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Poptropica Cheats for Super Villain Island

Written Walkthrough:

(Scroll down for the complete video walkthrough below.)

The newest area of Poptropica is Super Villain Island, a surreal adventure that takes you through the nightmares of some of Poptropica’s most dastardly villains!

The Areas
There are 10 areas on the Super Villain Island map, plus a bonus quest area.  Five before you reach the Prison Lab and five that you travel to from a dream-entering machine in the lab.

  1. Main Street
  2. Control Room
  3. Prison Exterior
  4. Security Center
  5. Guard Room
  6. Prison Lab
(From the Prison Lab you can reach:)
  1. Black Widow’s Dream
  2. Dr. Hare’s Dream
  3. Binary Bard’s Dream
  4. Captain Crawfish’s Dream
  5. Bonus Quest: Mystery Villain’s Dream
In order to complete Super Villain Island, you must first get into the Prison, then collect the four Evil Totems from the four super villain’s dreams, and finally defeat Zeus, the mastermind behind it all.
Part One: Get to the Prison
Part Two: Recover Black Widow’s Totem
Part Three: Recover Binary Bard’s Totem
Part Four: Recover Dr. Hare’s Totem
Part Five: Recover Captain Crawfish’s Totem
Part Six: Defeat ****! (Spoiler)


PART ONE: Get to the Prison
Coming out of your blimp, you land on an oil drilling rig in the middle of an ocean!  This is Main Street on your map.  Jump left onto the rig itself. Over-worked and lonely workers will tell you that they’ve been out on this rig for months without any break and the only visitor they’ve had is an old man in a helicopter.  (That’s what they call foreshadowing in the movie biz.)  Jump up to the top-left level of the rig, where you’ll find the entrance to the Control Room.

Inside the Control Room you’ll find a worker who’s complaining to a “doctor” that they can’t spare any more workers.  Talk to the technician with the megaphone.  She says that a man named Dr. Jupiter needs workers and that the last workers she sent didn’t return.  She asks if  you’ll fly out and take a look and report back what you find.  Of course you will!  You’re a Poptropican who can’t help stick your nose in trouble!

Exit the Control Room back to the oil rig (Main Street) and a helicopter will come down and land on the Control Room roof.  Jump up and enter the copter. As you fly into mystery, the skies darken and a storm looms.  The pilot complains that it’s too windy and he can’t land so you’re going to have to jump! Yikes!

Parachute Game
As you fall, avoid the clouds, they’ll slow your descent.  But wouldn’t I want to fall slowly, you ask?  Not when you’re in danger of getting hit by lightning the longer you’re in the air!  Use your mouse to steer as you fall.  The trick to not getting hit by lightning is to watch out for the white glow which will appear a second before the lightning strikes.  Don’t be underneath where the white glow appears and you’ll dodge the lightning.  It’s a fairly straightforward and easy game.

When you successfully get to the bottom you’ll land in storm-strewn waters crashing on the rocks of the Prison Exterior.  Swim to the far right, then jump onto the lowest ledge.  From here, jump up to the ledge on the left, and then jump up to the left again.  From here, you need to jump right to a platform that you can’t see.  So jump as FAR as you can up and to the right.  From this ledge, jump up to the right again and you should be directly under the cliff top.  Jump up and walk to the left underneath the security camera until you find the Prison entrance.  Go in if you dare!

You’re now in the Security Center.  A sign tells you that you’ve entered Nowhere…I mean, Erewhon Prison for Super Villains!  Talking to the guards lets you know that you need to talk to Dr. Jupiter to find out why you’re here.  And to talk to Dr. Jupiter you need to get through security.  Talking to the old guard at the right will open the security gate to start the process of getting x-rayed, scanned, zapped, blow-dried, and your prisoner mug shot taken. After that head right and enter the Guard Room.

In the Guard Room, go right and click on the elevator button.  Enter the elevator.  As you rise, you’ll see some of Poptropica’s former baddies, all locked up because of you.  Nice going!  Finally, you’ll arrive at the Prison Lab.

In the Prison Lab, jump down to the bottom of the room and talk to Dr. Jupiter.  He’ll explain that he’s got four Super Villains floating in hi-tech sleep chambers: Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, Binary Bard, and Dr. Hare.  Dr. J tells you that each of these villains is deep asleep and that they all have dream totems that represent their evil.  If you enter their dreams and remove the totem, you’ll remove their evil!  Ethical considerations of personality-altering aside, your quest is to enter each of these villain’s dreams, find their totems and remove them.

