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Poptropica Cheats for Super Villain Island

Written Walkthrough:

(Scroll down for the complete video walkthrough below.)

The newest area of Poptropica is Super Villain Island, a surreal adventure that takes you through the nightmares of some of Poptropica’s most dastardly villains!

The Areas
There are 10 areas on the Super Villain Island map, plus a bonus quest area.  Five before you reach the Prison Lab and five that you travel to from a dream-entering machine in the lab.

  1. Main Street
  2. Control Room
  3. Prison Exterior
  4. Security Center
  5. Guard Room
  6. Prison Lab
(From the Prison Lab you can reach:)
  1. Black Widow’s Dream
  2. Dr. Hare’s Dream
  3. Binary Bard’s Dream
  4. Captain Crawfish’s Dream
  5. Bonus Quest: Mystery Villain’s Dream
In order to complete Super Villain Island, you must first get into the Prison, then collect the four Evil Totems from the four super villain’s dreams, and finally defeat Zeus, the mastermind behind it all.
Part One: Get to the Prison
Part Two: Recover Black Widow’s Totem
Part Three: Recover Binary Bard’s Totem
Part Four: Recover Dr. Hare’s Totem
Part Five: Recover Captain Crawfish’s Totem
Part Six: Defeat ****! (Spoiler)


PART ONE: Get to the Prison
Coming out of your blimp, you land on an oil drilling rig in the middle of an ocean!  This is Main Street on your map.  Jump left onto the rig itself. Over-worked and lonely workers will tell you that they’ve been out on this rig for months without any break and the only visitor they’ve had is an old man in a helicopter.  (That’s what they call foreshadowing in the movie biz.)  Jump up to the top-left level of the rig, where you’ll find the entrance to the Control Room.

Inside the Control Room you’ll find a worker who’s complaining to a “doctor” that they can’t spare any more workers.  Talk to the technician with the megaphone.  She says that a man named Dr. Jupiter needs workers and that the last workers she sent didn’t return.  She asks if  you’ll fly out and take a look and report back what you find.  Of course you will!  You’re a Poptropican who can’t help stick your nose in trouble!

Exit the Control Room back to the oil rig (Main Street) and a helicopter will come down and land on the Control Room roof.  Jump up and enter the copter. As you fly into mystery, the skies darken and a storm looms.  The pilot complains that it’s too windy and he can’t land so you’re going to have to jump! Yikes!

Parachute Game
As you fall, avoid the clouds, they’ll slow your descent.  But wouldn’t I want to fall slowly, you ask?  Not when you’re in danger of getting hit by lightning the longer you’re in the air!  Use your mouse to steer as you fall.  The trick to not getting hit by lightning is to watch out for the white glow which will appear a second before the lightning strikes.  Don’t be underneath where the white glow appears and you’ll dodge the lightning.  It’s a fairly straightforward and easy game.

When you successfully get to the bottom you’ll land in storm-strewn waters crashing on the rocks of the Prison Exterior.  Swim to the far right, then jump onto the lowest ledge.  From here, jump up to the ledge on the left, and then jump up to the left again.  From here, you need to jump right to a platform that you can’t see.  So jump as FAR as you can up and to the right.  From this ledge, jump up to the right again and you should be directly under the cliff top.  Jump up and walk to the left underneath the security camera until you find the Prison entrance.  Go in if you dare!

You’re now in the Security Center.  A sign tells you that you’ve entered Nowhere…I mean, Erewhon Prison for Super Villains!  Talking to the guards lets you know that you need to talk to Dr. Jupiter to find out why you’re here.  And to talk to Dr. Jupiter you need to get through security.  Talking to the old guard at the right will open the security gate to start the process of getting x-rayed, scanned, zapped, blow-dried, and your prisoner mug shot taken. After that head right and enter the Guard Room.

In the Guard Room, go right and click on the elevator button.  Enter the elevator.  As you rise, you’ll see some of Poptropica’s former baddies, all locked up because of you.  Nice going!  Finally, you’ll arrive at the Prison Lab.

In the Prison Lab, jump down to the bottom of the room and talk to Dr. Jupiter.  He’ll explain that he’s got four Super Villains floating in hi-tech sleep chambers: Captain Crawfish, Black Widow, Binary Bard, and Dr. Hare.  Dr. J tells you that each of these villains is deep asleep and that they all have dream totems that represent their evil.  If you enter their dreams and remove the totem, you’ll remove their evil!  Ethical considerations of personality-altering aside, your quest is to enter each of these villain’s dreams, find their totems and remove them.

To enter a dream, stand under the Dream Machine.  Use the arrows at the upper left of the machine to pick a Super Villain.  Then hit the large round button at the upper right of the machine to enter the dream.  You’re going into the dreams in this order:

  1. Crawfish
  2. Hare
  3. Widow
  4. Bard
  5. Hare
  6. Crawfish

PART TWO: Recover Black Widow’s Totem
To recover the Black Widow’s Totem you’re going to need two items from Captain Crawfish’s dream, the STOPWATCH and the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE so you’ll start there.  Use the Dream Machine’s arrows to choose #2 Captain Crawfish, then click the button.

