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Legendary Swords

Legendary Swords is a brand new adventure inside of Poptropica where you battle robots who are trying to take over the islands of Poptropica. The way you fight them is by using a series of legendary swords that are very powerful. The different swords are found as you continue the adventure. Legendary swords is more of an action style game within Poptropica and requires more reflexes, timing and skill than the normal island quests. It’s one of the first adventures in Poptropica that uses combat.

The Legendary Swords Story

On a distant planet, a hero explores a strange land to discover a race of aggressive and bizarre robots who are planning an invasion of Planet Poptropica! The only way the hero can stop this invading force is by using a series of hidden mystical swords that are scattered throughout the planet. Driven by courage (and a little fear), the hero must stop the invading robots and their diabolical master; the mysterious E. Vile!

Video Walkthrough

In Part 1 of Legendary Swords, you’ll arrive on a mysterious planet, find your first sword and battle several robots, including two bosses. This walkthrough shows you where to go and how to defeat them. At the end of the last boss battle, you’ll get the second legendary sword, which is even more powerful.

The Swords

In the first installment of the adventure, there are two different Legendary Swords you will find. The first is inside the cave at the beginning. It is in a rock down on the cavern floor. The second appears at the end of the battle with the first major boss. The two swords are:

  • The Rusty Relic, a two-star power sword
  • The Bolt, a four-star power sword

If you have any costumes from the Poptropica Store that came with swords (such as the different Knight costumes, or the Masked Hero costume), you will be allowed to use those swords as well in the game. Here’s a list of the different swords you can use. All of them are three-star power swords.

  • Templar Knight
  • Masked Hero
  • Ninja
  • Pirate Sword Swashbuckler
  • Laser
  • Earth Knight
  • Dark Knight
  • Skullduggery

The Skull Mask

Skull Mask in Poptropica Legendary Swords

The Skull Mask is a hidden item in the top of the cave of Legendary Swords.

Wearing Skull Mask

There’s a hidden Skull Mask in the cave, near where you find the first Legendary Sword. To get it, jump up and enter the area with all the fossils. The Skull Mask is located near the top. Click on it to add it to your backpack. It will appear in your Store Items section. Put it on for an extra-fearsome look while fighting off the robots.

Legendary Swords Zones

There are several different “zones” or areas in Legendary Swords.

Landing Area

The first area you arrive in after the opening cinematic is the Landing Area. Your rocket ship will be parked here and you’ll see animals running by. They’re scared of something. Make your way up and to the right to the cave.

Poptropica Legendary Swords Opening Scene

The Landing Area is the opening scene in Poptropica Legendary Swords.

Cave Entrance

The Cave covers several different zones. The first part is the Cave Entrance, where you’ll find some fossils (including a Unicorn!) and some other objects. If you explore the lower-left corner, you’ll find some broken robot parts. To leave and move to the next zone, jump up the platforms and exit from the top-right corner.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Cave Entrance

The entrance to the mysterious cave in Poptropica Legendary Swords.

Cave, Continued

Rusty Relic in the Stone

The Rusty Relic is the first sword you'll discover.

As you go deeper into the cave, you’ll find some really interesting things, including the first Legendary Sword, the Rusty Relic. You’ll also encounter the first robots that you need to battle. There are two small bat robots in here and they are brought to life by a mysterious flying eye-robot (you’ll see him again later). The first order of business is to get the Rusty Relic. It’s at the bottom of the cave, stuck in a rock. This is a reference to Excalibur, the famous sword in the stone that was finally freed by King Arthur. It’s also the second time that Excalibur is referenced in Poptropica. It’s also the name of the spaceship you pilot in Astro-Knights Island. In fact, you’ll see this very spaceship as a fossil in the cavern wall above!

After you get the sword, you can go up to the top of the cavern to retrieve the Skull Mask. It’s a hidden object that is highlighted among all the fossils in the cavern. Click on it to pick it up and put it in your backpack.

