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Poptropica Cheats for Back Lot Island

The latest island from Poptropica is Back Lot Island, a fun romp through the world of old-school film-making! Written Walkthrough: Back Lot Island consists of 9 Areas.  Two of the areas are outside the movie studio and seven of them are inside the studio reachable by a cart, similar to the Lunar Rover on Lunar Colony. Main Street Sunrise Street ... Read More »

The Next Island is…Back Lot Island!

  The lights, the cameras, the action!  The newest island from Poptropica is called Back Lot Island and it looks like it’s going to be an exciting romp through Hollywood! Maybe. Why the doubt? Well, the image above was posted with the following on the Creator’s Blog: “What’s the next Island going to be?” That’s the question we hear over ... Read More »

Carrot Costume

  There’s a new costume in the store and it’s called: Dr. Hare’s Lair – Big Carrot! It’s in honor of the fact that Poptropica’s LEGO set got 2,500 of the 10,000 votes they need to get their Dr. Hare LEGO set officially made. So, still quite a few votes shy, but they’re getting closer. And we get a giant ... Read More »

Night Watch Island is Now Live for Members!

A quick note to let everyone know — if you didn’t already — that Night Watch Island is now LIVE for members! Another surprise island launch without a countdown, similar to what they did with Wimpy Boardwalk. Oh well. We’ll have our video walkthrough up as soon as we can, followed shortly by our incomparable written walkthrough. Stay tuned! EDIT: ... Read More »

More Teaser Images of Night Watch Island

New images from the Creator’s Blog of Night Watch Island.  The one above shows an eclectic group of Mall shoppers standing in line for…something. Based on the “Buy it Now!” signs in the background, it looks like some kind of electronic device. Looks like Poptropica might be poking fun at the notorious lines that form outside Apple stores when they ... Read More »

Night Watch Island Tour

  There’s now a Night Watch Island Tour page, complete with a new description of the Night Watch Island Bonus Quest!  First up is the official description of Night Watch Island: After the stores have closed and the shoppers have all gone home, the mall is your playground. But are you alone on the night watch… or is someone watching ... Read More »

Movie Island…is real?

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but…a couple of days ago the creators posted this image of a movie theater to their blog.  For those of you who are participating in the Design Our Own Island project, it’s exciting to think that Poptropica might be considering actually making Movie Island!  Okay, okay, it’s unlikely, I know…but still.  Exciting to think ... Read More »

Poptropolis Games Going Bye-bye

If you haven’t had a chance to play through the island of Poptropolis Games, now’s the time to do it.  In just a few days, on January 24th, the island is going to sink back beneath the waves!  At least now we know what the significance is of the earthquakes.  (Or Poptrop-quakes, I guess we could call them.)  As for ... Read More »

Get Night Watch Island Gear Now

As with all of the recent islands, the store has Night Watch Island themed gear available for members! The gear includes a his or her cat burglar costume, a whoopie cushion, and burnt orange tan power so you can look like someone who fell asleep in one of those mall tanning places. Grab ’em now! Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Night Watch Island!

Night Watch Island…do you have what it takes to guard the Twin Palms Mall in the wee hours? Night Watch Island Complete Video Walkthrough (Including Bonus Quest): (Scroll down for a complete written walkthrough below.) Night Watch Island Written Walkthrough The Areas There are 20 areas total.  You go through three areas before  you hit the Mall Atrium, the central hub ... Read More »

Return to Poptropolis Games?

The creator’s blog has announced that the island where the Poptropolis Games take place is shaking!  Is this a hint of the next island?  Another ancient Greek themed island rising from the ocean, perhaps?  We must wait and see.  It would be a bit surprising, since we already have Mythology Island, but I’m sure it would still be cool.  What ... Read More »