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Captain Crawfish

Skullduggery Island Villain

Captain Crawfish is the leader of the pirates who is known for his dreadful acts. He makes the people of Fort Ridley, the center of the archipelago, lives in poverty. That is the reason people in this place are very furious to him. He is also in search of the town’s treasure. When you go to governor’s mansion and use the blue candle to reveal the contents of the late governor letter it says that Captain Crawfish might plunder the port and steal the goods but not the town’s treasure. It is also stated in the map that the treasure where distributed on the neighbor islands and you must vanquished Captain Crawfish to keep that safe and can be brought back to Fort Ridley Island.

How to beat Captain Crawfish?

For you to beat Captain Crawfish, you need to have the largest class of ship which is the Phoenix Warbird and all the skilled crew particularly the cannoneer. But for you to have that ship, you must have enough doubloons and the best way to collect them is to do trading on the neighbor islands repeatedly in a clockwise direction from port to port. You need to buy cheap items and sell the expensive. Take note that prices may vary. And then hire the crews, the cargo master on Bouffant bay, navigator on Parrot port, the cannoneer on Pirate outpost and the skilled shipwright on Dragon cove.

When you are ready for battle, head down on the left corner of the map to fight Captain Crawfish. Beating him will be easy because you have the largest ship. After you vanquished him, you need to go back to Fort Ridley to the governor’s mansion. He will then give you the treasure map and will show you as well the location of it using the bone shovel to unbury the treasure. You go to that island and will dig six paces on the east of the flag. After unburying the treasure, you’ll be surprised by Captain Crawfish presence with his crew and with his spy. But there will be no fight now, because your crew will fire them using your ship cannon making their ship sink and just leaving the captain on that island. You need to return the treasure to the governor on the Fort Ridley and to receive the island medallion for the expedition.


  1. I think there should be a island called fire breather island

  2. I think there should be a island called fire breather island i really think there should be one

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