Captain Crawfish’s Dream
You’ll find yourself inside a rocking pirate ship surrounded by ghostly images of sleeping Captain Crawfishes.  Don’t touch them!  If you do, you’ll wake him up and have to restart.  From the door, go left and jump on the bed.  Then jump onto the chandelier above you and jump right over the door to get the ORANGE KEY.  Drop back down, then jump left back onto the bed and onto the lefthand chandelier.  Jump to the chest.  This chest is opened by the GREEN KEY, which you’ll get at the bottom of the room, so ignore it for now.

Drop down to the left and head to the bottom of the ship.  At the bottom you need to jump over the sleeping ghost pirate, but don’t hit the GREEN KEY or you’ll drop the ORANGE KEY.  If you can get to the Orange Chest with the ORANGE KEY, it will open and you’ll get the first item you need: the STOPWATCH. Now jump up and get the GREEN KEY.  You can’t land near the key, so be careful in how you time your landing!  Once you’ve got the GREEN KEY, head right and jump up to the top of the room.

At the upper right of the room, you’ll see a ship in a bottle.  That’s where Captain Crawfish’s Totem is, but you can’t get it until later, so leave it for now.  Jump over the sleeping ghosts until you’re back at the Green Chest.  With the GREEN KEY to unlock it you’ll get the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE.

Hit the “Wake Up” button at the top of the screen to head back to the Prison Lab.

Dr. Hare’s Dream
At the Dream Machine in the Prison Lab, use the arrows to choose option #4  and click the button to travel into the twisted mind of Dr. Hare!  Dr. Hare’s Dream (or as he calls it, his nightmare) is a side-view of a carrot patch.  Click to dig down, clicking multiple times in the same spot destroys that square.  Dig down, avoiding the red ants as you go.  With the pickax you can’t dig through the metal, so go around that too.  If you have to encounter a red ant, just click on it to kill it.  Near the center of the room, at the bottom, is the EMPTY SPRAYER.  Grab it, you’ll need it later.  Once you’ve got it, click the “Wake Up” button to go back to the Prison Lab again.

Black Widow’s Dream
Now that you’ve got the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE and the EMPTY SPRAYER, set the Dream Machine’s arrows to #3 to travel into Black Widow’s dream.  At the bottom of the room are four paintings.  From left to right they are: a Picasso (the abstract art), a Van Gogh (the image of the night sky), a portrait of Black Widow, and a Monet (the image of a pond with water lilies).  Black Widow has sprayed graffiti on all three of the masterpieces.  Go into your backpack and equip the EMPTY SPRAYER.  Then go back into your backpack and use the GROG-BRAND TURPENTINE.  This will put a turpentine-filled sprayer in your hands.  Black Widow will get really upset and spiders will start dropping from the ceiling.  Dodge them and click on the first painting, the Picasso.

Inside the Picasso, avoiding the spiders, click on the red graffiti to make it fade away.  When you’re done, go to the upper right of the painting to find the SHRINKING POTION.  Grab it!  Then head to the exit in the upper right of the painting.

Next jump into the middle painting, the Van Gogh, by clicking on it.  Same as before, use the sprayer to erase the red paint.  In the upper right of the painting is a CRYSTAL KEY.  Grab it!  The exit for this room is a little hard to find.  It’s in a yellow star at the far left of the painting.  You can’t jump to it from the bottom, so you’ll need to move to the middle of the painting and jump to it from the right.

Finally, enter the third painting, the Monet.  Again, use the sprayer to get rid of the red graffiti.  When you’re done, the exit to this room is in the bright purple flower in the upper right.

Black Widow will be very upset that you restored the paintings she thought she’d destroyed.  Get ready!  She’s going to charge you.  You need to use your sprayer on the portrait of Black Widow, while dodging her and the spiders.  You only have to spray it a few times to destroy it.  Once you do, you’ll get the PAINTBRUSH TOTEM, Black Widow’s totem.  Nice going, one down, three to go!  Click on the exit or the “Wake Up” button to hightail it back to the Prison Lab.


PART THREE: Recover Binary Bard’s Totem
You’re going after the Binary Bard’s totem next.  Thankfully, you’ve got the two items you need to get it: the STOPWATCH and the CRYSTAL KEY.  Move the arrows on the Dream Machine to #1 and press the round button to go into the Binary Bard’s dream.

In the first room, you’ll see Modred on the chair.  If you try to get through the banging door, it will knock you back and he’ll tell you that you’d need to slow down time in order to get through.  Good thing you have a dream-magic STOPWATCH.  Equip the STOPWATCH from your backpack.  The way it works is this: press the spacebar to activate the watch and slow down time.  The counter at the lower left tells you how long time is going to be slowed for.  Once it starts back up, the STOPWATCH needs a few seconds to reset before you can use it again.  You’ll see that recharge time counting down on the lower left too.

Banging Door
To get through the banging door, hit the spacebar to slow time when the door is all the way open.  Modred will bolt past you.  Run after him.  You’ll find out you can’t go back, but no big deal.  You’ve got everything you need.

The Mechanical Owl
A menacing robot owl is going to come after you in the next room.  Slow down time to run away from him.  If you’ve timed it correctly, the door will be open, just like in the first banging door room.  If not, you’ll have to wait for the STOPWATCH to reset and try again.  The owl’s fast, so it might take a couple tries.

