Unidentified Fur

Unidentified Fur

Once you find it, you will hope that the Unidentified Fur is the evidence you need for the existence of the Chupacabra, another Cryptids in the Island. Since your mission is to get these items, you will need to verify if this is the evidence you need. Return to the Mew’s laboratory and examine the fur.

How to Get the Unidentified Fur

On Puerto Rico, go to the right and talk to the man, he will lend you his Jeep. Walk up to the jeep and get in. Drive the jeep to the star in the top-right corner. Click EXIT JEEP. You will automatically be brought to a man who thanks you for delivering to him the seeds. Talk to him and select option 2. The man will ask you to go look at the fence. Go left until you reach a Unidentified Fur on the fence.

Unidentified Fur in Cryptids Island

Get the Unidentified Fur hanging on the fence

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