To enter a dream, stand under the Dream Machine.  Use the arrows at the upper left of the machine to pick a Super Villain.  Then hit the large round button at the upper right of the machine to enter the dream.  You’re going into the dreams in this order:

  1. Crawfish
  2. Hare
  3. Widow
  4. Bard
  5. Hare
  6. Crawfish

PART TWO: Recover Black Widow’s Totem
To recover the Black Widow’s Totem you’re going to need two items from Captain Crawfish’s dream, the STOPWATCH and the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE so you’ll start there.  Use the Dream Machine’s arrows to choose #2 Captain Crawfish, then click the button.

Captain Crawfish’s Dream
You’ll find yourself inside a rocking pirate ship surrounded by ghostly images of sleeping Captain Crawfishes.  Don’t touch them!  If you do, you’ll wake him up and have to restart.  From the door, go left and jump on the bed.  Then jump onto the chandelier above you and jump right over the door to get the ORANGE KEY.  Drop back down, then jump left back onto the bed and onto the lefthand chandelier.  Jump to the chest.  This chest is opened by the GREEN KEY, which you’ll get at the bottom of the room, so ignore it for now.

Drop down to the left and head to the bottom of the ship.  At the bottom you need to jump over the sleeping ghost pirate, but don’t hit the GREEN KEY or you’ll drop the ORANGE KEY.  If you can get to the Orange Chest with the ORANGE KEY, it will open and you’ll get the first item you need: the STOPWATCH. Now jump up and get the GREEN KEY.  You can’t land near the key, so be careful in how you time your landing!  Once you’ve got the GREEN KEY, head right and jump up to the top of the room.

At the upper right of the room, you’ll see a ship in a bottle.  That’s where Captain Crawfish’s Totem is, but you can’t get it until later, so leave it for now.  Jump over the sleeping ghosts until you’re back at the Green Chest.  With the GREEN KEY to unlock it you’ll get the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE.

Hit the “Wake Up” button at the top of the screen to head back to the Prison Lab.

Dr. Hare’s Dream
At the Dream Machine in the Prison Lab, use the arrows to choose option #4  and click the button to travel into the twisted mind of Dr. Hare!  Dr. Hare’s Dream (or as he calls it, his nightmare) is a side-view of a carrot patch.  Click to dig down, clicking multiple times in the same spot destroys that square.  Dig down, avoiding the red ants as you go.  With the pickax you can’t dig through the metal, so go around that too.  If you have to encounter a red ant, just click on it to kill it.  Near the center of the room, at the bottom, is the EMPTY SPRAYER.  Grab it, you’ll need it later.  Once you’ve got it, click the “Wake Up” button to go back to the Prison Lab again.

Black Widow’s Dream
Now that you’ve got the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE and the EMPTY SPRAYER, set the Dream Machine’s arrows to #3 to travel into Black Widow’s dream.  At the bottom of the room are four paintings.  From left to right they are: a Picasso (the abstract art), a Van Gogh (the image of the night sky), a portrait of Black Widow, and a Monet (the image of a pond with water lilies).  Black Widow has sprayed graffiti on all three of the masterpieces.  Go into your backpack and equip the EMPTY SPRAYER.  Then go back into your backpack and use the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE.  This will put a turpentine-filled sprayer in your hands.  Black Widow will get really upset and spiders will start dropping from the ceiling.  Dodge them and click on the first painting, the Picasso.

Inside the Picasso, avoiding the spiders, click on the red graffiti to make it fade away.  When you’re done, go to the upper right of the painting to find the SHRINKING POTION.  Grab it!  Then head to the exit in the upper right of the painting.

Next jump into the middle painting, the Van Gogh, by clicking on it.  Same as before, use the sprayer to erase the red paint.  In the upper right of the painting is a CRYSTAL KEY.  Grab it!  The exit for this room is a little hard to find.  It’s in a yellow star at the far left of the painting.  You can’t jump to it from the bottom, so you’ll need to move to the middle of the painting and jump to it from the right.

Finally, enter the third painting, the Monet.  Again, use the sprayer to get rid of the red graffiti.  When you’re done, the exit to this room is in the bright purple flower in the upper right.

