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Poptropica Land is a new creation from Poptropica Labs. It is a special area of Poptropica where you can create and build your own part of the game. It’s similar in concept to many popular games that feature construction, such as Minecraft. It is currently in “alpha 2” stage and is available to members only via a gold card that you get inside the Poptropica Store.

The beginning of Poptropica Land has a Norse Mythology theme and your initial goal is to locate the Svadilfari, a magical hammer that gives you power to change the very ground you walk on. With it, you can create and destroy sections of the world and transform it into your own. Here’s what the official Poptropica Site has to say:

Use the power of an ancient hammer to destroy and rebuild Poptropica in any way you can imagine! Create trees, structures, and even mountains with the touch of your hammer. Dig up glowing Poptanium crystals to unlock even more building materials. In Poptropica Land, there’s no limit to what you can make!

Arrival in Poptropica Land

The Svadilfari

This is the Svadilfari, which can be found in the far right zone of Poptropica Land. Once you possess it, you can access it any time in your backpack.

Poptropica Land Svadilfari

Poptropica Land Trailer

Using the Svadilfari

Once you obtain this ancient hammer, you can wield some impressive power and modify the world around you. You can access the main menu by clicking on the hammer icon that appears in the lower left corner of your screen. But you should memorize these keyboard shortcuts for faster use:

TAB = Open main menu
1 = Play Mode (normal movement)
2 = Mining Mode (dig for Poptanium)
3 = Create Mode

The Research Journal

One of the first items you’ll find in Poptropica Land is the Research Journal, which gives a lot of background about the Svadilfari and its power. Here’s what the journal has to say:

February 13

An artifact has recently come into my possession which has caused me great excitement. Let me explain.

Ancient Norse legend tells of a Master Builder, whom the gods hired to build the walls of Asgard. They promised him the sun and the moon if he could accomplish this task in a certain amount of time, secretly believing the task to be impossible. To their surprise, the Master Builder was able to accomplish the task, thanks to the help of Svadilfari, which experts have long believed to be a horse of incredible strength.

But I am now led to believe that Svadilfari was something else entirely: a mystical tool holding great power.

Which brings us back to the artifact. It was found washed up on the northern shore of Scotland. Carbon dating confirms that it is of ancient origin. It depicts an enormous man building the walls of Asgard. No horse stands at his side, but rather an enormous hammer.

March 4

Unbelievable! To my surprise, a string of additional discoveries have been made! More artifacts of ancient Norse origin have been found on the shores of Scotland, Iceland, and Norway, which strengthen my conclusions about the nature of Svadilfari.

I am also convinced that the artifacts have all come from a single geographical source, located somewhere in the Norwegian Sea. I’ll be taking passage on a shipping vessel to see what I can learn. We depart tomorrow at sunrise.

April 5

It’s been a difficult week at sea. I had hoped to find something by now. The crew of the ship refuses to navigate towards the location I believe to be most promising, mumbling something about the area being cursed.

April 10

I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. After dark I’ll slip away in the ship’s raft. I see a dark storm brewing to the north, but it’s now or never.

Asgard awaits!

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