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Poptropica Cheats for Virus Hunter Island!


It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The newest adventure from Poptropica has finally arrived (for Member’s at least). It’s called Virus Hunter Island, and you can see from our original post way at the bottom of this walkthrough that there was quite a lot of build up. (The last island, Back Lot Island, shipped almost three months ago!)

Of course, the reason for the long delay are all of the new features that the creators have rolled out. They’ve increased the navigation screen size, modified the menu, and…their big change…have added sound and sound effects! Overall, it makes for a fun adventure, although you’ll have to decide for yourselves if it was worth the wait.

As always, the Written Walkthough is at the top with the Video Walkthrough below it. Here you go. Enjoy!


The Areas

Normally, this is where I would describe the player’s map, but there’s one BIG difference between Virus Hunter Island and other islands: there is no map. No map icon, at least.  Still, it’s important to know the different ‘rooms’ you’ll be traveling to. There are three street-level rooms (with another five or so ‘interiors’) and about a dozen areas that are inside a human body. Yup, that’s right. In this adventure, you get shrunk down and have to use a miniature submarine to travel around inside someone’s body. More on that later, of course.

Street Level:

  1. Main Street – includes the Town Hall (common room) and the entrance to GloboChem
  2. Left of Main Street – includes Knave’s Landing Condominiums
  3. Right of Main Street – includes Green Square Video Rentals, Waist Not Fitness Center, and a Falafel Stand

Joe’s Body:

Unlike the street level locations, once you’re inside ‘Joe’, you get a map to navigate by. Only some of the body parts are navigable by map, though. They’re marked in the list below.

  1. Joe’s Stomach
  2. Joe’s Left Hand (map)
  3. Joe’s Throat
  4. Joe’s Mouth (map)
  5. Joe’s Intestines
  6. Joe’s Heart (map)
  7. Joe’s Left Arm (map)
  8. Joe’s Brain (map)
  9. Joe’s Lungs


The goal of Virus Hunter Island is only to save the human race from extinction! No pressure. The danger comes from a deadly virus that is lying in wait inside a citizen of Virus Hunter Island. (With a name like Virus Hunter Island, you’d think the residents would know someone bad is going on…but that’s a topic for another day.) To stop the virus you need to create a vaccine. To create the vaccine, you need multiple samples of the virus. To get the samples, you need to get inside the infected carrier — Patient Zero — and to get inside Patient Zero, you need to figure out who Patient Zero is. Oh, and before you can do that, you need to discover the secret laboratory of the Poptropica Disease Center, a.k.a. The PDC. Phew!

A lot to do, but it’s all fairly straightforward. Here’s how the parts break down:

  1. Find the Secret Lab
  2. Find Patient Zero
  3. Learn How to Pilot the Ship
  4. Recover Your Ship’s Laser Scalpel
  5. Recover Your Ship’s Coagulant Tool
  6. Recover Your Ship’s Electrobolt Tool
  7. Recover Your Ship’s Gravity Core
  8. “Kill” the Last Big Bad Virus

PART ONE: Find the Secret Lab

You drop down from your blimp onto Main Street and almost immediately, a suspicious-looking pizza delivery truck drives by and a grey mustachioed man says angrily, “I’m walking here, go back where you came from.” Talk to him and he tells you that he’s sick of all of the men in white lab coats coming here.

Follow that pizza truck! Go right to the next area.

(For a limited time, you can pick up some cool costumes from a vending machine that looks like this on your way:)


You’ll see the Pizza Delivery Company truck again. A woman in a white lab coat — Dr. Lange — goes into the Green Square Video store. (If you go in after her, the clerk gives you the brush off if you talk to him and certainly doesn’t let you into the “Staff Only” back room.)

Instead, go right and enter the Waist Not Fitness Center. Go left, through the pool, and click on the teal (greenish-blue) colored resistance band. Oops, it breaks. The trainer kicks you out, but not before giving you the broken RESISTANCE BAND.


Go left back to Main Street and talk to the guy rocking out to his ‘boom box’. His music will be interrupted by a pirate radio host.  Rocker guy tells you that his radio only gets interrupted near the bus stop. The Pirate Radio station must be nearby!

At the bus stop, jump to the top of the bus shelter, then left to the big bird’s nest.  There’s a hook just out of reach at the upper left. Go into your backpack and Use your RESISTANCE BAND. Now jump onto the band that you just threw onto the hook. Climb to the top and then jump up onto the roof, where you’ll find the Pirate Radio Host. He has some kooky government conspiracy theories…


…but he does point out a mysterious van behind the Knave’s Landing condos. Time to check it out!

