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Return to Poptropolis Games?

The creator’s blog has announced that the island where the Poptropolis Games take place is shaking!  Is this a hint of the next island?  Another ancient Greek themed island rising from the ocean, perhaps?  We must wait and see.  It would be a bit surprising, since we already have Mythology Island, but I’m sure it would still be cool.  What do you guys think?  Is this a hint at a future island or something else entirely?

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  1. First!

  2. Second! 🙂 … Anyway I think this is something random.Still, they don’t usually do this.

  3. Third… :/

    Well, this was sort of out-of-the-blue, like Purple Runner said. I wonder what this means…..

  4. Fourth 🙁

    Anyways, I’m pretty sure that it was only a joke because there was a rumor of the world ending on December 21 2012. It’s a pretty popular rumor. If you look into it, they first showed the island shaking on December 21 2012. It’s just a joke.

  5. It was released on the 21st and it said, “What do you suppose all that’s about? Is it the end of the world?” I think they planned the release with the supposed end of the world that never happened. It’s probably about earthquakes causing people to panic about a so-called end of the world.

  6. I dont think the worlds gonna end and im posting this on 23rd and i went to poptropilas island and nothing happen,That makes mad because i was on zomberry island ):<.

  7. Hello!
    I think it is because, well, the island rose from the sea. and now it is sinking back!!

    (Just a fun theory) (:

  8. Ok, i guess it isn’t my 1st theory, or it being the end of the world because it is 24th and still on the map the island is rumbling with a blue “?” on top and when you roll over your mouse, it shows the news article. So if it was for the “world ending” thing, the Creators would post something and the island would have stopped rumbling. Maybe it is that wrestling guy stamping the island in anger that the Non- Members (including me) have not competed with him and we can do it even if we are not members.
    Why not have a contest?? Let’s see who can come up with the wackiest theories!!!

    Let the competitions commence!!!


  9. It really gets on my nerves when the Creators are not posting on the blog, but I guess that they have other work to do!!!

    Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve!!! and Merry Christmas!!!
    I have to go to the church now,, for the service, so bye!!!


  10. dear thalia i think that the island is rumbleing because not enough people have have completed it so its rumbleing to make people think its going so they would want to complete it before it goes

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  11. Maybe the island is sinking back into the ocean because after the games are done isn’t the island supposed to sink back in. Just saying.

  12. Well the theory of the end of the world came along cause the Mayan calendar ended but the Mayans didn’t have a leap year so if the world were to end it would have done it 2 years ago. So my theory is a hint about a new island

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  14. i think maybe Zeus is angry. I won’t spoil it for you but he does make another appearance on another island. (Cause he loves killing the world)

  15. fierce moon have u heard it was SUPPOSED 2 b the end of the world on that day according 2 the Mayan calendar

  16. It was pretty weird how everyone was saying it was the end of the world. Muddy dolphin was right about the Mayan calender BTW

  17. The island is sinking back , I read the blog!!!

  18. it has to do something with 12/21/12 of December

  19. I think the island is going back into the ocean again. I think with that a new island will be created in which you must refloat the island.

  20. The Creators have posted a new article: It says:

    Another odd news report just came down the transom. We’ll just copy it exactly as we received it:



    DECEMBER 27, 2012 — Mews Foundation seismologists have verified reports of “sizable tectonic activity” taking place beneath the Poptropolis Games. “We’ve heard the stories about the island returning to the seas whence it came, but, frankly, we thought that smooth-talking emcee was just being dramatic,” said Mews Foundation spokesperson Cheerful Spinner. “However, at this time we are not confirming that the Poptropolis Games are, in fact, on the verge of sinking back into the sea.”

    When asked if the Mews Foundation was denying that such an event was taking place, Spinner had no comment.

    This is a breaking news story… updates as events warrant…


    So, whoever said that the island is sinking back, is CORRECT

  21. Sorry, scratch that last part.
    We still are not sure what is happening.
    Maybe, the Creators want more space on the map.

  22. well i think its a hint for an island not a end of the world thing.. like almost everyone else thinks…

  23. Hey!!!
    Follow these instructions to see something shocking! (not really shocking, but go see it)
    Go to your map. When you keep your cursor over an island (NOT CLICK! just keep), you
    can see that a faint silver light outlines the island. Now, go keep your cursor over Poptropolis island and see what happens!!!!