The Mechanical Rat
The next room has a robot rat that will bounce you back to the front if you let it.  Jump over the rat and head to the far right of the room.  The rat is going to come out of the mouse hole.  The second it comes out, hit the spacebar.  With the rat slowed down, jump onto its back, then jump up onto the wall. Jump down to the right and enter the vault.

The Spiky Plant Platform Room
The idea behind this room is straightforward: spiky plants fly across the room either horizontally or vertically.  One side of the plant has spikes and the other side is a platform.  Using your amazing STOPWATCH, you need to navigate through the room, slowing down time when the plants are platform-side UP. Most of them are straightforward.  Slow time, jump onto the platform, work your way to the right side of the room.

At the far right there are three stacked plant platforms.  You need to slow the bottom platform when it is as far right as possible.  This will create a three platform stair that  you can jump up.  Jump quickly, because the STOPWATCH time will run out soon after you get to the top.

Next head left across the room using the same method.  When you see the DIAMOND DRILL, pick it up.  You’ll be using that back in Dr. Hare’s nightmare. Continue left until you reach the round crystal vault door.  Use your CRYSTAL KEY to open it.

The Binary Bard & the Clockface
From the top left of this room, jump down right to the platform at the “9” on the clock.  Binary Bard is going to throw blades at  you.  Jump over them. The goal of this room is to use the STOPWATCH whenever the hands of the clock are on the numbers 3, 6, 9, or 12.  When the hands are on those numbers, they’ll shoot out an electrical spark.  When you see that spark, hit the spacebar.  If you can time it right, the sparks will zap Binary Bard.  Zap him three times and he’ll drop his ASTROLABE TOTEM.  Two totems left!  Click the “Wake Up” button.

PART FOUR: Recover Dr. Hare’s Totem
Go back into Dr. Hare’s dream from the Dream Machine in the Prison Lab.  (#4 on the dial.)  As before, you’re going to dig down, only this time you’re going to use the DIAMOND DRILL you got in the Binary Bard’s dream. The DIAMOND DRILL can dig through metal and dirt.  Head down, avoiding the red ants, until you get to the level where you picked up the SPRAYER before. There’s a line of metal across the screen.  Below this line are blue ants.  Blue ants can and will dig through the ground, too.  If you go past them, they’ll eventually start dropping down on top of you, so it’s better to kill them off one by one now.  So, start digging!  When you see a blue ant, time it so you drop down safely out of its way.  Then kill it as it gets close to  you.  You might as well kill as many as you can, it makes it easier when you get to the bottom.

At the bottom on the left is Dr. Hare himself.  He’s not happy!  In the very middle is his totem.  Dig through the first few blocks to uncover it, his GOLDEN CARROT TOTEM.  Only one left!  Hit the “Wake Up” button.


PART FIVE: Recover Captain Crawfish’s Totem
Go back into Captain Crawfish’s dream, the ghost-infested pirate ship.  From the doorway, head right, making sure to jump over the pirates.  In the upper right of the room is the glass ship in a bottle.  If you click on it, it tells you that you’re too big to fit inside.  Good thing you grabbed the SHRINKING POTION from Black Widow’s dream!  Use the POTION and you’ll go inside the bottle.

Crack the Glass
There are two cannons swaying back and forth on the mast of the ship.  Maneuver to the middle of the room, then jump up to the first cannon when the pirate is moving away from you.  Quickly follow him across the mast.  When the cannon goes into the basket, click on the door.  It will close the basket and lock the pirate and cannon in.  Next jump up to the left of the topmost cannon.  Again, when the cannon moves away from you, run after it and click on the basket door when the cannon is inside.

Now that both of the top cannons are secured, head down to the bottom of the room.  You’ll need to jump over the pirate in the middle of the room again to get there.  Wait for that middle pirate to be moving away from you, then fire the bottom-most cannon by clicking on it.  The cannonball will crack the glass and you’ll spill out along with Captain Crawfish’s MODEL SHIP TOTEM.  That’s it!  You’ve got all four.  Hit “Wake Up” to let Dr. Jupiter know you did it!  I’m sure he’ll be so happy!


PART SIX: Defeat Zeus!
Oh, Dr. Jupiter is happy all right.  He’s happy because you’ve given him four powerful forces for evil and Dr. Jupiter is none other than the mad-god Zeus in disguise!  Egads!  Now you have to save all of Poptropica! Actually, from the looks of things, a lot of Poptropica gets destroyed before you can doing anything about it.  Oops.  Well, you can at least try to stop it from getting worse.

You’ll find yourself in the water with your former enemies.  They’ll swim away.  Are they still evil?  Maybe they’re all good now, because you took away their evil totems?  Who knows, they certainly aren’t going to help you.  Swim left.  The rumbling will soon be followed by an island erupting out of the middle of the water.  Poseidon will give you his magic trident to defeat his brother Zeus.