Jump down and head left to the Knave’s Landing Condominiums. Run past them until you’re at the garbage bin. There’s the pizza truck. Jump on the bin and then over the brick wall. Talk to the driver of the van. The driver panics and takes off, but out of the van drops a BAG OF SHREDDED DOCUMENTS.

You can’t do anything with them yet, so take the BAG to the pirate radio host and he’ll tell you to try to piece the shreds back together.

Shredded Documents Game

Use your mouse to re-create the original documents.  At the end it should look like this…


Three documents: “For Internal Use Only”, “Pizza Delivery Company” brochure, and blueprints for PDC’s “Secret Laboratory”.

Nicely done! The pirate radio host gives you a (phony) Poptropica Disease Center (or PDC) I.D. BADGE. Talk to the pirate radio host more and he tells you that PDC must have a front somewhere, where the secret bunker lab is hidden. Drop down and run right to the video store. Use your PDC I.D. BADGE and the clerk will lead you into the Staff Only door. Follow him. He tells you to go down the elevator and talk to Dr. Lange.

PART TWO: Find Patient Zero

At the bottom of the elevator, go right through the decontamination area. Talk to Dr. Lange, the redhead with the cool goggles. She knows your badge is fake, but is looking for volunteers. She tells you that someone in this small town has a superbug — a highly contagious virus — that could wipe out everyone on the planet if it’s not contained. She wants you to find patient zero, the person who has the bug, and to take a picture of him or her. She gives you a DOSSIER to help find patient zero and a CAMERA to take the picture.

The DOSSIER tells you that Patient Zero is:


Clues, Sherlock, clues! Lets track down Patient Zero.

Take the elevator back up, exit the video store, and head left to the Knave’s Landing condos. Enter the condos and click on the trash can. Use your mouse to move around the trash until you see the two pieces of mail, a letter for Joe Stockman and a postcard in the trash that shows that Joe recently traveled abroad. The letter to Joe is from GloboChem and shows he lives in condo number 3. But he’s not home and you need more evidence anyway.

Head to the Falafel place and talk to the owner. He tells you he needs to deliver lunch to GloboChem. Quick, get to GloboChem. Once the falafel guy goes through the security gate you can “piggyback” into the gate behind him (despite what the sign says).

Go up the stairs.  You’ll come across all of the GloboChem employees avoiding work (slackers every one!) on your way to the top level. When you get to the far top left, you’ll meet Joe Stockman…


You know it’s him, because he tells you that he’s just been on a vacation. Go into your backpack and Use the CAMERA. Once you’ve got that photo of Joe, run back to Dr. Lange in the PDC Secret Lab in the video store.

PART THREE: Learn How to Pilot the Ship

Dr. Lange confirms that Joe Stockman is Patient Zero. PDC can’t bring him in for fear that he’ll panic, run away, and cause an outbreak of the disease he is carrying.  Instead, she asks you to follow her to an elevator and to an even more secret lab. Talk to Dr. Lange again. She tells you that our only chance is to create a vaccine by isolating the virus in Joe by shrinking down a scientist and sending him into Joe’s bloodstream. YOU are that scientist.

Go left and stand on the platform in front of the giant shrink ray gun.


Zap! You’re shrunk down and find yourself inside a miniature submarine.

The Mini-sub

Dr. Lange gives you a tutorial on how to use the mini-sub. You click in the direction you want to move the sub. To change tools, click on the sub itself then click on the weapon you want to use.


Laser Scalpel (bottom) – make contact to cut

Electrobolt (right side) – spacebar to zap blue muscle fibers to make them contract and get out of the way.

Coagulant tool (left side) – spacebar to heal up wounds (that are producing red blood cells)

Gun (top) – spacebar to shoot viruses

It’s fairly straightforward to move around in the sub, but it’s best to avoid hitting the ‘walls’ since they’ll make you bounce.

With the tutorial out of the way, it’s time to kill the virus inside Joe Stockman. It turns out you’re going to get inside Joe by way of…Chinese food! You and your mini-sub ride some rice noodles into his mouth and down his gullet. You’re now inside his body!

