it does in the elevater really cool

  175. I FINISHED IT!!! 🙂

  176. Okay here’s an intelligence test.

    1. Find the v in this sentence. ( the v in this sentence and the other one do not count)
    I’m funny and my sister is weird.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwvwwwwww.

    2. If you dont laugh at this sentence you are an idiot. My sister is the fish from Finding Nemo.

    If you did any of those, and still didn’t come up with anything, you’re an idiot.

  177. I have 16 medallions, & I’m a 7th grader!!

  178. (Well I’ve been playing for 4 years, so I wonder why?)

  179. omg im a 7th grader too metropoppet2 (SORRY IF SPELT WRONG) but ive finished all the islands but high five and go 7th graders (i guess thst sounded LAME) and ive been playing for 4 years too 🙂

  180. Percy Jackson freak

    Hi I an new here

  181. I can’t wait until it’s for non-members…

  182. Metropoppet2 and Wildberry-Guess what? Im a sevie too. Sevie’s are seventh graders, at least at my school they are. Ive beat just about every island and i luv poptropica. I used to think i was the only one my age that still played but i guess not. 🙂 Well, that was fun. Bye!

  183. I’m a member on poptropica and let me tell you this island is so epic! P.S you will not believe hows in that tanning bed! GROSS!

  184. Well i have 21 medallions and im a 6th grader

  185. can’t wait for new island

  186. Hey speedy ghost you know ghoststory island.Well funny story.I was playing poptropica on ghoststory island with my sound on I was in Fiona’s creepy old house looking in the telescope looking at the lighthouse I saw a light and when it got to the top of the lighthouse Fiona was behind me and though my speaker she said are you looking for somebody.I was like ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!She scared me half to death!!!!I ran from my computer.Funny story.Huh.

  187. I can’t wait for this to come out!!!! It looks awesome! 😀

  188. where is the toy store?

  189. purple ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    am I the only one that likes taking coins and doing the rides?
    If I am friendly tip DON’T it just wastes time

  190. purple ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @sarahcline123 the toy store is on the way left part of the mall on the top floor next to eau de toilette that little parfum store on the left

  191. guy ges what just 10 people in wholr woide world got the medal

  192. Rainbow Dash 122300

    Why isn’t there a video for this? and how do I shoo the robots by the chinese food kiosk away? I clicked on them, and my character says”no loitering”, but they just stand there and don’t do anything.

  193. Sorry that I hadn’t been on for a while…
    I think this island might be one of the best! Though at the start I thought the MALL MANAGER was a thief… and don’t you think its kinda creepy that the mess after you chase the robot thief and it crashes (About when Eddie steals your scooter) disappears after you go somewhere else?

  194. I am not a member and i finished the demo and zomberry island is really hard

  195. orange lightning

    #silver jumper
    it comes out for non-members on the 14 of march

  196. omigod, from the videos I can tell that Night Watch is AWESOME. Like, buying things? Cool for sure.

  197. this is a boring one! We can’t believe how slow it is going. . . . yawnnnnnn!!!

  198. Go home, Jack Black. You’re drunk.

  199. My name is Summer, I am 15 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have no nose or ears, my body is covered with scars. Didn’t I tell you I’m dead. My dad killed me with a kitchen knife in the year 2001. If you do not post this on to 10 other pages or groups in the..next 15 minutes, I will appear tonight by your bed with the kitchen knife that killed me, and I will kill you. No matter how old you are – I WILL murder you. It’s up to you if you re-post this or not, but this is no lie. This is FOR REAL! Now, copy this and paste it onto the walls of 10 other pages or groups Your time is running See more This isn’t fake. if you copy and paste this to ten pages in the next ten minutes u will have the best day of your life tomorrow. U will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. In 53 minuets someone will say I love you or I’m sorry or I want to go out with you.

  200. if u want to friend me type this in:agadaga335.i completed night watch island

  201. i go to gfe elementry school

  202. I thought mall manager was thief and pretending she was getting ready for bed in Slumbertown mattress store, but it is actually print shop manager. Go figure. Why do you think that you can’t contact him on cellphone after you see the thief?

  203. Since I don’t have full membership I just stopped at the demo. I need to play more!

  204. i am on the collect all the baseballcards thing but i cant get the one at no pain no gain!

