Hey, don’t play with matches! In Cryptids Island, the Matches are used to start the flame inside the lantern. You will have to use it along with the Lantern in searching for the evidence of the Jersey Devil. Because it’s so dark that you can’t merely see the surroundings and the house is too creepy too. So make sure that before you go to the New Jersey map, you need to get these Matches in Loch Ness and the Lantern in the Himalayas.

How to Get the Matches

It’s very easy to get the Matches. Unlike other items in the island, it doesn’t have pre-requisite items. Well, aside from having the Helicopter of course, which you need in order to travel all over in Cryptids Island. On your Helicopter, go to Loch Ness, run to the right till you get to the Pub. Inside you will find the Matches in the counter.

Matches in cryptids island

Go to the Pub and take the Matches on the counter

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