Diary Key

Diary Key

Use the Diary Key to open up CJ’s diary, which is on the shelf of her mini office where you find her computer. You will find that she wrote something on her diary but it was torn out. You also need to get the torn page from the trash to completely reveal the secret massage of CJ.

How to Get the Diary Key

First, you need to get the battery out from the truck and place it to the remote control on the living room. Jump up onto the table top, stand next to the TV remote, and then use the battery from your backpack. Then jump onto the green button on the remote to turn the TV on. Now jump up onto the TV and climb the antenna to build up a static electricity charge. You’ll see white sparkles all over you. Then jump up to the left to the green ballon. The static electricity charge will attach you to the ballon and you’ll float up and to the left. You will land safely on the frame of the Poshville Boardwalk picture on the wall. Jump off to the left, and you’ll land on the shelf with the fish food. Push it to the left so that it tips over and drops food into the fish tank. The fish will start eating the food and will be distracted so that you can jump into the tank and take the key.

Diary Key in Shrink Ray Island

Get the Diary Key on the aquarium


  1. it would not make the ballon flout up and to the left.

  2. My green balloon wouldn’t float to that picture!!!!


  3. it didnt work. the balloon floated to the floor.

  4. it worked thanks

  5. it didn’t worked, the ballon fall down.

  6. i went to the floor not the picture
    was i missing something

  7. I can’t get to the balloons, the antenna keep dragging me down!

  8. Now i keep trying a lot of times and the stupid balloon is going down not up!! And im getting to mad right now. So like is my computer just glitching err????!?!?!

  9. You can’t go up on the balloon because your jumping from on top of the antenna. You need to jump from the corner of the tv (under the green balloon), and jump up to the balloon.

  10. the balloon fell to the floor, it did not float like you said. so angry.

  11. You gotta jump from off the tv not the antena then make sure you give enough force to get to the frame

  12. for anyone it isnt working for, the green balloon, you need to climb onto the antenna and then clib down and jump up so the balloon goes up instead of down, then it’ll work. yw (:

  13. doesnt work at alll

  14. hi my name is ...................

    doesnt work at alll

  15. Just climb up and down the antenna

  16. It worked!! Tysm if you don’t get it all you have to do is get on the atena and then get off to where your on the top of the t.v. you should see sparks (white) around you then you jump in the ballon (green) and then you should be on the top of the small picture after that you wanna jump on the one above it and the you go straight after that you knock the fishfood over and then you get into the fish tank that’s it!

  17. Thanks! It helped!

  18. Hey whoever’s balloon floated to the floor, you need to jump at a different angle! Jump off of the antenna onto the regular top of the tv and jump UPWARD towards the balloon 🙂

  19. you have to reach a certain star

  20. I kept falling off the green balloon.

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