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Poll: Least Favorite Island?

Cryptids Are Coming!

No one likes to be negative, but with the recent release of Poptropica’s 33rd island, I thought it would be worth finding out: which Poptropica island is your least favorite? So many of the islands are great, but I’m sure there’s one that didn’t do it for you. Maybe it was too difficult or too boring or it just wasn’t fun for some reason. Let me know in the poll below. And in the comments, let me know WHY you chose the island you did. If Β it were up to you, how would YOU change the island you maybe didn’t like? (I know many of you haven’t done Night Watch yet, so Night Watch is going to get a little bit of a pass. Although…I doubt Night Watch is anyone’s least favorite, right?)

What device do you play Poptropica on?

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  1. First! πŸ˜›

    I picked Steam Works. What did you guys pick? πŸ™‚

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  2. Here’s the riddle! πŸ˜€
    A mile from end to end
    Yet as close to as a friend
    A precious commodity, freely given
    Seen on the dead and on the living.
    Found on the rich, poor, short and tall,
    But shared among children most of all.
    What is it?

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  3. Cool Kid-a smile

  4. I picked Zomberry- I couldn’t get past the first stage. Those zombies are MEGA creepy. What about the small children who play Poptropica?

  5. i chose poptropolis games because I CAN’T PASS THE GAMES!!! i don’t get how people hated early poptropica though…. :/

  6. My least (2) favorite I think is Cryptids and scullduggery island. Cryptids is creepy and skullduggery I can’t get pass!

  7. cryptids.

    i get NIGHTMARES from the jd. i wont even SAY it.
    i finally did it when i got my friend to do the jd part.


    i think the zombies are really cute, but you are entitiled to your own opinion.
    yes, i agree with you. what about the young kids? i am 10 and scared of that thing.

  8. My favorite islands are:

    Poptropolis Games
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Red Dragon Island
    Game Show Island
    Wimpy Wonderland
    Counterfeit Island
    Mythology Island
    Mystery Train Island
    Reality TV Island
    Shrink Ray Island
    Cryptids Island

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  9. Ok I wanna play a guessing game.

    What is my favorite thing in the world?
    What is my favorite color?

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  10. My least favourite is SOS,because it was very boring to just keep swimming so long.You barely even got any items in the island!

  11. my least favorite is cryptids, because the plot wasn’t too exciting, you only really got interested during the scares, and the jeep. oohhh the jeep. i hate it. SO. MUCH. that jeep is the main reason i haven’t finished most of the islands haven’t finished yet. an island where something similar to that is your only mode of transport? no thanks.

  12. also, @coolkid red dragon?

  13. I chose Skullduggery Island. It was super hard. I didn’t even finish it!

  14. my fav island is cryptids because (and don’t get mad) its because you get all the myths for the:lochness monster (Nessie), the yeti (big foot) the jessie devil ( fire horse), and the dog called chubrackobera or something (goat sucker). Also my fav is wild west because it feels like you got sent back into time and you are the most powerful person there. But my least fav is steamworks because it has no reason to be a island, it is a island full of junk, and no it is not someone elses prize

  15. Early Pop is my least. And Nabooti.I don’t know why! They were just boring.

    I hav ebeen waiting since January for a “Night Watch Island is available for members” thing in the blog (not that I am one).

  16. I can understand why people dislike cryptids because I even got nightmares… FOR 2 WHOLE MONTHS!!! My sister is also a poptropica player and said poptropica isn’t scary.

  17. Cryptids was okay for me, I see a lot of people hating it though.

    My least favorite was SOS, but I also hate the Wimpy Kid islands. It’s just an advertisement to me…. but in an island form. I also didn’t like Twisted Thicket. JUst sort of boring to me.

    My favorite island EVAR is Ghost Story island. (ever purposefully misspelled) I just thought it had a cool story, and a cool plot twist, and…. well the whole thing just really did it for me!

  18. I HATED Wimpy Boardwalk. I don’t like the islands that are about other books or shows, but this one was just boring. I’m not really that into the actually series of books anyway. They shouldn’t have even made Wimpy Wonderland. Ick.

  19. Happy Bubbles!!!!!!!!

    It’s me- Brave Sky! Remember me?

    I have missed you so much, girl. What with RedWing, Kat gone, I-I… I don’t even know what to say…

    I agree, Cryptids was not bad for me, but Skullduggery took a long time to finish. But I managed to finish it.

  20. My top 2 fave islands are Mystery Train and Ghost Story. The plots were really cool.

  21. Ugghhh… the computer I’m using is sooo laggy, I can barely play Poptropica because of the lack of speed. I haven’t completed Zomberry yet, but I can barely complete half of it because of the damn lag. (Sorry for the language.)

    God, it’s nearly midnight.

    Hey, how come no one’s been commenting for the past 12 hours or something? It wasn’t like I was here all day, you know.

    Good night. *yawns*

  22. Why are you sleepin so early BS? It was only 9:56!

    @ negaman- Red Dragon was pretty easy which is why I like it.

