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Grappling Bow-tie

Grappling Bow-tie

The Grappling Bow-tie is one of the coolest items in Poptropica. Using this tie, you can swing from building to building with ease. Kind of like Spiderman. You will have to use this very useful (and fashionable!) bow-tie to save the last agent.

How to get the Grappling Bow-tie

Run right to Toupee Terrace. You’ll come to a house with an alarm system on all the windows. Keep jumping up the windows and side ledges while avoiding the lights that turn on. Go all the way up ad across the house until you get to the roof. At the very top there is a grate. Click on it and use the laser pen to cut the metal bars, then go inside. Once inside the attic, walk to the left and you’ll find another fellow agent tied up. Click on him to release him and he’ll give you a special item, a grappling bow-tie.

Grappling Bow-tie in Spy Island

Get the Grappling Bow-tie when you save the second agent on the top of the electrified building on Toupee Terrace

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