Princess Note

Princess Note

The Princess Note contain a clue of where the Lost Princess is, it says “The order believes the Great Inventor kept many of his secrets under his bed, but the order dare not come out of their hiding place to seek them. I will do my best to aid them in their search because I believe Mordred is alive! I’ve detected a veacon on a faraway planet, and I believe it may have come from him. I have sent a return signal, and….”

How to Get the Princess Note

Head back to the castle and then stand in front of the large oak door. Jump up onto the windowsill and then jump onto the platform with a large bow and arrow on it. Then go to your backpack and select Use on the coild of rope. The rope will be attached to the arrow. Now point the arrow in about a 45 degree angle to the left and click to shoot the arrow and rope. If you aimed correctly, the arrow will stick into the door of a nearby tower. Now walk across the rope and enter the door in the tower. Go to the left past the bed and you will see some brown paper sticking out of a chest with scrolls and parchment inside.

Princess Note in Astro-Knights Island

Find the Princess Note on her Chest

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