Black Widow will be very upset that you restored the paintings she thought she’d destroyed.  Get ready!  She’s going to charge you.  You need to use your sprayer on the portrait of Black Widow, while dodging her and the spiders.  You only have to spray it a few times to destroy it.  Once you do, you’ll get the PAINTBRUSH TOTEM, Black Widow’s totem.  Nice going, one down, three to go!  Click on the exit or the “Wake Up” button to hightail it back to the Prison Lab.


PART THREE: Recover Binary Bard’s Totem
You’re going after the Binary Bard’s totem next.  Thankfully, you’ve got the two items you need to get it: the STOPWATCH and the CRYSTAL KEY.  Move the arrows on the Dream Machine to #1 and press the round button to go into the Binary Bard’s dream.

In the first room, you’ll see Modred on the chair.  If you try to get through the banging door, it will knock you back and he’ll tell you that you’d need to slow down time in order to get through.  Good thing you have a dream-magic STOPWATCH.  Equip the STOPWATCH from your backpack.  The way it works is this: press the spacebar to activate the watch and slow down time.  The counter at the lower left tells you how long time is going to be slowed for.  Once it starts back up, the STOPWATCH needs a few seconds to reset before you can use it again.  You’ll see that recharge time counting down on the lower left too.

Banging Door
To get through the banging door, hit the spacebar to slow time when the door is all the way open.  Modred will bolt past you.  Run after him.  You’ll find out you can’t go back, but no big deal.  You’ve got everything you need.

The Mechanical Owl
A menacing robot owl is going to come after you in the next room.  Slow down time to run away from him.  If you’ve timed it correctly, the door will be open, just like in the first banging door room.  If not, you’ll have to wait for the STOPWATCH to reset and try again.  The owl’s fast, so it might take a couple tries.

The Mechanical Rat
The next room has a robot rat that will bounce you back to the front if you let it.  Jump over the rat and head to the far right of the room.  The rat is going to come out of the mouse hole.  The second it comes out, hit the spacebar.  With the rat slowed down, jump onto its back, then jump up onto the wall. Jump down to the right and enter the vault.

The Spiky Plant Platform Room
The idea behind this room is straightforward: spiky plants fly across the room either horizontally or vertically.  One side of the plant has spikes and the other side is a platform.  Using your amazing STOPWATCH, you need to navigate through the room, slowing down time when the plants are platform-side UP. Most of them are straightforward.  Slow time, jump onto the platform, work your way to the right side of the room.

At the far right there are three stacked plant platforms.  You need to slow the bottom platform when it is as far right as possible.  This will create a three platform stair that  you can jump up.  Jump quickly, because the STOPWATCH time will run out soon after you get to the top.

Next head left across the room using the same method.  When you see the DIAMOND DRILL, pick it up.  You’ll be using that back in Dr. Hare’s nightmare. Continue left until you reach the round crystal vault door.  Use your CRYSTAL KEY to open it.

The Binary Bard & the Clockface
From the top left of this room, jump down right to the platform at the “9” on the clock.  Binary Bard is going to throw blades at  you.  Jump over them. The goal of this room is to use the STOPWATCH whenever the hands of the clock are on the numbers 3, 6, 9, or 12.  When the hands are on those numbers, they’ll shoot out an electrical spark.  When you see that spark, hit the spacebar.  If you can time it right, the sparks will zap Binary Bard.  Zap him three times and he’ll drop his ASTROLABE TOTEM.  Two totems left!  Click the “Wake Up” button.

PART FOUR: Recover Dr. Hare’s Totem
Go back into Dr. Hare’s dream from the Dream Machine in the Prison Lab.  (#4 on the dial.)  As before, you’re going to dig down, only this time you’re going to use the DIAMOND DRILL you got in the Binary Bard’s dream. The DIAMOND DRILL can dig through metal and dirt.  Head down, avoiding the red ants, until you get to the level where you picked up the SPRAYER before. There’s a line of metal across the screen.  Below this line are blue ants.  Blue ants can and will dig through the ground, too.  If you go past them, they’ll eventually start dropping down on top of you, so it’s better to kill them off one by one now.  So, start digging!  When you see a blue ant, time it so you drop down safely out of its way.  Then kill it as it gets close to  you.  You might as well kill as many as you can, it makes it easier when you get to the bottom.