PART FOUR: Recover Your Ship’s Laser Scalpel

Navigate down the channel until the viruses start attacking. Use your gun to kill them. This looks like it’s going to be easy. Uh-oh, did Joe just cut himself on his hand? Looks like Joe’s not going to make this as easy as we thought. You need to get your sub to his hand.

Head right until you find an exit. On your way, you’ll see a place to use your Coagulant tool. Use it now to seal up this ulcer. Now exit. This will bring you to the body map.


Click on the dark red hand, the only body part that’s lit up. Eventually, other body parts will light up and become accessible as you unlock them.

Joe’s Left Hand

Inside the hand, take the channel that’s ‘down’ and then move to the upper right part (a finger, actually), where you’ll see white blood cells attacking a splinter. The splinter gets removed, but now the white blood cells are attacking you! Worse still, they take away your shield, laser scalpel, electrobolt, coagulant tool, and gravity core! You need to get those back. Things just got a lot more difficult. Head back to the exit.

At the body map, you’ll see that the brain, heart, stomach, and arm are now lit up. Select the stomach.

Joe’s Stomach (map)

Joe’s washing down his Chinese food with a drink of purple soda. Your mini-sub can’t survive for long under the purple soda sea inside Joe’s stomach, so don’t go down…go up! Up his throat that is. Navigate to the top of the room and then wait for his throat muscles to open for the purple soda waterfall. Then head up the throat as fast as you can.

Joe’s Throat & Mouth

You’ll find yourself on a ledge and will have to get out of your sub. Jump on to a blue bubble and ride it to the top. You’re inside Joe’s mouth.


(Joe needs to brush his teeth.) Go all the way to the right until you see a gold tooth and a floating grey circle. Click to get the circle. You’ve now recovered your ship’s shields. (NOTE: You need to click just below it, clicking too high makes you jump for it and that doesn’t work.)

Now head back down the throat to your ship.

Back inside the stomach, head down, through the purple soda. With your sub shields, the soda won’t do any damage. Head to the left to the entrance to the intestines.

Joe’s Intestines

Inside the intestines, you’ll get a warning that there’s “intestinal blockage”. Watch out for the dripping acid. If it hits you, your sub will take damage. Navigate to the first blockage and use your sub’s guns to blast it away. (What has Joe been eating?) Continue through his intestines blowing away any of the blockage you come across. Viruses will attack so be ready to use your guns on them, too.

Seriously, what has Joe been eating?


The penny is more than just a sight gag. Remember where this is, because this is actually what’s causing the intestinal blockage. You can’t do anything about it until you get your Electrobolt Tool back.

Continue on to a second intenstines level. Keep avoiding the acid drips. You’ll encounter a monster virus at the end of the tunnel. Virus hooks will come out and zap you, so avoid those.


When you see one appear, run away from it, but fire your gun at it immediately afterwards. Hit the hooks enough times, the two-headed virus monster will start dying, white blood cells will rush in to finish it off, and they’ll drop your Laser Scalpel. Grab it!

Now that  you’ve got your Laser Scalpel back, head right and cut through the fatty tissue blocking your way.

PART FIVE: Recover Your Ship’s Coagulant Tool

Joe’s Heart (map)

Now that you’ve got your Laser Scalpel back, head to the heart. Lase the fatty tissue out of the way. There’s another hook-tentacled virus monster blocking your path. Wait for the hooks to move out of the way, then dive in with your Laser Scalpel. You might need to pull out once if you take too much damage, but your scalpel should drive the bugger off.

It blocks your path again, so again, wait until the hooks are out of the way, then dive in. Repeat the process again and then one last time. White blood cells will finish it off and give you back your Coagulant tool, which you’ll now need to seal off cuts.

PART SIX: Recover Your Ship’s Electrobolt Tool

You can travel up the heart tube and exit to the lungs, but don’t do that yet. Instead, go back to the beginning of the heart and exit onto the body map. From there, return to Joe’s Hand. Using your Coagulate Tool, travel through the hand healing the wounds, which look like this…


There are four of them to heal. Once you’ve coagulated them all, exit and click on the arm in the body map.

Joe’s Left Arm (map)

Click on the arm. Uh-oh, it looks like Joe’s at the Fitness Center working out. That means his arm muscles are contracting. You need to navigate through the muscles when they’re open. Use your Coagulant tool to zap the wounds and heal them. As you move through the contracting muscles, watch out for the sharp, stone-looking bits, they’ll do damage to your sub if they hit you.