    ____________________________________Thalia___________________________________________ Thalia______________________________________________

  24. Hey!!!
    Follow these instructions to see something shocking! (not really shocking, but go see it)
    Go to your map. When you keep your cursor over an island (NOT CLICK! just keep), you
    can see that a faint silver light outlines the island. Now, go keep your cursor over Poptropolis island and see what happens!!!!


  25. I posted it again to remove the repetition of my ending line. Sorry!


  26. And the water around it is rippling!!
    OK, now i have to go to sleep. Bye!


  27. Thalia (luv the name btw, luv Percy Jackson) i tried that and yes the island stopped rumbling and the water rippled. but i pput my cursor off the island and it still did that, between shakes. it wasnt nonstop shaking…there was a pause in between. just saying 🙂

  28. but if u actually go on the island, its shaking and the whole screen shakes

  29. Yeah.

  30. And thank you for liking my name. I assure you that it is my real name. I am sincerely not faking.

  31. If you have any problems with any of the islands, just email me at oser.ellie@gmail.com

    I’m not a hacker, I promise. I am just someone who has finished all the islands and wants to help out 🙂 So just email me!

  32. TG, that is SOOOOO cool. Yes yes yes. It makes me wish I could change my name…not to Thalia Grace, I’m not copying, but to the name I’ve always wanted.

  33. Well, I did not change my name, my parents just named me that. I love my name, though. My friend, Liza, wants to change her name to Violet. I don’t know why. And thank you Friendly Spider for liking my name!!

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  34. Thalia Grace,mine is suhlaing.

  35. thats my real name Su Hlaing

  36. Thalia, (can i call u that?) i know u didnt change ur name and thats y its so cool! And my username is lalaloopsy1331. Dont ask y its that, i was thinking of something totally random and it happened to be lalaloopsy dolls. curse those crazy commercials…!
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    there is supposed to be a "spider" after my name. dumbest idea ever…

  37. I think the shaking is just the island sinking back into the ocean. After all, the poptropilis games only happen once every one hundred years!

  38. Okay, can you guys at least use the “at” symbol (@)? The “Dear _____” gets on my nerves.

  39. well i have tried waving my cursor above the island but it was still rumbling (but not non-stop)and the water around it was rippling but I am pretty sure that it is just because they are making another island out of it.

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    thank-you 🙂 😛 😀

  40. If you follow the instructions that Thalia posted, the island has ripples of water and begins to shake! Fascinating…

  41. if you are on the island and you have done all of the events but have not won yet go onto the map (not the map of islands) you will see all the events you have completed but on my map it shows another circle with a question mark I do not know why this is here but I found it mysterious.

    if you have found out why this is so, please type back.
    thank-you 🙂 😛 😀

  42. Hello!
    @Friendly Spider: Yes, I have friended you. And yes, you can call me Thalia.(what else is a name for?)
    @Tiny Heart: Is that your username? I would love to friend you!
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  43. Friendly Spider,
    You live in New York???? That’s soooo cool!! Where in NY do you live?? I live in the U.A.E because my dad’s office’s head branch was moved to U.A.E. Before that I used to live in San Francisco, near the wharf and Golden Gate Bridge. Well, not NEAR it, but I could see it from my house. I loved the Bay Area!!! Now I’m in U.A.E. It’s kinda ok, but I miss my home in U.S. 🙁
    The main disadvantage of living in U.A.E is that you have to learn Arabic. It is sooooo hard!!!

  44. They were just trying to make fun of the rumor that the world is ending. You could tell cuz of the very last sentence.

  45. Hey ppl. Is everyone on this thing american???? Im aussie

    Fascinating 🙂

  46. i think they just wanted it to be like an earthquake not sure if it is going to be a new island who is the inventor of poptropica

  47. Thalia,I friended you so don’t be surprised

  48. I’m not sure yet, but I don’t think it was a joke because it should have stopped by now.
    And, for Gentle Sun’s knowledge, the inventor (or rather, founder) is Jeff Kinney.

    @Cool Kid : I don’t think EVERYONE on this site is American, but most are. 🙂 🙂

  49. @Thalia, I wish I lived in NYC, but sadly I live on the other side of NY, by Canada. And Canada is so beautiful at night, when you look across the border into Ontario. The city is amazing, and I’ve been there once. Call me dumb, but what does U.A.E. stand for?

