Train Ticket

Train Ticket

Use the Train Ticket to hop in to the Mystery Train and begin your travel to Chicago. This will be your first item on the island, without it you can’t start your adventure.

How to Get the Train Ticket

When you arrive to the island, jump down and run to the left until you see a man pushing his luggage. This is Thomas Edison, the famous inventor. He needs your help getting his luggage loaded onto the train. Talk to him and then a puzzle mini-game will appear. Re-arrange the suitcases so that they line up left to right from smallest to largest. Then click on the plank of wood to create a ramp. You will push the luggage up into the cargo car of the train. Then Thomas Edison will give you a Train Ticket.

Train Ticket in Mystery Train Island

Offer a hand to Thomas Edison as he push his luggage to the train

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