Chameleon Suit

Chameleon Suit

The Chameleon Suit is very useful in completing your mission in Spy Island. Put this on and you’ll blend into the background whenever you are standing still. Guards and Dogs will not see you if you are wearing this and you stand still. Cool!

How to get the Chameleon Suit

Enter the Spyglass Eyewear building. Walk to the left and talk to the guy standing next to the eye chart. Ask him to give you an eye exam. When you take the exam, choose the exact opposite symbol as the one he points to. By choosing the opposites, you’re giving him the secret code letting him know you’re an agent. He’ll leave and tell you to meet him upstairs.

Go outside the exit and then jump up on the outside of the building. There is a small door in the upper left. Go inside it. Talk to the eye exam guy here and he’ll reveal that he’s the scientist for secret operations. He’ll give you a special item that he has just developed: the chameleon suit.

Chameleon Suit in Spy Island

Pass the test in the Spyglass Eyewear and the guy will give you Chameleon Suit

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  1. this doesn’t help at all my poptropica account is a little glitch so I cannot get the suit how can I got the suit if door is glitch?

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