  50. @Cool Kid, ur aussie? Awesome…(or is it aussome? 🙂

  51. I GIVE UP ON STUPID RED DRAGON!! U WIN U DUMB GLITCH!! sorry i didnt mean to raise my voice. but its SO FRUSTRATING!! the dumb tire…

  52. @Thalia, ohhhh…the United Arab Emirates. I’ve heard of that before. Where is that though, in the world?

  53. im gonna go now…and u hav never seen snow fall thalia? woah…and one of ur outfits in ur closet, i noticed, had a hairstyle with red hair. r u a redhead? ok i gtg bye bye

  54. Well, actually i am not a redhead. I have black hair. I’m a brunette. 🙂 Black hair+Blue eyes is really cool!! And I have never seen snow fall, because well, San Francisco is not an ideal place for snow, and when it does snow, it is not anything to be excited about. And since I moved to U.A.E, there is NO snow in that place. It is sooooo hot!! And also I just like to give my Poptropican different colored hair.

  55. Wow, you got detention?! I don’t know what detention is, because I moved to U.A.E after 1st grade. 🙁 🙁 And also I am kinda the teachers’ pet. People in my class call me a nerd, a talking, walking encyclopedia, and a bunch of other stuff, but on my birthday, people TOTALLY take back their words!! How does detention feel like?? I have only seen people get detention in movies, never in real life!!!

  56. @Friendly Spider: What glitch??

  57. Black and blue is cool! My hair is a sort of honeyish brown…light brown with gold. Detention at my school is quite. And my eyes r green. But they r a light green with a lot of gold and yellow so everybody thinks they r brown. Its annoying. They r constantly changing…but I hav always wanted darker hair. That’s so cool Thalia!

  58. Sorry detention is quite fun

  59. You know how that the island comes up from the sea and back down each 100 years? Well, time flies! To put it simply, the island might be deleted.

  60. @Friendly Walker: What do you do at detention???
    @Slippery Walker: That was one of my theories!! 🙂

  61. oh. The emoticon worked!!
    🙂 🙂 :mrgreen:

  62. Why is the time showing 31st Dec, when it is 1st Jan???

    Oh, ok the time is different. Any way,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  63. Hi five Thalia
    I have black hair with blue eyes.
    BTW my friend said that if you have black hair it shines blue in the light. That is so not true right Thalia.

    Fascinating 🙂

  64. It does NOT shine blue in light. Trust me. 🙂
    My friends have black hair AND black eyes since they are mostly from India.
    The only other one with blue eyes and black hair is my irritating twin brother, Jason.

  65. No offense to anybody but, Thalia, if that’s even your real name, I’m calling you a liar. I’ve been reading some comments and noticed your entire life seems to match exactly to Thalia Grace’s life in the Percy Jackson series. Besides the whole being Zeus’s daughter thing and all that mythology stuff. Even your name matches. You even have a twin brother named Jason. So no offense but I’m calling you out. I can’t be the only one that noticed! :l

  66. wow. lot of people here are from the States but CS and I live in Canada. I was born there and if anyone wants to friend me my username is inkysuperstar3 but my name is Isabella. My friends call me Izzy though

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  67. I have golden hair with green eyes and blue around the outside. I’m 10 and I’m tall.
    My friends say my hair shines too in the dark!
    Blond hair looks best with pink and brown with blue. That’s what I think.

    – Izzy

  68. Hmmmmmm….
    Thalia, remember how you said to go on the Poptropica map and keep your cursor over the island of Poptropolis Games???? Weeeeeell, I opened another tab and did that, and when I did, I noticed not only the shaking, but the fact that the island is nearly a quarter underwater!!!
    I’d be relieved, cuz I don’t like that island. It’s the only island that I never got to finish………the others are easy.

  69. @ Super Heart
    I know what you mean about the island being hard to finish. I had to do it like a million times ( aka 10) before i could finally finish it.
    If anyone wants to add me on poptropica my name is rubyjane28

    Fascinating 🙂

  70. Ok, I’ll add you Cool Kid!! 🙂

    @Purple Fire: Look, I don’t mean to be impolite as I never am, but you should at least try reading my previous comments, OK? 🙂 I am nothing like the Thalia in the book, but I cross my heart that I am not lying when I say my name is Thalia Grace and that my brother is Jason. I can’t help it if my parents named me that!!! And besides, the thing about being the daughter of Zeus and all, that was for the costume contest. You had to write a description for your costume and that’s what I meant!! I never said I am a REAL demigod as they don’t exist!!! So, pls. stop troubling me, OK?? 🙂 🙂 🙂
    @Magic Fire: Yeah, exactly! That’s why I said ,”Then see what happens!!” I’m glad you noticed it!!! 🙂

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  72. Alaska. Alaska dangerous. WITH THE HUBBARD GLACIER….. And caribou. Caribou are cute. I like caribou.

