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Night Watch Island: Costume Round-up


One of the coolest parts of Night Watch Island is the costume store called Carnival Costumes. In it, you can find pieces for all kinds of awesome outfits. I’ve put together a visual reference for the costumes (see below). These are what’s available AFTER you finish the island. Like many islands, there are costumes that are only available before you complete it. In the case of Night Watch Island, for example, there’s a cat burglar costume that you can get, but only BEFORE the alert goes off for Carnival Costumes. (So if you want the cat burglar costume, make sure to head there right after you get access to the whole mall.)

Let me know if you like this kind of reference. If so, I might put together a series of Costume Round-ups of all the other islands. That way you can see what costumes are available on each island after you complete it. Let me know in the comments!

1. Emcee – something about it makes me picture the hostess of a colorful circus or party: colorful bowler hat, matching vest, bow tie, purple skirt, and jaunty cane



2. Formula One Racer – has the cool racing stripe on the jacket and pants and the wind-blown hair, as well as vintage driving goggles



3. Texas Oilman – the Stetson, the Longhorn belt buckle, the suit, sunglasses, and conspicuous dollar bills — yup, he’s from Texas



4. Wood Elf – similar to the elves you find on Twisted Thicket Island, this one’s sporting cool face tattoos, pointy elf ears, leaf garb, and a spear



5. Luchador – a classic, colorful Mexican wrestler mask, tank top, belt, and cape



6. Carnival Jester – something you’d find on the streets of Venice during Carnivale, this outfit includes the pointed hat, comical nose mask, ruffled neck, and jester shirt and pants, as well as the white face paint with rosy cheeks



7. Johnny Jetpack (or Jenny Jetpack) – a 1950’s era space suit, complete with helmet, microphone, vest, belt, and rocketpack. Sadly, you can’t get the headgear.



8. Moon Masquerade Costume – another Venice Carnivale inspired outfit, with moon mask, star shirt, and cape



9. Cardboard Robot – an odd addition, this costume includes a cardboard robot hat, a wide mustache, and cardboard box that serves as the robot’s body. Like I said, odd.



10. Geisha – harkening back to Red Dragon Island, this geisha costume comes complete with ornate hair, and three-piece kimono



11. Police Uniform – protect and serve with this cap, shirt, pants, and policeman’s belt



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  1. Sweet we’re number one!
    Lone Ice: Nice costumes but i like the clothing store better 🙂
    Mad Bettle: Cool

  2. i love all the costumes but the cardboard robot is an odd and creative costume and great for sci-fi fans and if the texas oilman was a texas oilwoman i would like it more but i love most of the costumes and thats all that matters.

  3. Texas Oilman-remember that guy from S.O.S. Island?
    Cardboard Robot-guy in the museum from Game Show Island
    Police Uniform-Zomberry?

  4. Amazing costumes!
    I love it!

  5. Darn it!
    I have no idea what to do here at MacGuffin’s now that I got the phone!

  6. most of these are just coustumes from other islands.

    POP 😀

  7. I know right FA! 😛

    Fascinating 🙂

  8. Here’s my next riddle: Try as hard as possible! 😛

    Kings and queens may cling to power
    and the jester’s got his call
    But, as you may all discover,
    the common one outranks them all

    Fascinating 🙂

  9. @CK the ace of spades!(or clubs, or hearts or whatever.)

    I’m gonna dress up as the elf for St. Patrick’s day. that is, if night watch island is open for non-members by then…
    Audit first, Edit later! 😉

  10. sigh…
    it gets so lonely on the commenting site in the morning. I’m home schooled, and i usually comment after I’ve gotten three or four subjects done…it gets boring knowing ill have to wait until 4:00 for the other comments to rush in…sigh.
    Audit first, Edit later.

  11. Wow! Is it true Wild Star?

  12. yes, young one…if you mean about the homeschooling and having to wait till about four for most of the other comments….yes it it true. try not to be shocked beyond belief…;)

  13. it IS true. gosh, I hate being sick…

  14. Formula One Racer has a re-colored Ben-10 jacket.


  16. I know how you feel, Wild Star. I’m not homeschooled, however. Some of the people that used to be here in the past have gone, continued on with their busy lives. I don’t experience the same problem, but I have the same lonely feeling I get when I know that Kat(Cheerful Singer), RedWing, Dizzy Carrot, Short Leopard, Happy Bubbles, and Brianna Hatcher are not on here anymore.

    You guys are really cool and all. But it’s not the same…

  17. stuff always feels different when the beginners end. its sad, because sometimes they don’t have to…
    i haven’t really felt quite that way about online commenters, i only started reading this stuff a few months ago, and commenting a few months ago, but there are things that hurt (online.) that you almost grew up with that can get changed…when they don’t have to.
    RIP Arthur, CP,and Spectacular spider man.
    gosh, it hurts when you cant at least comment and say what you mean. this is the only place i can comment on.

    sorry, got a little sentimental there. ;`

  18. Awesome! Thats so cool!
    Some of these costumes remind me from some of the islands too. Like Cardboard robot- game show island, ect. Awesome still!

  19. ok, very sentimental. 🙂

  20. I feel like giving you guys a code.


  21. to zippy turtle:

    the cardboard robot costume is the EXACT same one that the guy in the robot museum on game show island wears, complete with brown mustache.

  22. @ BS & WS- I know how you two feel. I feel the same. Ever since Thalia, Brianna, SL and Kat stopped commenting, it just didn’t feel the same. 🙁 Well at least we’ve got each other right? 🙂

    Fascinating 🙂

  23. Right, I’ve been looking at the comments for the past month and they’ve just disappeared right into the wind

  24. But everyone comes and goes and new people come

  25. And I’ve completed Night Watch Island so I’m good and I’ve been completing islands to get all the photos but I’m stuck on Skullduggrey Island and I don’t know what to do

  26. Wild star!Wow this is the third time Ive meet someone online thats home schooled too!
    Im homeschool AND I get fridays off so………get the picture?:\

  27. I used to be home schooled… T_T >_.<

  28. I didn’t know that >.<

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