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Poptropica Costumes – B

This catalogue of costumes and outfits in Poptropica continues with a look at the letter B. There are a wide range of costumes to be had that are beautiful, brash, and basically bewitching.

Baseball Batter (Boy and Girl)

There are two different versions of this costume: one for girls and one for boys. The batter outfit gives you a uniform, a batting helmet, and that black smudge that goes under your eyes to keep the glare out. Of course, you’ll also get a baseball bat and this costume has a special power. Press the space bar to take a swing. Aim for the fences! The only difference between the boy’s version and the girl’s version of this costume is color choice. Both get blue and green. Girls can also go for pink, while boys have the option of red. The baseball batter costume was released in June 2009 as the baseball season was well underway.

Baseball Fielder (Boy and Girl)

Of course, you can round out your team with the fielder outfit. This costume features a cap, the uniform, the fashionable eye smudge and a baseball. The special move is a baseball toss. Press the spacebar to throw your ball into the air. As with the Baseball Batter costume, the main difference between the boy and girl versions is color choice. Blue and green are available for both genders. Girls can also select pink and boys can choose red as a third color option.

Big Burger

Alphabetically speaking, this is the first of the fabled Food Outfits for Poptropica. They’re a personal favorite of mine, and you’ve probably seen me wearing them in the different Poptropica Island Walkthrough videos. This giant hamburger outfit features everything you’d expect in a big, juicy burger: a patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and a seeded bun. Look and feel delicious in this tasty treat of a costume. Mmmmmm.

Biker Boy

Tired of the villains messing with you in Poptropica? Put on this biker outfit and watch as everyone clears a path for you. This killer costume for boys includes a flaming skull t-shirt, a leather jacket, black pants (note the pocket turned inside-out), and a studded belt with a star buckle. The boy’s version also includes smudge marks for your cheeks, a pair of black goggles and a black bandana. Combine it with the baseball bat from the costume above and nobody will mess with you!

Biker Girl

This tough-looking outfit for girls features the same flaming skull t-shirt, leather jacket, black pants and star belt buckle as the boy’s edition. Girls get a black cap with a brim, a pony tail and freckles as part of the outfit as well. All that’s missing is the actual motorcycle. Vrooom. Vrooom.

Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein costume was released in Poptropica for Halloween in 2009. It’s a girl-only outfit. It looks positively ghoulish with colorless lips, a stitch on the cheek, and even those little knobs on the neck. Of course, the signature hairdo is a part of the costume, as is a flowing white robe with cape and a skull belt. You’ll fit right in at all the monster parties on Halloween or any time of the year.


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