TIP: If you need to add health to your ship, use your sub’s guns and fire on the red blood cells. If one of them turns blue, you can grab it to replenish your health.

On the next arm screen, you’ll get a warning that Tissue Calcification has been detected. First, move to the bottom and use your Laser to destroy the yellow calcification. Then go back up and go right through the two blue nerves.

This is part is a little tricky. Joe will get a cramp lifting weights. Two green lumps will appear on the top and bottom of the ‘room’ you’re in that will spawn viruses. When you try to heal the wounds with your Coagulant Tool, the viruses will eat up the coagulant. You need to do that, though, to buy yourself some time.  So, coagulate up the three wounds, then get back to the two spawning centers and use your Laser Scalpel on them.  You might need to coagulate the wounds more than once, but as long as the wounds are coagulated, the viruses will attack them and not you.  After you’ve destroyed the spawning centers, use your gun to kill the remaining viruses. Once the spawning centers are destroyed and the wounds are healed for good, the Electrobolt will appear.

Grab the bolt, go up to the two blue nerve endings and zap them to uncramp Joe. He’ll feel much better.

PART SEVEN: Recover Your’s Ship’s Gravity Core

Joe’s Stomach (map)

Go back into Joe’s Stomach from the map, go down into the intestines, then use the newly acquired Electrobolt to zap the Penny free and undo the Intestinal Blockage. Keep going, then use the Laser Scalpel to laze through the fat and exit.

Joe’s Brain (map)

Back at the map, click on Joe’s brain.  Activate the Electrobolt and zap the nerve, then move through the open channel.

In the main brain area, there are three things going on: the yellow nerve strings which have a round end and a frayed end, the big bad virus monster, and the virus ‘missiles’ he shoots out. Using your Electrobolt tool, zap the round end of the yellow nerve string. It will now follow you. Lead the round end to a frayed end — the end that looks like tree branches — on another nerve string. Your goal is to connect the nerve ends to the one that the monster is standing on, which zaps it. Connect the strings and zap the monster five times and the white blood cells will come in to do the rest and give you the Gravity Core.


The trick is to activate your Laser Scalpel after each nerve you connect (or every 10 seconds or so) to kill the four virus missiles that are sent at you. On the last nerve connection, you need to get close to the monster virus, so watch out for the hook tentacles, which can damage your ship.

Now that you’ve got your Gravity Core back, you can navigate through so-called windy environments.  Like, oh, I don’t know…Joe’s Lungs.

Don’t forget to use your coagulator on the wound in the lower left side of the brain.  Then exit the brain the way you came in.

PART EIGHT: Kill the Last Big Bad Virus

Joe’s Mouth (map)

From the body map you can now get to the mouth without having to go through the stomach. Click on the mouth to enter and you find out Joe’s got a cavity. Head right until you see a tooth lower than the others.


Use your Laser Scalpel to eradicate the tooth with the cavity. Exit the mouth.

Joe’s Lungs

From the body map, go back to Joe’s Heart and continue through to the exit at the end. On the way, you’ll get a heart arrhythmia warning. Use the Electrobolt to zap the two blue nerve endings which are waving frantically.  Continue on to the end of the tunnel.

You’re now in Joe’s lungs and he’s unfortunately just taken a big breath of bus fumes. Head to the top of the lungs. This is it! The big mama virus is floating around inside the lungs. Equip the guns on your sub and get close to the big virus. The monster virus has four arms that it’s using to attack Joe’s lungs. Shoot at the arms, until you see one flash red. Keep shooting at that specific arm. Once it’s destroyed, the monster will move to the other lung. Blast any viruses you see floating around. Kill all four legs and the white blood cells will come in and finish him off.

Because this adventure hasn’t been gross enough, Joe sneezes you out onto his carpet. Dr. Lange shows up to harvest the vaccine out of Joe and gives you your medallion.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Virus Hunter Island!





It’s not official, but the Poptropica blogosphere is a-buzz with the rumor that the newest island from the fine makers of Zomberry Island and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is going to be called Virus Hunter Island.  Makes sense with the teaser images we’ve been showing.  Some commenters here aren’t thrilled with that name, but it seems pretty descriptive and it’s got to be better than what I came up with (Fantastic Innerspace Voyage).  Again, this isn’t official and since Back Lot Island just shipped recently, it might be a little while before we find out for sure.  Stay tuned for more info as we get it!

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