Air Battle
Using your mouse, fly around shooting lightning at the four totems encased in the Statue of Liberty-esque statue. Hit each one enough times, they’ll fall to the ground.  Once they’re free, chase Zeus around, firing your lightning at him relentlessly.  Grab clouds to bolster your cloud supply, they’ll keep you flying.  Hit Zeus enough times, he’ll possess the statue.  Now that he’s in the statue, aim for the eyes.  They’ll get whiter as he gets weaker.  Keep shooting and he’ll go down.

Congratulations, you just beat Zeus and Super Villain Island! Now who’s going to fix all the islands that Zeus broke?


Getting through the bonus quest material is fairly easy.  There are three different rooms and each room contains letters that you have to collect to complete the code phrase.  The trick is that you’re traveling inside Zeus’s screwed-up dreams, so the rooms are upside down versions of rooms from Mythology Island.  Simply put, you’ll fall towards the ceiling.

The first room is the minotaur’s maze.  The second and third rooms are outdoor areas from Mythology island where you have to jump among the trees and rocks.  In the second and third areas, Zeus will shoot across the room, trying to knock you down.  Obviously, dodge him whenever you can.

Here’s a breakdown of the letters in each section:

  1. Z E U S
  2. T H E G
  3. R E A T
Zeus Theg Reat?  Well, they had to divide the letters up evenly.  Grab the last letter and you’ll get the Dream Guardian costume!



Video Walkthrough:

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:


Bonus Quest Video Walkthrough:


Our Original Post When Super Villain Island Was First Announced:

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of them…they’re back!  The Poptropica Creator’s blog has announced that the next island has the nefarious sounding title of Super Villain Island!  Four villains from the past are returning to attempt to wreck mayhem in Poptropica: Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot Island, Black Widow from Counterfeit Island, Captain Crawfish from Skullduggery Island, and Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island.

Yikes!  They were hard enough to beat the first time, but teamed up?  Should be awesome.  We can’t wait!  No news yet on a release date, but we’re guessing the last week of September or the first week of October.  Will post more as we get it.  Stay tuned!

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  37. That’s what I thought, Wendy.

  38. redwing my username is 32210127 if you want to be frends

  39. i dont no if zippy turtle’s fierce moon’s brother

  40. later tomarrow after school i’ll respond back trap you later

  41. Thanks, clean burger! I’ll be sure to friend you 🙂

    @Brave Star- Shoot. I’m sorry, I saw your comment a bit too late…are you still on…?

  42. Oh and Wendy, I’m really not sure, although I doubt it. I think Zippy and Fierce Moon are just friends….REALLY GOOD friends…;)

  43. LOL click my name for the most hilarious video ever!!!

  44. It seems I have missed alot while I was gone… I happened to be reading the comments, and ZT finally replied to our comments??? Omigosh! Hey, if you guys
    wanna friend me, my user is wimpykid2675. And, how do you get a gravatar?

  45. Hey Drake, RedWing, Brave Star, and others, thanks for the amazing responses! Thanks so much!

    I know that you’ve had problems with he-who-shall-not-be-named. Brave Star is right, though. What he’s doing is trolling and no matter how much you ban a troll, they’ll just continue to cause trouble. The good news? Trolls are easy to vanquish. Just ignore them. You guys outnumber him a million to one (well, not a million, but you get the idea). If I see him or anyone using bad language or being inappropriate, though, of course I’ll jump in.

    Brave Star, that’s an awesome idea of letting the winners of the contests do the next one! I’ll look into if that’s possible. Great idea, thanks!

    Fierce Moon created this site and has done an amazing job putting it all together. I think she posted 26 walkthroughs! She’s definitely missed and like I said, I’ll see if I can lure her back for a guest blog sometime soon. : )

    Thanks for the kind and encouraging words and sorry it took me so long to connect with you guys. If I ever seem like I’m gone for awhile or not responding to any of you, please don’t take it personally or think that I’m ignoring you. I’ll do my best to stay on top of things.

    Oh and Fierce Moon isn’t my sister, she’s just a friend. In fact, we live on opposite ends of the country! : )

  46. Zippy Turtle:

    Well, you deserve them. 😉

    Thanks. 🙂 Ignoring him is usually the best response.

    Well, I had thought they were a good idea, they were just missing something. Glad I could help! 🙂

    Hoping for the best! Do you have any idea why she left?

    No problem! You’re actually on the comments more than Fierce Moon! XD

    Really? Wow, how did you two meet?

  47. Thanks to ZT.

    Sorry, I wasn’t on.

    Everything around here HAS been really crazy. Duddy’s denying that he’s FT, HS, JB, Skrilex, whatever. He should have spelt Skrillex right. I always wince when I have to spell the username and not the artist.

    One thing that hardly anyone has done is give him attention. We’ve been trying quite hard to just…yeah.

    I’m not really sure if my plan to get rid of him is great but…yeah.

  48. I’m here but no one is on.

  49. Woah. ZT came. I missed a bunch. Anyway, if ZT is reading, thanks for finally answering pretty much everything I wanted to know. It helps a lot.

    And it is official-my sister likes Gangnam Style.

  50. Oppa Gangnam Style!

    Op-Op-Op-Op-Op-Oppa Gangnam Style!

    Still like Sonny, tho.

    K-Pop is pretty awesome but, Skrillstep is my noise.

