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Halloween Costumes – Hunter of Artemis

We featured this costume last year on the blog after it was suggested by Super Thunder, who put together some great costume ideas. If you’re a fan of the Percy Jackson novels, then you are already familiar with the Hunters of Artemis, a group of fierce warrior hunters who have sworn their lifelong loyalty to the goddess Artemis. In return ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Poptropica Island Smackdown Winner

After weeks of head-to-head battles, we finally have a winner in the Poptropica Island Smackdown. Mythology Island emerged victorious in the championship round vs. Spy Island. Both islands fought hard to get there, but of course only one can reign as champion. In the end, Mythology Island beat out several worthy competitors on its path to glory, including Reality TV ... Read More »

Poptropica Island Smackdown Championship

It’s finally here. After weeks of voting, we’ve gotten down to the two finalists in the great Poptropica Island Smackdown: Spy Island and Mythology Island. Both islands defeated many strong competitors along the path to the championship round and are ready to go head-to-head to determine the best Poptropica Island so far. Here’s a more in-depth look at the two ... Read More »

Poptropica Island Smackdown – Mythology vs. Counterfeit

In the first round of the Final Four for the Poptropica Island Smackdown, Spy Island trounced Time Tangled and secured a spot in the championship round. Now we get to decide which island will compete with Spy Island for the crown. Will it be Mythology Island, which beat Reality TV and Steamworks to reach the Final Four? Or will Counterfeit ... Read More »

Island Smackdown Round Two – Mythology vs. Steamworks

Round Two of the Poptropica Island Smackdown continues. We’re all voting to determine the best Poptropica Island of all time. So far in Round Two, we’ve seen Time Tangled run circles around Shark Tooth and Spy Island sneak past Nabooti. This time, we’ve got two heavyweights up against each other: Mythology Island and Steamworks Island. Mythology Island was released in ... Read More »

Island Smackdown – Reality TV vs. Mythology

We’re halfway through the first round of the Poptropica Island Smackdown. In the previous head-to-head, Nabooti handily defeated Big Nate. Now we’ll pit two favorites against each other: Reality TV Island vs. Mythology Island. It’s a battle on many levels. Reality TV was one of the most anticipated islands ever in Poptropica and we waited a year between when it ... Read More »

How to Beat Zeus in Mythology Island

A lot of the big boss fights in Poptropica are difficult to win. While looking through the comments for the Mythology Island Walkthrough, I saw that a lot of people are really having trouble beating Zeus in the final battle for that island. He is a pretty tough opponent, but the good news is there are some really simple strategies ... Read More »

How to Get the Pomegranate in Mythology Island

Pretty much everyone knows by now that Poptropica Mythology Island is now available for everyone to play. One of the big questions that everyone is asking is how to get the pomegranate. You’ll need this item to get into the Underworld and complete your quest for Zeus. Getting the pomegranate is actually pretty easy, but you have to know where ... Read More »

Mythology Island Released for Everyone

Mythology Island has finally been released for everyone Now you can play even if you’re not a paid member. So get on there and enjoy the new island, everyone! Stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the full walkthrough and more. Check it out: Mythology Island Walkthrough Also, check out the new island map on Poptropica. They’ve put in ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Spotlight on Zeus

The new Mythology Island on Poptropica becomes available for everyone to play tomorrow. For the last few weeks, only paid members have been able to play through early access. All this week here at PoptropicaSecrets.com, we’re helping everyone get a taste of Mythology Island by spotlighting some of the Gods, Goddesses and creatures you’ll meet in this great Poptropica Quest. ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Spotlight on the Minotaur

Only a few more days until Poptropica Mythology Island becomes available to everyone to play. If you haven’t see the Mythology Island Walkthrough yet, check it out to get help with solving this fun island quest. In the meantime, we’ll continue our spotlight on some of the Gods and creatures from Greek mythology that you’ll find during your quest on ... Read More »