You’ll also encounter your first health crystal rocks on the cavern floor. Swing your sword to hack at them and get more health crystals.

Finally, move on to the right to battle the two robot bats. They are very easy to defeat. Then, leave the cave through the exit in the top-right corner.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Cave Continued

The main part of the cave in Legendary Swords. You'll find the Rusty Relic and the Skull Mask inside.

Outside the Cave

Poppy the Three-Eyed Fish

Poppy the Three-Eyed Fish

When you leave the cave, you’ll come across a robot camp. Here you’ll find a blackboard that reveals E. Vile’s dastardly plans. He wants to gather a robot army and rule Poptropica! There are several robots to fight here, and when you get to the far right, you’ll find two robots that kind of look like robot guard dogs. In addition to regular attacks, they launch rockets at you. Fortunately, the rockets move slowly and you can destroy them with your sword right before they hit you. Once you’ve killed all the robots, you can move to the next zone by proceeding up through the rocky cliffs.

There’s one strange thing here. If you look closely near the bottom as you pass by a pond, you’ll see a three-eyed mutant fish. It kind of resembles Blinky, the three-eyed fish from the Simpsons. Except this one is purple. It might be a mutant fish created by the radioactive waste that E. Vile is creating here (there’s a barrel of it in the campsite. Or it just could be a native fish on this strange planet. Who knows? I think I’ll call him Poppy the Three-Eyed Fish.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Outside Cave

Outside the cave, where you'll find the robot encampment.


In the Cliffs, you’ll fight several robots, including a large one on the cavern floor. Then you need to fight your way up the cliffs. As you defeat each group of robots, blue vines will appear and you can continue your ascent. Once you get to the top, you’ll see boulders falling. Something big is waiting for us at the top!

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Cliffs

Fight even more robots at the cliffs.


At the top of the cliffs is a small zone where you fight the mini-boss. This is a large robot that picks up boulders and hurls them at you. Every once in a while, he’ll spin his arms quickly and you’ll need to move away from him just before he starts this move. When he stops spinning, he’ll hurl several boulders at you all at once, and if you get caught underneath you’ll lose all your health. The trick is to run away to the far left corner when he’s spinning and then start running back towards him so that the boulders fly safely overhead. After you defeat him, you’ll find the second legendary sword: the Bolt.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Mini-Boss

The mini-boss and his pile of deadly boulders.

Rocky Terrain

There are a few robots to fight here, including a giant four-legged robot with a nasty chomp. The best way to avoid his damage is to stand in his middle and jump into the air right before he starts to bite. After you defeat all the robots here, proceed to the right to enter the Spider Forest.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Rocky Terrain

Spider Forest

This is a very dark and spooky area right before you face the final boss in the mission. You need to kill all the spider robots that you encounter as you move up through the forest. A neat Easter Egg that the creators put in are references to the book, Charlotte’s Web. If you look at the spider webs, you’ll see the same messages that Charlotte spun for Wilbur in the book (“Some Pig”, “Radiant”, etc.)

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Spider Forest

It's creepy and it's spooky. And it has nasty robot spiders. Eek!

Final Boss

The final area has a big boss robot who is activated by the flying eye robot that you have been following. The boss has a devastating smash move. If you’re standing on the ground when he smashes his arms down, you’ll lose a lot of health. The best way to win this fight is to jump up onto the platforms and battle him from there. Jump up in the air right before his big smash move to avoid getting knocked over. Attack when his belt starts flashing red. There are three crystal rocks you can swing at to get more health crystals in this zone. Once you defeat the boss, E. Vile will appear and taunt you before leaving. You can then get into your rocket to follow him…but for now the adventure ends here. We’ll wait eagerly for the next installment.

Poptropica Legendary Swords - Final Boss

The Final Boss is a tough fight, but stick to the platforms and you'll be able to defeat him.

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