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The Dailey POP posted this picture recently and it’s got me pretty excited about what might be coming up.  Sure, this could be a teaser image for characters who are in the upcoming (and rumored to be named) Virus Hunter Island.  Maybe you have to be in the Poptropica Air Force before you can be shrunk down and injected into a virus-infected human.  BUT…I suspect that this is the first hint at an even newer island.  So, let’s break down what we’re looking at to see what it could be.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal.  Four different characters, two wearing variations on Air Force outfits.  But let’s look more closely.  The one on the far left looks like a vintage WWII era pilot’s outfit.  Based on the toy plane she’s carrying, she might even be a WWI era bi-plane pilot.  Then there’s the girl to her right in the blue version, holding a more modern jet, possibly from the ’50s or ’60s.  At the upper right is the most modern jet fighter outfit, complete with oxygen mask and helmet.  Finally, there’s the outfit at the bottom right, which is clearly a futuristic version of the other three.  A jet fighter pilot from the future?  How cool is that?

So, what could possibly be the theme of an island with these four costumes?  Whatever it is, at some point it looks like we’re going to get to don futuristic space-fighter outfits.  Awesome.

Let me know in the comments below what you HOPE these outfits mean.

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  1. First ! Gosh I haven’t said that in awhile !

  2. 2nd !!!!

  3. Third! 🙄

    Hey SS! You’re not new right, cos I think I’ve seen you before ❗ ❓

    Fascinating ❓

  4. a) Guy in red holding a toy plane
    b) Guy in blue holding the (toy version?) of a more modern jet
    c) (What’s meant to look like) a pilot
    d) Same as “c)”, but no yellow stripes and there’s something what’s meant to cover your mouth from those horrid experienced smells
    e) Same as “a)”, but a female Poptropican
    f) Same as “b)”, but also a female Poptropican
    g) Some female Poptropican in a strange mechanic outfit with wings
    h) Same as “g)”, but a male Poptropican

    The idea should have an island called Air Force. It should feature something called Poptropica Air Force Academy (PAFA). Once you leave the blimp, you should find yourself outside the academy and a common room called “Cadet Gallery”. On the plane, you can fly to Afghanistan to compete in a series of wars (like and unlike previous Poptropica islands). You also will have to do other stuff.

    P.S.: These costumes mean something to me. It’s that on the island, you can go to the Changing Booth (you cab find it on and off the plane, even in your quest in Afghanistan.) You receive your medallion after you do the six-on-six final war. I also came up with the bonus quest for the members: Ten badges will be scattered; three bronze, four silver and three gold. Like Mythology, you have 60 seconds to do so. “Six seconds for each badge should be enough.”

  5. What I mean by “(like and unlike previous Poptropica islands)” is you can do it in any order you want.

  6. The reward after completing the bonus quest can be a propeller hat.

  7. uuugg. is everyone sucking up to IS now?

    its not fun to comment anymore. >:(

  8. maybe I should join the forum. :mrgreen:

    of course, than I’d need a real email.

  9. Maybe they’re the navigators of how you travel through the body.

  10. I’m still pretty neutral about IS.

  11. Any body remember Cryptids? I’m stuck.

  12. I showed the “yeti footprint” pic to Mews, but he didnt say anything about Bigfoot. now i hav nothing to do, i dont hav the pacific northwest location on my heli!

  13. never mind, i got it. i gave the chupacabra tooth to mews and then he told me. SOMEONE GOT THEIR WALKTHROUGH WRONG……

  14. Did you know that “Chupacabra” means “goat-sucker” in Spanish?
    Chupa means “goat” and cabra means “sucker”.

  15. P.S.: My ideal island will have a video trailer that should have a max length of 180 seconds (three minutes), a complete video walkthrough with, like, three or four parts. But if you’re really into walkthroughs, watch current video walkthroughs (unlike me).

  16. ISLAND video walkthroughs.

  17. These post are filled with IS’ comments! 🙄

    Fascinating 🙂

  18. Do any of you remember Thalia Grace? She was a great friend. I remember how she said her name was Thalia Grace but people kept doubting her. We had quite a lot in common. Oh the memories… 😥

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  19. I think it’s for a NEW island:

    Aviation Island. My dad flies planes for a living, so I know a bit about flight ‘n stuff. Up to the box on the right corner of the screen, those flight suits are real. Maybe you have to learn how to be a pilot, then take out a threat in the skies. Maybe the Creators have YET to decide what time period the island is in.

    Peace out.

  20. CK:Thalia? You are making a simple joke,right?

  21. Hey guys! I’m back! Again……..
    Anyways, where’s the villain?
    There’s at least one(maybe more than one but whatever) villain (minor or major) in every single island!(so far) Don’t ya guys think it’s time for Poptropica to have t-v commercials, ads, or something like that? I’m just filled with questions at the moment.

  22. @ Cool Kid. No I’m not new. I have been on here since June or July 2012.

  23. @ SC- Uh…. no. You probably weren’t here when Thalia was around. She is awesome. Wonder why she left though… 😳

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  24. CK:I actually did see her comment,but I’m taking about her name…

  25. @ SC- Oh her name. I know, several people don’t believe her but she’s my friend and I don’t wanna call her a liar. 😳

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  27. How do you post the pic

  28. IS: it’s vice-versa Chupa means suck and cabra means goat.

  29. @Blue Singer- Link or picture?

  30. Will Thalie ever come back?! 🙁

  31. @ GF- Don’t think so. 😥 😥

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  32. BTW GF, it’s Thalia, not Thalie.

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  33. I know.
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  34. I’m still waitin for all my friends to come back! 😥 And BTW, why is it whenever SL pops in, I’m always too late to talk to her? 😥 🙁

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  36. *Draws name* Cool Kid

  37. @Icy Snowball: No, poptropica cant do wars. Too graphic.

  38. Notice how 4’s oxygen mask isn’t Poptropicafied….

  39. Yeah.

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  49. Yeah!
    There’s no other blog better than Poptropica Secrets!
    If I get my own blog, will some of you comment on it?
    You can comment on more than one blog ya know.
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    P.S.- I’m not feeling the way that some of the smileys are.

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    😆 Did you comment on Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans? Aka Silver Wolf’s Blog?


    😆 Did you comment on Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans? Aka Silver Wolf’s Blog?

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