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  23. I have a very BIG QUESTION for you guys…


    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  24. i picked mythology island because thats the only island i havent beaten because its so hard!

  25. @CK

    No, but I think her computer is at the shop. Or at least it was at the shop twice before… really to sum it up, I don’t know.

  26. I picked Wimpy Boardwalk, there’s really no twist to it :/ I thought like maybe a tornado would’ve came. I’m just in it for the excitement!

    @Sooo what?

  27. @CK: It was 11:56 where I live.

    Sooo how y’all doin’?

  28. y’know i would think that mythology island would be last because of the poll of whats the most favorite(bad grammer) island and it won the (again bad grammer)
    “most favorite island”


  29. CK-It’s just that my computer was in the car the whole time!
    You guys have lost some friends.
    Like, SL, Kat, and–uh, no one else?
    But you’ll never lose me!


    I like Steamworks the LEAST because it has a boring plot and because it has some junk and because everything is brown and gray.
    I’d change it by making everything more colorful.
    I like Night Watch island the MOST because it is the BEST mall in the whole world!

    BTW-Did Tennis Island ever exist or was it just part of my wierd dream last night?

  30. i picked steamworks because it is hard and boring and there is no one there but the robot. Steamworks is the lamest island ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. steamworks should have been colorful and interesting and not so hard. it should also have more ppl

  32. tennis island never existed, gray feather

  33. people dont like skullduggery and astro knights cuz they cant get past them. they wud like those islands if they coud cmplete them.

  34. Silver Ghost//Greysilver// jumper Feather: Steamworks don’t

  35. Sorry, i pessed enter :/ Silver Ghost//Greysilver jumper// Feather: Stemworks don’t have color and has all that junk because it is based in steampunk, which is and kind of art. It is like how the world would be if instead of high-tech technologies we have advanced fuel-using machines and all that stuff. Cryptids is my 2nd favorite, i really liked it. But little heart, i TOTALLY agree you, wimpy boardwalk is the WORST island EVER, they never should have done it, there is no adventure or action. Also i have seen that the recent island, SOS, twisted ticket, and poptropolis games are all about minigames and moving around, they don’t have any itens at all, and i think the itens and puzzles are the main thing of poptropica.

  36. @Brave Sky: Oh my freaking lord, HELLO!

    I was scrolling through the comments and I saw your comment and I was all happy and then, while I was reading it, BABAM-my computer ran out of battery. Worst possible time to do that, computer.

    Anyway, now my computer is charging up….. Hello!
    ^. .^

  37. @ World- I have lost quite a few friend on this. Thalia, Brianna, Kat and SL, if you can hear you I’ve got a message for you.

    @ BS- What country are you in???

    Fascinating πŸ™‚

  38. the one thats my fave is reality island thats the first one i beat! it was easy!

  39. Steamworks was kind of boring,and without a walkthrough,you could have been stuck because after one thing,you don’t know what’s the next thing to do!But the Mech was cool.I don’t understand why people hate Early Poptropica,it’s nice and beautiful and classic,and it was supposed to be easy because it’s the 1st island!

  40. my least favorite island is the great pumpkin island. not a charlie brown fan and i think it should have less mini games and more action. but how can you put more action into something like charlie brown? i did like the part with the red baron, though

  41. I bought membership yesterday!!! I finished NW Island.

  42. @Red Coyote: Yeah, I’m just not good with zombies… I have the one and only zombie movie I’ve watched to thank for that. Although I can see your point about them being cute, I just can’t deal with any kind of zombie. :/

    So, uh, yeah… where is everyone? I didn’t interact with many people, I guess, but all of the usual people I’ve seen are never on anymore? What happened to Kat and Short Leopard?

    Kat, SL, and everyone else… WHERE ARE YOU??? Send us a sign or something! Please!

  43. Hey everybody! I know I haven’t been around in QUITE a while, but I just wanted to drop by and say “hey!” πŸ˜€

    Lucky You, Fast Axe!

    *chuckles* Least Favorite Island? SO easy! S.O.S. island was, for lack of better word, ridiculous.

    If I were the brilliant, genius Creators that they already are, I would’ve made the island a LOT longer, more mini-quests, and of course, who doesn’t want more drama?! πŸ˜€
    Blog: whatmakeshersmile.blogspot(.)com

  44. Ninja’ed by PoptropRox18–

    Hey…I think they either got banned, got too busy, or have fully commited to the forum, which I haven’t visited in over a month now. πŸ˜€

  45. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RedWing! I thought you’d never come back!!!!!!

    I need to calm down…

    OHMAIGOD I’m soo happy to see again!!!!

    On your blog, you said that you would keep blogging until June. Are you gonna make another one when you start high school?

    I, for one, know that SL got banned from this site. Kat told us that her mom got arrested. I don’t know why, though. It happened like, a month ago. I’m assuming that Kat needs to get away from this site for a while, what with the events going on in her life right now.

    @Cool Kid: I live in Minnesota, USA. Which is in the Central Time Zone.

    @Happy Bubbles: OH HAI DER! How have you been, girl?