At the bottom on the left is Dr. Hare himself.  He’s not happy!  In the very middle is his totem.  Dig through the first few blocks to uncover it, his GOLDEN CARROT TOTEM.  Only one left!  Hit the “Wake Up” button.


PART FIVE: Recover Captain Crawfish’s Totem
Go back into Captain Crawfish’s dream, the ghost-infested pirate ship.  From the doorway, head right, making sure to jump over the pirates.  In the upper right of the room is the glass ship in a bottle.  If you click on it, it tells you that you’re too big to fit inside.  Good thing you grabbed the SHRINKING POTION from Black Widow’s dream!  Use the POTION and you’ll go inside the bottle.

Crack the Glass
There are two cannons swaying back and forth on the mast of the ship.  Maneuver to the middle of the room, then jump up to the first cannon when the pirate is moving away from you.  Quickly follow him across the mast.  When the cannon goes into the basket, click on the door.  It will close the basket and lock the pirate and cannon in.  Next jump up to the left of the topmost cannon.  Again, when the cannon moves away from you, run after it and click on the basket door when the cannon is inside.

Now that both of the top cannons are secured, head down to the bottom of the room.  You’ll need to jump over the pirate in the middle of the room again to get there.  Wait for that middle pirate to be moving away from you, then fire the bottom-most cannon by clicking on it.  The cannonball will crack the glass and you’ll spill out along with Captain Crawfish’s MODEL SHIP TOTEM.  That’s it!  You’ve got all four.  Hit “Wake Up” to let Dr. Jupiter know you did it!  I’m sure he’ll be so happy!


PART SIX: Defeat Zeus!
Oh, Dr. Jupiter is happy all right.  He’s happy because you’ve given him four powerful forces for evil and Dr. Jupiter is none other than the mad-god Zeus in disguise!  Egads!  Now you have to save all of Poptropica! Actually, from the looks of things, a lot of Poptropica gets destroyed before you can doing anything about it.  Oops.  Well, you can at least try to stop it from getting worse.

You’ll find yourself in the water with your former enemies.  They’ll swim away.  Are they still evil?  Maybe they’re all good now, because you took away their evil totems?  Who knows, they certainly aren’t going to help you.  Swim left.  The rumbling will soon be followed by an island erupting out of the middle of the water.  Poseidon will give you his magic trident to defeat his brother Zeus.

Air Battle
Using your mouse, fly around shooting lightning at the four totems encased in the Statue of Liberty-esque statue. Hit each one enough times, they’ll fall to the ground.  Once they’re free, chase Zeus around, firing your lightning at him relentlessly.  Grab clouds to bolster your cloud supply, they’ll keep you flying.  Hit Zeus enough times, he’ll possess the statue.  Now that he’s in the statue, aim for the eyes.  They’ll get whiter as he gets weaker.  Keep shooting and he’ll go down.

Congratulations, you just beat Zeus and Super Villain Island! Now who’s going to fix all the islands that Zeus broke?


Getting through the bonus quest material is fairly easy.  There are three different rooms and each room contains letters that you have to collect to complete the code phrase.  The trick is that you’re traveling inside Zeus’s screwed-up dreams, so the rooms are upside down versions of rooms from Mythology Island.  Simply put, you’ll fall towards the ceiling.

The first room is the minotaur’s maze.  The second and third rooms are outdoor areas from Mythology island where you have to jump among the trees and rocks.  In the second and third areas, Zeus will shoot across the room, trying to knock you down.  Obviously, dodge him whenever you can.

Here’s a breakdown of the letters in each section:

  1. Z E U S
  2. T H E G
  3. R E A T
Zeus Theg Reat?  Well, they had to divide the letters up evenly.  Grab the last letter and you’ll get the Dream Guardian costume!



Video Walkthrough:

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Bonus Quest Video Walkthrough:


Our Original Post When Super Villain Island Was First Announced:

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of them…they’re back!  The Poptropica Creator’s blog has announced that the next island has the nefarious sounding title of Super Villain Island!  Four villains from the past are returning to attempt to wreck mayhem in Poptropica: Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot Island, Black Widow from Counterfeit Island, Captain Crawfish from Skullduggery Island, and Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island.

Yikes!  They were hard enough to beat the first time, but teamed up?  Should be awesome.  We can’t wait!  No news yet on a release date, but we’re guessing the last week of September or the first week of October.  Will post more as we get it.  Stay tuned!

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