  205. jack black, are ye thirsty? im givin ye a tall drink of YOU ARE A MEANY. is it good

  206. dear poptropica creators, this is red spider and i have an idea of an island.junie .b. jones island. the player goes on a journey to find junie b.

  207. what do i do to get my characters skin to be the same because i accidentally got in the tanning machine looking for the snake and i turned green

  208. Hey guys!
    What’s up??

  209. When is Night Watch Island going to be open for non-members? It’s already March 14… I can’t wait! 😀 😕

  210. Today IS supposed to be March 14 but Night Watch Island STILL isn’t available! ;O Were they lying or something?

  211. No offense, but I’m saying this because for me, this is March 14 night at 8:15 PM! :O :\

  212. You suck, Jumpy.

  213. Night Watch is coming at 3:00pm SHARP!

  214. Young Starfish, it’s only 8:16 in the MORNING for you. Not night! Anyways, I just finishec the island and if you don’t know, Night Watch Island is now open for everyonne! It opened at 3:00! YAY! It was so fun!

  215. when will the guy in the golfcart come down the exulater?

  216. Haha guys I stole the Honus Wagner card and still beat Night Watch! its now in my backpack still

  217. I love this island!
    I just hate that I have to keep going to different stores 🙁
    Also, where is the video walkthrough?
    <3 POPTROPICA <3

  218. Omg i finished already today and i now have all the islandds completed!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much pop-secrets 🙂 add me @ KnockKnock36 Love ya all

  219. Hey Guys! I just finished Night Watch Island the VERY FIRST TO FINISH THIS ISLAND!! 😀 1st one to finishh

  220. i can’t find that toy shop.please tell me where it is!

  221. Congrats to everyone who finished! Especially to Incredible scorpion! 🙂 (I did finish after it opened. ;D)

  222. YES!!!!!!!
    this island is finally out , i had to wait an extra day because i live in Dubai (middle east a.k.a where the tallest building in the world is) but im from america

  223. Lucky Snowball is just faking it just so you”re scared.

  224. the game on the phone didnt affect a thing

  225. I cant find guissepes toy store

  226. at the when we got knocked of the vent that was awesome and when you get to ride the scooter and knock out the robot destractor that the printfax guy set up since he knew how to start the robing robot
    your player,
    9 year old malachi

  227. you sure that it is him blab also id like to see you on poptropica common room of tim travle

  228. ummm this was really confusing

  229. ……my scooter got stolen by a coral snake! 🙁

  230. hi my name is Sneaky Hawk, and i was wondering if someone could b my buddy on Poptropica. I am trying to get into the hundreds, and right now i have 88 friends. i know it seems that i am just using u guys just so i can get popular, but im not i promise! if u need and help on an island, just ask me and i will help! my username is prettygirls999! PLZ HELP ME 🙂 oh and BTW, i don’t care wht grade your in! i mean im only in 5th! (going into 6th in May). i dont care if your in 1st 2nd 3rd whtever! just plz buddy me!

  231. Thanks for the walkthrough….I got stuck several times! By The Way how does Gus know everything? I was suspecting him to lead me to the wrong things snd he’s the real thief like Director D.

  232. lol im 5th grade

  233. can someone tell me how to get coins?

  234. This island haves sooooo much fun stuff to do. there’s the hat-o-matic, the perfume maker, we got you covered, etc. My favorite it WE GOT YOU COVERED! AWESOME!

  235. @ cutegirl55 : ok then! could you friend me? (Jeumpa_KK, BTW…) 4th grade! going to 5th in may too!

  236. Ummm…does the time in night watch island forever gonna be 12:12am???…because when I start the quest it was 12:12 am then when the cops caught the print fax owner it was still 12:12am..:))

  237. I won ALL the islands….

  238. And I’m in 7th grade. 🙂

  239. I beat this island in 1 hour and 15 minutes

  240. i have a new blog
    it is redspidersblog.simplesite.com/

  241. im lovin this island already

  242. Im 7th grade too young drummer HIGH FIVE

  243. This island was fun! But there was a glitch when I played: I could chat, battle or friend the Sports Shop Owner! How did it happen? :S

  244. Uh… my scooter keeps disappearing! My character won’t stay on it! One minute it is there, the next it is gone!

  245. i am soooooo scared i don’t wanna do the next part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have got to finish this island cause i wanna finish all of the islands

    P.S. what happened to poptropilis games island i didnt even get to start on it.

