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Super Power Island Villain

Ratman is one of the 6 Villains that you will encounter on Super Power Island. He was arrested and jailed in Super Power Island because of stealing money and jewels by training rats to help him. So when the radioactive meteor incident struck the jail where he is in, he was able to escape and gained the mind control power over rats, in which he can control rats with his mind and speak with them. He was also seen in three comics on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog. Watch out to his bites!

How to beat Ratman?

Ratman is located at the bathroom right next to Sir Rebral’s Statue in the City Park area of Super Power Island. You will find a hole next to one of the toilets. Go down the hole to get into the sewers. You will see a brown wheel on the left. Stand on the platform and click on the wheel, the water will drain and it will moves you downwards. When it stops, proceed to the right, you reach into some more platforms. Jump up those and you will find another wheel, this time, when you click it, it will make the water rise again partway and it will move you upwards. Swim to the left until you find another wheel and the water will rise again. Go to the left one more time and you’ll find a door that you can enter. Enter to the door and you will find Ratman inside, rats is all over this area and flies are buzzing around him, you need to watch out on them. Jump up to the top right corner of the Sewer Room, and you will see a red wheel. Click on it to turn it, and it will sprinkle water over the Ratman and his flies. Ratman will be knocked out, but the flies will start following you. Quickly click Ratman before the flies touch you, because if they do, you will get stung and start over again.

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