  51. Oooh, when is this island coming out for everyone?

  52. It’s 7:30 where I am which is great. 🙂

  53. Thanks Zippy Turtle, so y is Fierce Moon so busy all of a sudden, does she have problems with schools or something?

  54. My blog is up again…not like anyone cares.


  55. Hi.

    Sorry, I was doing my blog.




  56. I am very excited… because I am one paragraph away from finishing my story. I’m not sure to call it science fiction or fantasy, but I think fantasy. Anyway, I like your blog Kat. Now I will finish that paragraph…

  57. Cool.

    HB, do you have a blog? Possibly, I could read it.

  58. hay redwing whats your usr name i want to frend you

  59. hey redwing whats your usr name cos i want to frend you

  60. Correction.

    Hey RedWing, what’s your username? Because, I want to friend you.

  61. OMGEE CAN WAIT! i also cant wait for the 5th anniversery of poptropica!
    heres some cool ideas i have for poptropica!:
    1.free stuff for everyone
    2. a multiverse room that everyone can join
    3. a random surprise for everyone on poptropica
    and 4. a special limited edtion island party pack on game.

  62. Lol clean burger! NOW I’m on, and my username is chipmu1 . You can friend me! :3

    Hey everyone! And yes, Cheerful Singer, I STILL follow your blog! 😉

    Salut, Zippy Turtle! *claps* Well said! I shared your words on the forum…just waiting for the feedback. I’m really happy you’re stepping in, and boy, you’re real friendly! 😀

    I KNEW it! You and FM AREN’T siblings! 😀 I bet you 1,000,000 bucks that you live in California and she lives in New York or vice versa 😉
    That was GREAT idea Brave Star! Letting the winner of the first contet, to do the next!
    Oh boy! I need to brush up on my costume skills 😉 Let’s just hope that no trolls win this thing 😉 Like Zippy said, trolls must be ignored xD

    Tchao, RW!

  63. *contest

  64. redwing whats your usr name?

  65. Why do you want to know about RW so much? And her username is chipmu1.

  66. Nervous Starfish

    I cant wait to play this island! I bet it will be the best!

  67. I know exactly how I am going to get him to leave.

    I. Must. Fangirl.

    Fangirl Mode…maybe it will be activated soon.

  68. Testing… Is my chat back on? Hey does anyone care about me back? Eh, I guess not

  69. Did anyone see the daily pop? Shark tooth island looks pretty bad….

  70. Guys check out da info page for super villain island. I wonder what the bonus quest island is. They say it’s a nightmarish version of a popular island.

  71. Shark Tooth might be it, since it was in the Daily Pop as you said, but probably not because I wouldn’t call it exactly popular. Maybe ignored? Nobody sees it’s beauty? I dunno, but not popular really. I like it, but not a lot of people… Anyway, my bet is on either Counterfeit or… let me see the Poptropica map… I don’t know what’s popular. Whatever-Counterfeit? Who knows?

  72. Well, the guy in the picture has a lunar colony space suit on…

  73. But the area looks like a mountain… And a small cloud. May I suggest cryptids island? Or maybe Time TAngles? they both have a mountain on it…. OMG I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  75. This island looks neat, may just go out and get myself a membership for this island

  76. Wild Scorpion August 30, 2012 at 7:25 pm


    Maybe. I’ve gotta say, this island seems like it’s gonna be one of the best.

    Anyone else see Betty Jetty? Looks like there are even more villains!

    If I were to choose a villain for it…. Well, I’d have some made-up villains….

  77. Or, wait! Maybe Super Per, since there’s Betty Jetty, or Spy!

  78. *power

  79. Awesome ideas… The ones I really want back are Black Widow, Dr. D, and Zeus. But it was really hard to beat Zeus, whatever, I think the is;land is gonna be EXTREMELY awesome.

  80. Cheerful Feather

    In poptropica friends, you should be able to message your friends!

    4 the power of friends!
    4 the power of multiverse!
    4 the power of LOVE!

    Messages might actually change a lot.
    You could tell your hot girlfriend the multiverse that u just made and then you can like kiss her with the love potion on, and then leave the computer, and let poptropicans kiss each other for the rest of the day, but before u do that,
    you have to take a picture of it!

  81. On Poptropica Friends, I was hoping there wasting going to be little chatrooms like the ones that Facebook have.

  82. Poptrop-aw, my kitten just jumped into my lap! 😀 CUTE!!! Anyway, yes, Poptropica Friends-my kitten jumped in my lap again!!! TOO CUTE!!! 😀 😀 😀 Back to subject- Poptropica Friends could be improved for sure, but I think the Creators have enough on their plate with Super Villain island coming out. Later, when the island has recently come out, I’m sure they’ll be taking suggestions.

  83. Hey could you please go on the forum and sort it out

  84. That’s cool, I just saw Betty Jetty in the photograph so she might be in there too. And the bonus quest has an additional villian, so I’m guessing either Zeus or El Mustachio Grande

  85. Um, didn’t you already post that? On the Super Villain island page?

  86. BraveStar I see you on all the comments! do you like this website alot??!?!?!!?But any way…Down to buisness…Ineed help on some islands!!!!!(Braves Star, you dont have to answer me on that last part that goes to all readers.

