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Carrot Costume

  There’s a new costume in the store and it’s called: Dr. Hare’s Lair – Big Carrot! It’s in honor of the fact that Poptropica’s LEGO set got 2,500 of the 10,000 votes they need to get their Dr. Hare LEGO set officially made. So, still quite a few votes shy, but they’re getting closer. And we get a giant ... Read More »

Night Watch Island: Costume Round-up

One of the coolest parts of Night Watch Island is the costume store called Carnival Costumes. In it, you can find pieces for all kinds of awesome outfits. I’ve put together a visual reference for the costumes (see below). These are what’s available AFTER you finish the island. Like many islands, there are costumes that are only available before you ... Read More »

Movie Island Characters!

Here are the characters you guys came up with for our own fan-created Movie Island! Of course, they’re all awesome. Great job, everyone. That’s it for our Design Our Own Island project. I can’t believe how cool it turned out. Now if only the creators of Poptropica were making a movie-themed island. Hm… Seymour the Stuntman, the Main Villain! Four ... Read More »

The Final Act of Movie Island!

  You’ve all voted and the winning plot of Movie Island is…the Plot of Seymour the Stuntman!  Here’s a recap: As soon as you leave the blimp, you get stopped by a talent scout, who will be a helper for the rest of the island, just like the journalist for the New York Times on Mystery Train Island. He says that ... Read More »

Love is in the Air

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and the Creator’s of Poptropica wanted to make sure everyone was in the proper spirit. If you go to the Store they’re promoting the Love Potion as well as the Big Hearted costume. The heart you choose can be purple or orange, as well as the more traditional red. If you don’t already have them, go ... Read More »

Get Night Watch Island Gear Now

As with all of the recent islands, the store has Night Watch Island themed gear available for members! The gear includes a his or her cat burglar costume, a whoopie cushion, and burnt orange tan power so you can look like someone who fell asleep in one of those mall tanning places. Grab ’em now! Read More »

Your Favorite Character Contest Winner: Jumpy Fox!

Congratulations to Jumpy Fox for being the winner of our 4th Fan Costume Contest!  The theme, of course, was Your Favorite Character from either a book or a movie.  Jumpy Fox chose Artemis and wrote this: “This is my best interpretation of what Artemis would look like after wandering around Mythology Island (and staring at the statue of Artemis) for a couple ... Read More »

Vote for Fan Costume Contest #4: Your Favorite Character!

It’s our fourth costume contest!  This contest’s theme was your favorite character from a book or a movie.  It was a challenge, but we’ve got some amazingly clever and awesome entries!  Check out our contestants below and then vote for  your favorite in the poll at the bottom.  Good luck to everyone and can’t wait to see whose favorite is ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest #4: Your Favorite Character

After the last contest, I asked for suggestions on what our next theme should be.  Based on that feedback, as well as the recent Charlie and the Chocolate Factory island from the Poptropica Creators, the next theme for our Fan Costume Contest is…your favorite character!  Just like the amazing costume they created for Willy Wonka (in the image above), can ... Read More »

Zomberry Island Member’s Gear

As mentioned in our last post, anticipating the creepy and cool sounding Zomberry Island, the Member’s Gear is now available in the store!  On the creator’s blog, they describe it like this: “Transform into a lurching beastie with the “Big Blue” zombie power. Create a halo of untouchable light with the Safety Flare. And suit up for the apocalypse in ... Read More »

Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

Wow, some fantastic entries for our first Halloween Fan Costume Contest!  The votes were pretty evenly distributed, but clearly a lot of you are Hunger Games fanatics, because the winner had a big lead over the rest of the pack.  Well played!  So, without further delay, here are the results: WINNER OF FIRST PLACE IN OUR HALLOWEEN FAN COSTUME CONTEST ... Read More »