  46. My Poptropica Membership was supposed to expire yesterday.
    I should still have it since it renews by itself.
    I don’t know how tennis island got into my dream the night before last night.
    But if it did no one would want to complete it.
    Ya know why?
    ‘Cause in my dream when you click on a gray gate to the consuelor (I don’t know what that is. It was just from my dream–when I went over it with your mouse it said “consuelor”) it just shows a sign that says “GAME OVER”. It was from my dream!

  47. @Brave Sky: Hai! I’m good, how are you?

    I haven’t been on here for a while because my free time is spent doing homework, watching YouTube videos, and going on the forum. I visit the forum more than the comments. But I want to go back to the comments for a while, it’s nice.

    @WorldWideWeb: La la la la la……

  48. Least favourite island-Zomberry Island
    ‘Cuz, y’know it’s all SPOOKY and I couldn’t stand to be by myself for weeks after they announced Zomberry Island, and I’m only 10, man…… or at least the pictures about it…..
    I HATE zombies.

  49. hello???

  50. YES!!! i can comment again!
    hi, RW, where ya been?
    Audit first, Edit later.

  51. I dunno about y’all, but to me, ALL the islands kinda went down after ghost story. The islands were-I dunno, really easy, and the plots were really fast. They didn’t really develop them much. Except for night watch. THAT looks fun! πŸ™‚
    Audit first, Edit later.

  52. I dont get how any one can dislike Great pumkin. It was so fun…ish. im really annoyed b/c i have not completed poptropolis games and the WHOLE ISLAND DISSAPPEARED!!

  53. I did not like astro_knights b/c it was too long, too hard, and too confusing. If i coul change it i would make it shorter and make it so merlin doesnt die. Also, not so many challenges if i changed it.

  54. Hey wild star, i agree with you, the recent island don’t have a plot, a hope the next one will be better :/

  55. My least favorite was Poptropolis because it had the least story thought out. I like following a plot, but without a story, i just saw it as mini games.

  56. If I could change Zomberry Island I’ll not make zombies but cute moving berries.
    Like….. zombie cute berries? But not too zombilike.

  57. @karuna Sorry, but in the end it says that some person (forget who) fixed Merlin. In the end you can see him flying by you when you get the medallion. But I agree, Astro Knights is too hard.

  58. too hard! its one of the best!

  59. Well mine is steamworks because its really hard

  60. I agree it’s a good island in a whole, sure, but it is pretty hard.

  61. my least is Vampires curse is because it was kinda….. well boring. and i like worship anything to do with vampires and werewolves(Team TWI-HARD all day and Team Jacob, even though Jacob loves Renesme) I have completed all the islands with the exception of Night Watch (isnt out for regulars yet) my favorite is Shrinkray because it just is. Its colorful, action filled, and you get 2 b tiny!!

  62. @karuna
    I also did not complete poptropolis games before it disappeared.
    My least favorite was Lunar Colony. It just made me sooooo mad while I was playing it. Or at least I was attempting to…. ; )

  63. My least fav island is Skullduggery Island. Come on now, who has time to do all that trading and buying anyway? That war ship price is TOO HIGH! I wish it was cheaper.

  64. Steamworks island really irritated me. Once I got into the last part with the big robot thingy and the giant evil plants, I couldn’t find my way back to the blimp and had to restart the island to get out.

  65. i couldn’t beat black widow in couterfeit very annoyed there is no easy mode

  66. supervillain was really bad and boring. and 1 villain was too hard to complete

  67. I couldn’t choose between Counterfeit Island and Night Watch Island.Night Watch Island is very boring. You just get to respond to alerts, chase a thief, and answer frustrating calls. I don’t exactly get the point of Counterfeit Island. Beating Black widow is very hard. πŸ™
    P.S. Don’t you think Black Widow is a lot like Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter?

  68. I really don’t like Reality TV island since
    1) Some of the games are REALLY difficult (4 me at least)
    2) It has little to no plot
    3) Everything goes way to fast

  69. Since I have beaten every island, including Night Watch, My least favourite island is Mystery Train. It is no question the worst island. Even using this website to help me it took me like 3 days to beat it. I barely enjoyed any of it, Although the last part is kind of cool. All the island really asks you to do is talk to every single person on the train, again and again. I would not be very happy if someone hacked my account and restarted Mystery Train. My favourite is Astro Nights.


  71. i know this comment is a little late but i hate zomberry island the most, i think its frustrating(don’t know if i spelled it right) and boring

  72. @RedWing @Brave Sky
    Oh, dear. I didn’t know that. Thanks, though, for the update. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I am rarely on, so I don’t really get a chance to interact all that much. However, I was here last summer during the Anti-Hyper-Shadow campaign. Who remembers that?

  73. my favs are : mystery train island, night watch island, steamworks,and astro nights

    and yes,i remember the anti-hyper-shadow campaign wel,l in fact thats when i started pop. cheats and writing comments my first comment was ‘no, im not hyper shadow”

  74. there was also things like (i didnt saw this) “smoke kids,its good for you!!!”

    and belive me its not πŸ™‚