  246. Yo all yo peoples! This is a great website, but honestly I finish the islands before Fierce Moon does. K.I.T.

  247. In Spy Island, I had to climb a tower. If I clicked on the B.A.D. guy, I could chat or battle him. (This is when there was no ‘friend option, back when. I have been playing poptropica since the age of seven: third grade)

  248. that is a funny game i like it when the snake comes and grabs your scooter and yells, FREEDOM! that is my fave part

  249. LOL place with costumes from other gamez? complete PWN,AGE

  250. i befreind sneaky hawk

  251. help! After i come out of the employees only room (after seeing that New Store application note) onto the third floor, the burglar doesn’t appear! Do I have to restart?

  252. this game is like fun also my favorite part is you make your own had

  253. thank you I complete all islands.

  254. man im ur biggest fan pls be friends with me

  255. Mad Wing, I’m sorry you missed Poptropolis games, but Poptropolis Games come only in several years, in this year, after the games was finished, it sank back into the ocean.

  256. Where is the video?!

  257. man, i cant catch the stupid snake!

  258. your videos are fun to wach

  259. I just earned the medalion for Night Watchers Island and it was really fun! I just wish I was a member and could play the bonus quest. You would have to find 9 baseball cards and return them to Sluggers. Then you would get a baseball jersy!

  260. When I was waiting for the robber to come down from the escalator to crash into him. He never came down. Is this a glitch?

  261. I don’t see the robber when he comes down from the escalator. Is this a glicth? Please reply..

  262. lol the time changes for me

  263. i won ALL the medals in poptropica and did the member quest because i’m a member it’s so much fun being a member. In case you want to add me my username is sweetypie278 and my poptropican name is gentle seal. 🙂 So please add me ok!!

  264. young drummer do you know ringo star the rev and john

  265. I like the part where Eddie the snake goes on the wheel thing and say, “Freedom!”. It was HILARIOUS! hahahahahaha!

  266. You know, at the end, you get a coin and you can ride one of the rides in the atrium with it.

  267. Hello everyone! For those who miss Poptropolis Games and want to go to the island, here:
    Clicking on the first link that will lead you to the island!!
    Hope that helped!! 🙂

  268. it did! anyway night watch is an AWEsome island ……………………i love it 😉

  269. SpeedyBite
    you sure i beated your timer becuz i got to do it 1 hour and 5 mintes
    just 10 minutes away but i ain’t looking for a fight just SAYING

  270. i cant get to the toystore! can u help?

  271. Night watch island is the best island ever but way too much going back and forth from store to store

  272. where is the video ? I NEED THAT VIDEO!!!! 🙁

  273. Wait, why does it say “Zomberry Island Video Walkthroughs” at the top?

  274. Oh wait, never mind. It must have been a glitch.

  275. Thanks. You seriously helped me on this island. Night Watch really annoyed me because of all the different stores that you keep having to go through! And the Dr. Hare joke was kind of weird.

  276. The part where the burglar turns magically to the side while he’s knocked out confuses me. hee-hee.

  277. Wow! I like NightWatch Island! I also got a hat from the hat machine inside and it said P as in for Panda!! YAy!

  278. In Sizzle click on the empty Tanner and you can Tan inside.

  279. Once you get out of Sizzle you are back to your normla skin colour

  280. I have a problem,whenever i go to the atrium it directs me to the security office(or whatever you call it,i forgot) and when i go to the Mall right it directs me straight right to the security office AGAIN!!please comment about anything that can help me fix this problem,Thank you!

  281. The music the elevator is like doooooooooo dooooo dooooooo 🙂

  282. loved it but it was hard to find the place where the keys go

  283. Please help me!!! Idk how to get the hat off and i really need to get it off. i went to the hat shop and played around with it and have no idea how to get it off…its stuck!

  284. thanks sooo much

  285. This was realy helpful! I beat the is land in 45min, no joke.

  286. im so glad i saved my game while having my name Prickly Ice it sounds so pretty P.S:i have 7 accounts but i only remember 6

  287. THe Snake Stole my scotter!!!!!

  288. Have u reven completed this yet because I need to figure out how tp get the lady out of the tanning bed!

  289. I meant for my name to be Tiny Bubbles instead of Bethanie


  291. so much walking…

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