  87. Barefoot Thunder

    From my theory, I reckon Super Villain Island will be coming probs about October it’ll
    be released to members !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 SUPER VILLAIN ISLAND!

  88. if you see popular sun tell her i hate her

  89. If it comes on Oct. 1, Barefoot Thunder, than I will have a happy birthday. Playing Poptropica all day.

  90. Yeah, I love Poptropica that much. It creeps me out.

  91. Joshlyn aka Tiny Panda

    Cool! SL and BS are here! xD Anyway,Mythology is the BEST island. And I just WANT GG (that girl in Crypids) to be in this island!

  92. i can’t wait but zippy turtle in october we should post costumes to wear and i should post because i got pretty good ideas!!!!!!

  93. Oh, yeah, I love Monster Fighters! I just got the Werewolf set!

  94. I…I…don’t know if what’s the difference between Super Villain and Super Power Island.

  95. Anyway,the other villain, will be the dream/nightmare villain that was last seen erasing skullduggery from the world of poptropica

  96. My favorite Island is Mythology. I think we will be going to all the islands, like,as seen in counterfeit island, we will be going to a nightmare version of some islands. As it said, we will be going into the villains past. Maybe the villain that we saw in the daily pop will be the reason that dr hare became the infamous Dr. Hare!

  97. Can not wait to do it it will be so cool mainly excited for the the big boss Villain I want to be in his dreams!

  98. I have a theory. We saw a version of either shrink ray island or red dragon island with the subtitle :Who has been littering???. Also, I saw a snowy version of an unclosed factory. Perhaps that factory is a past version of the carrot cake factory in 24 carrot island! Then we sawthese planets that may be refferring to astro knights island with the outer space. finally we saw a nut meuseum with a factory esque feeling to it.that same area was also a maze that the magistrate from ghost story island. also,we saw a art room that is going to be the common room.

  99. That art area is like counterfeit island so perhaps that is the black widows hideout! Then we saw a ship,which means we will be going into Cpt. Crawfish’s ship; the Kraken.

  100. -_- How many people didn’t see the W on the door of that factory? And the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in that? Which, BTW, has nuts in it.

    Why doesn’t anyone realize that stuff here?

  101. So maybe that means we will have a change in all the islands once we enter. Thus this explains why we saw different versions of some islands!

  102. I can’t wait for Super Villain island to be open for everyone!

  103. Good observation, BS! Perhaps we can have a WWatCF Island, or Wonka Island for short…

  104. And that explains all the Wonka references… The camera is the Tv camera from the original movie, and that other TV is also from that. I just dont get the icing room part. If i recall,the factory from 24 carrot island had something similar to that…

  105. AB, the dif between super villan and super power island is they are totally different! Super Villan: has not come out yet,is a team of all or some of the poptropica villans. Super power: has already come out, it is escaped crimanils that got hit by a metior!

    ~Little Dragon ~Victori4Eva

  106. BTW when is the current island avilble to free playersz?

  107. Hmm… I didn’t see an icing room.

    But it wasn’t just me who noticed it. Everyone on the forum’s talking about it.

  108. This island will be my favorate island this island actauly looks like its actually worth a membership my favorite character is Dr.Hare I have his costume from the figure im so excited hes coming back! Also that night hare costume will be my poptropicans hallowen costume 😛

  109. @Zippy Turtle
    I LOVE this blog and i was busy over the summer with other things so i was not on poptropica, I was very happy to come back and see that this site was still an active community, i left poptropica when poptropilis was being announced and came back a few days ago. I thought the walkthroughs were fantastic, and i think you are doing a good job, THX! THX!! THX!!!
    PS which poptropica creator is jeff kinney?

  110. That would be Comic Kid, I think.

  111. i have been wondering what is the bonus quests island is i think it is great pumpkin???????

  112. hey guys whares rw for redwing the mousy gril

  113. i just won 10,000 CREDITS i did everything but i didn’t get my credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. i want my credits i blame windows for restarting!!!!!!

  115. i was gonna buy love potion and eletriphy or however you spell it





  117. YES that one finaly someone who understands well one of them

  118. TODAY i just won a iphone5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. it turns out that daily thing was just an ad so i will sue them for 10,ooo credits

  120. OMG! i just won a free ipad2

  121. I like your enthusiasm, SL. 🙂 haha 🙂

  122. I really want membership FREE!!!

  123. hot ladies i am single P.S i am also hot and dreamy

  124. whant to date hotie girls

  125. by sweeties

  126. Shut up, Fearless Eagle.

    Jaia, you can’t get membership for free… that’s kinda the point.

  127. oh great!
    i havent been there for a while.i wonder whats going on…

  128. i am so exided… because i cant beat any of the other ilendes… i no i am bad at spelling!!!!!

  129. is lunar colony open yet to non members?

  130. hey and ya, it’s me, SLippery Starfish! haven’t seen u in a while, brave star

  131. i am not a merber so let the ones who donot have that donot let them wait so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. and Slippery Starfish yes im a member though

  133. Hey,everybody;Im back!!! Anyway. if you want to meet me n poptropica, go to MUltiverse code AXA24!!! Do not forget to bring youre best super villain costume!!!