  73. Also, in detention you don’t sit there while the teacher stares at you. You can whisper with your friends, go to the library (one of my favorite places), do homework, read, go on the computers, etc…..

  74. And draw pictures 🙂 Also how do you make that blue emoticon

  75. Detention is pretty fun ( especially when the teacher leaves the room). The teacher is usually busy when we have detention doing marking, playing on her laptop, etc. You can do anything in detention EXCEPT leave the room.

    Fascinating 🙂

  76. Sup’! How’s it doing!

  77. Btw,What is detention I’ve heard of this but never knew what it is

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    You do the emoticon by first putting :
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  80. sweet! it worked! maybe i could try other colors….? :mrpurple:

  81. darn.

  82. @ Giant Eagle
    You get detention when you get in big trouble with a teacher about somethin you did in school.


  83. :mrgreen:
    please work

    Fascinating 🙂

  84. Thanks and to Thalia I already friended her

  85. It worked 🙂

  86. & Cool Kid your costume is really cool

  87. Is anyone here lives in the Philippines besides me?

  88. Fun Fact: The Philippines has 7,107 islands!

  89. 😉

  90. 😎

  91. 0:-)

  92. My multiverse code is DBS36

  93. If anyone wants to know about I’m tall and have black hair

  94. And black hair doesn’t shines blue in light.

  95. Is there a boy here?

  96. No. Are you a boy??

  97. dude i love the percy jackson series so it should be a percy jackson island

  98. somebody add me as a friend my username is lewie91

  99. @ Giant Eagle
    How do u know how my poptropican looks like? Did you add me?

    Fascinating 🙂

  100. Hey lewie91!
    You new here? Anyways i added you. The name’s Cool Kid ( my poptropican’s name)
    Anyways if u are new … WELCOME TO POPTROPICA SECRETS

    Fascinating 🙂

  101. lewie91, i luv the percy jacksons too. hav u read them? or the heroes of olympus? or the kane chronicles? some people say the kane series isnt that good, but i thik its every bit as AWESOME as percy jackson 🙂 no offense to greeks, i still luv u, but egyptians rock too :mrgreen:

  102. yeah i agree with u but i like percy jackson and heroes of olypus a little more

  103. Mtythology stories are soooooo intresting!

  104. coolkid whats your username i want to add u!

  105. Oh, YES!!! A Percy Jackson island would be THE BEST!!!!! I just finished reading the newest book, The Mark of Athena. It’s so good!

  106. I’ve read all the Percy Jackson books, and all the current Heroes of Olympus books. I haven’t read any of The Kane Chronicles yet, but they look good.

  107. @ Neat Wolf: the kane chronicles are kinda magicy and no fighting 🙁

  108. @ lewie91: My username’s rubyjane28. BTW world, my actually poptropican name is Cool Kid. Don’t think I just made it my name on here cos i wanna be cool. :mrgreen:

    Fascinating 🙂

  109. I wonder if zomberry island is open to non members today?!

  110. darn it it opens to non members tommorow

  111. zomberry is available today!
    @Thalia yes I’m a boy

  112. Friend my username is jepoy26 and jepoy29

  113. Cool Kid I have added you

  114. ive aleready finished zomberry island thanks to fierce moon!

  115. i finished zomberry island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx fierce moon!!

  116. my clock isnt working

  117. You mean Zippy Turtle, JumpyTornado1654. Zippy Turtle’s the one who posts the walkthroughs now.

    Fascinating 🙂

  118. i have completed all the islands My user is jared14575

  119. Wow PT! That is amazing!!!! Well get ready to complete the next island ‘ Night Watch Island’. I added you BTW!

    Fascinating 🙂

  120. the newest island night watch island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  122. So it seems Poptropolis games will be gone COMPLETELY very soon. I don’t understand why they’re getting rid of the island though…

  123. There should be a Percy Jackson island. Say Percy Jackson if you agree.:):):):):):):):):):):)

  124. On 1/25/13 go to the mythology island common room at 4:30

  125. There should totally be a Percy Jackson Island! That would TOTALLY rock!

  126. I hope it comes back soon !!!! 😉 😉

  127. I wish i have played poptropolis games!!!!!!