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Poptropica Hoops

Hoops is a simple head-to-head game where you attempt to score five baskets in a game of basketball before your opponent does. You control the angle and power of each shot with your mouse cursor and the goal is to aim it just right so that you score a basket. You shoot the ball by clicking on the mouse. After a successful basket is scored by either player, the hoop will move up or down, often requiring you to change the angle and power of your shot. That is, unless you use a very simple cheat (see below). When one player scores 5 baskets, the game is over.

Poptropica Hoops Cheats

Poptropica Hoops - Place Cursor Here

There’s one specific angle/power combination that you can use to score a basket nearly every time. Just place your mouse cursor on the bottom-forward corner of your own scoreboard. Your shot will go in almost every time. If the hoop is positioned higher than the cursor, you’ll need to move it a little bit to the right to get the correct angle for the shot. Otherwise, just don’t move and keep shooting until you get all five baskets.

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