    As always;

  134. Lego monster fighters is awsome!!! who agrees??

  135. I do not agree with you… It is stupid

  136. hello everyone i have a question where in the world do you get that cute red dress on poptropic??????????????

  137. MadCheeta13: ME!!

    Wild Scorpion: Well then, why don’t you keep your thoughts to yourself? Do you even know what it IS?

    Smart Ant: I might… Which one?

  138. hi everyone i am the best poptropica playa there is!!!!XD

  139. it is red and a dress but a short dress

  140. super vilian island is the villain is only my worse enemy

  141. Smart Ant: I’m not sure is you are up to the red party dress? well add orangekid62 she has a that type of dress

  142. so far three things/someone is/are missing….
    1. Monster Carnival: they had it on the map until they changed it to 24 carrot island
    and it never appeared again i really hope it shows up again after super villain island.
    and 2.Fierce Moon: while she’s gone zippy turtle has been taking over…. is it possible that zippy turtle may take over her picture and replace it with Zippy turtle’s?
    and 3. (you may forgotten about this one) Balloon Boy: where in poptropica is he?
    ever since counterfeit island appeared where is he? in his last article he said that he was “watching over” the constructions of the new island but where will he land?
    the poptropicish world may never know!
    WONDERS WONDERS WONDERS -Crazy Flame poptropican since September,2007

  143. ANY Q’S OR REPLY’S?

  144. does any one have a youtube account??

  145. no i don’t have a youtube acount my mom won’t let me

  146. it is poptropica’s 5th anniversity yay!!

  147. i got the limited edition cake costume !!!!!!!!!!! it takes about 20 tries to get

  148. i did my tries in the rooms you pick out, you buy the room thing at the store and the ballon, so no one else clicks it, the ballon is blue and has the nunber 5 on it


  150. Im a member but how do i get my early island pass

  151. yo im a member on poptropica but how do i get my early island pass

  152. some of you people are crazy except wild scorpion,crazy flame,blue star and last but not least SMART ANT is what makes you da bomb!!!!!!! :0))

  153. Just when you thought you’d seen the last of them…they’re back! The Poptropica Creator’s blog has announced that the next island has the nefarious sounding title of Super Villain Island! Four villains from the past are returning to attempt to wreck mayhem in Poptropica: Dr. Hare from 24 Carrot Island, Black Widow from Counterfeit Island, Captain Crawfish from Skullduggery Island, and Binary Bard from Astro-Knights Island.

    Yikes! They were hard enough to beat the first time, but teamed up? Should be awesome. We can’t wait! No news yet on a release date, but we’re guessing the last week of September or the first week of October. Will post more as we get it. Stay tuned!

  154. Hello people I do not know. Well, the only person I know on this page is Brave Star.

  155. thundertho September 11, 2012 at 7:17 pm

    Im a member but how do i get my early island pass
    christian September 11, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    yo im a member on poptropica but how do i get my early island pass


    Seriously, guys, be patient!

    Swearmanking- Blue Star? You mean Brave Star? Hey, do you read warriors?

    Noleko- Oh, looks like impostering me and cyberbullying wasn’t enough, eh? Now you’re copying ZT? 🙄

  156. yikes theres another island coming out soon its called
    supervillan on poptropica its going to be realy hard and fun for the new island

  157. dont any one like LEGO Ninjago??

  158. I’m back from a long time with not playing poptropica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. plz add me! my username is: bigtimerush!5
    p.s. i am a member!

  160. christian September 11, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    yo im a member on poptropica but how do i get my early island pass

    u dnt get a pass wen it com out 4 early access u jus go on the island lik u would if u were a non member

  161. someone beter ansewer me!!!!!DOES ANYONE LIKE LEGO NINJAGO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  162. guys i have not quit its just that you all suck

  163. How do you guys get the cake costume????

  164. party at my multiverse room code bsp36 lets have some fun i (calm thunder) am the host time 12-1:30 stay longer if you like but i wont be there

  165. if you stay longer i will be there but i wont talk

  166. please come to my party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. yes mad cheetah i like ninjago i watch it on cartoon network

  168. sorry mad cheetah i did not say anything i was eating my lunch

  169. sorry everyone i need to recall the party room code bsp36 come at 6:30 sorry everyone

  170. white crown: you get the cake costume by going in a common room then finding a balloon that has a 5 on it then popping it

  171. somone with the fire works plz come to calm thunders part room code bsp36

  172. some one friend me MadCheeta13

  173. from Lego monster fighters I’m getting the Ghost train in Christmas

  174. it costs $79.99 or $80.00

  175. They should really make a Harry Potter island. XD

  176. lunar colony was so easy i din’t need help no offense but whoever thought or thinks it’s hard what weeners

  177. WOO HOO! New islands are always fun! Everyone go into muliverse and put this code in: BPX12

    -Golden Dolphin

  178. the party starts NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. please come to my party we have fireworks and balloons PLEASE COME

  180. EVERYONE INVITED TO COSTUME PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! bsp36

  181. we also got giant people

  182. Short leopard shut up no one cares what you say.

  183. brave star come to the party

  184. I brought the fireworks! this party is awesome!

  185. mad cheetah, i love lego ninjago, please friend me!

