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Poll: Least Favorite Island?

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No one likes to be negative, but with the recent release of Poptropica’s 33rd island, I thought it would be worth finding out: which Poptropica island is your least favorite? So many of the islands are great, but I’m sure there’s one that didn’t do it for you. Maybe it was too difficult or too boring or it just wasn’t fun for some reason. Let me know in the poll below. And in the comments, let me know WHY you chose the island you did. If Β it were up to you, how would YOU change the island you maybe didn’t like? (I know many of you haven’t done Night Watch yet, so Night Watch is going to get a little bit of a pass. Although…I doubt Night Watch is anyone’s least favorite, right?)

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  1. I dunno about y’all, but to me, ALL the islands kinda went down after ghost story. The islands were-I dunno, really easy, and the plots were really fast. They didn’t really develop them much. Except for night watch. THAT looks fun! πŸ™‚
    Audit first, Edit later.

  2. I dont get how any one can dislike Great pumkin. It was so fun…ish. im really annoyed b/c i have not completed poptropolis games and the WHOLE ISLAND DISSAPPEARED!!

  3. I did not like astro_knights b/c it was too long, too hard, and too confusing. If i coul change it i would make it shorter and make it so merlin doesnt die. Also, not so many challenges if i changed it.

  4. Hey wild star, i agree with you, the recent island don’t have a plot, a hope the next one will be better :/

  5. My least favorite was Poptropolis because it had the least story thought out. I like following a plot, but without a story, i just saw it as mini games.

  6. If I could change Zomberry Island I’ll not make zombies but cute moving berries.
    Like….. zombie cute berries? But not too zombilike.

  7. @karuna Sorry, but in the end it says that some person (forget who) fixed Merlin. In the end you can see him flying by you when you get the medallion. But I agree, Astro Knights is too hard.

  8. too hard! its one of the best!

  9. Well mine is steamworks because its really hard

  10. I agree it’s a good island in a whole, sure, but it is pretty hard.

  11. my least is Vampires curse is because it was kinda….. well boring. and i like worship anything to do with vampires and werewolves(Team TWI-HARD all day and Team Jacob, even though Jacob loves Renesme) I have completed all the islands with the exception of Night Watch (isnt out for regulars yet) my favorite is Shrinkray because it just is. Its colorful, action filled, and you get 2 b tiny!!

  12. @karuna
    I also did not complete poptropolis games before it disappeared.
    My least favorite was Lunar Colony. It just made me sooooo mad while I was playing it. Or at least I was attempting to…. ; )

  13. My least fav island is Skullduggery Island. Come on now, who has time to do all that trading and buying anyway? That war ship price is TOO HIGH! I wish it was cheaper.

  14. Steamworks island really irritated me. Once I got into the last part with the big robot thingy and the giant evil plants, I couldn’t find my way back to the blimp and had to restart the island to get out.

  15. i couldn’t beat black widow in couterfeit very annoyed there is no easy mode

  16. supervillain was really bad and boring. and 1 villain was too hard to complete

  17. I couldn’t choose between Counterfeit Island and Night Watch Island.Night Watch Island is very boring. You just get to respond to alerts, chase a thief, and answer frustrating calls. I don’t exactly get the point of Counterfeit Island. Beating Black widow is very hard. πŸ™
    P.S. Don’t you think Black Widow is a lot like Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter?

  18. I really don’t like Reality TV island since
    1) Some of the games are REALLY difficult (4 me at least)
    2) It has little to no plot
    3) Everything goes way to fast

  19. Since I have beaten every island, including Night Watch, My least favourite island is Mystery Train. It is no question the worst island. Even using this website to help me it took me like 3 days to beat it. I barely enjoyed any of it, Although the last part is kind of cool. All the island really asks you to do is talk to every single person on the train, again and again. I would not be very happy if someone hacked my account and restarted Mystery Train. My favourite is Astro Nights.


  21. i know this comment is a little late but i hate zomberry island the most, i think its frustrating(don’t know if i spelled it right) and boring

  22. @RedWing @Brave Sky
    Oh, dear. I didn’t know that. Thanks, though, for the update. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that I am rarely on, so I don’t really get a chance to interact all that much. However, I was here last summer during the Anti-Hyper-Shadow campaign. Who remembers that?

  23. my favs are : mystery train island, night watch island, steamworks,and astro nights

    and yes,i remember the anti-hyper-shadow campaign wel,l in fact thats when i started pop. cheats and writing comments my first comment was ‘no, im not hyper shadow”

  24. there was also things like (i didnt saw this) “smoke kids,its good for you!!!”

    and belive me its not πŸ™‚