  186. everyone come to room code bsp36

  187. did the party finish at 8:00p.m??

  188. MadCheeta13 September 16, 2012 at 4:33 pm
    Short leopard shut up no one cares what you say.

    Oh yeah? Who are people going to believe, the person that has been here for a year, of the newbie who is annoying?

  189. super villain party at 4:30 room code dxy89 mad cheetah it ended at 8:30 because my computer started messing up

  190. party at multiverse room code bmp16

  191. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to my party dxy89

  192. please come to my party perfect dragon,small ant,mad cheetah,golden whale,short leopard,golden dolphin,and anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dxy89

  193. the party starts at 6 room code dxy89

  194. i mean ill be there at 6, i will bring the fireworks! and calm thunder, u r such a whiner!!!!!

  195. If you want people to come to your party, post on a newer post that everyone looks at.

  196. short leopard is short!Ha!

  197. What the f*ck? What did I do to you, bitch?

  198. Happy Rider AKA Mabel Lover

    ther no bad words allowed i think

  199. wow…
    i haven’t been on here for a looooong time…
    so… what’s up???
    as long as you lolololololololololololololololove me

  200. btw, (puppy eyes and baby voice) cussing isn’t nice…

  201. narrowing eyes) DON’T CUSS. I. MEAN. IT.

  202. Dude can’t Wait till it comes out for everyone . ( :

  203. Dose any one know how to get past the clown game on WIMPY BOARDWALK?

  204. How do you do teh smileeeeeee faces plse awnser WRITE HOW TO DO IT BELOW….. Bye guyse

  205. You’re not the boss of me. I do whatever I want, nerd.

  206. bye im leaving……………..
    GHOST HUNTERS IS ON SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. @short leopard-

    uhhhh if she is a nerd you are too cause you both play this game -_- common sense.

  208. I’m sorry SL, but u called me a newbie…………………………what ever that means.

  209. shut up slippery starfish

    IM A GEEK!
    A NERD!
    AN ASIAN!(i really am one)

    lol! good point

  212. you know, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just didn’t call each other names, were nice to each other, didn’t lie, steal, cheat? wouldn’t that be nice?

  213. Golden Dolphin September 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm
    @short leopard-

    uhhhh if she is a nerd you are too cause you both play this game -_- common sense.
    I ain’t a nerd, bitch.

  214. Slippery Starfish September 19, 2012 at 6:29 pm
    IM A GEEK!
    A NERD!
    AN ASIAN!(i really am one)

    Slippery Starfish September 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm
    lol! good point

    Slippery Starfish September 19, 2012 at 6:32 pm
    you know, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just didn’t call each other names, were nice to each other, didn’t lie, steal, cheat? wouldn’t that be nice?

    First of all,
    I’M NOT NICE! Ask anyone on the Forum, they’ll tell you.
    I do lie, I do steal, and I do cheat. I’m not nice I tell you.
    You are a nerd.

    MadCheeta13 September 19, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    I’m sorry SL, but u called me a newbie…………………………what ever that means.

    MadCheeta13 September 19, 2012 at 6:08 pm
    a little sorry

    MadCheeta13 September 19, 2012 at 6:09 pm
    shut up slippery starfish

    Oh, so you’re a little sorry? That doesn’t work for me if you’re a little sorry.

  215. why did you call me a nerd,nerdy chicken butthead

  216. do you agree with me slippery starfish

    and guys stop begging people to come to your little parties in the frends room

    im also and asian,
    but also otaku
    and its not a taco
    and mad cheeta just shut the hell up for once!!!!!!
    my mind is picking too many negative waves……

  218. and ss, let meh friend u plz
    and just so everyone knows, my username is smylym

  219. now, friends, i kno some violent moves and u would never guess it so if u c some random girl standing over u with a knife while ur sleeping, well, just say u were warned
    and ive never gone to jail, thx very much
    NEW YORK HEED ME!!!!!!!

  220. i wish crusher from super power island came back.

  221. Super Villian Island
    releases on the 27th of September

  222. I mean for MEMBERS ONLY

  223. I’m asian to im from philippines anyways please dont cuss and i was a whiner at that time sorry i was really mad and party 2morrow at 8am and how old are you mad cheetah

  224. room code bnn87

  225. room code duu81 that is the party tomorrow

  226. philippines?
    thats asian?
    oh yeah, i just never thought of it before
    and hell isnt cussing

  227. and theres also no flippin way i could go to that ‘party’
    cuz i gotta go to school at 7am
    haha :3

  228. hey guys lets party room code bmr68

  229. i dont mean that i mean f**k

  230. OK this is the real room code abr74


  232. please come to the halloween party

  233. omg! does anyone know what the heck happened to these three missing items/people?
    1.Balloon Boy (last seen on cryptids island)
    2.Fierce Moon (will Zippy Turtle take over?)
    3.Monster Carnival (disapeared after 24 carrot island took over)
    who knows??????
    well i dont…….

  234. wait were those islands? to:crazy flame

  235. oh sorry those are people. dumb me. but for real i think i should say sorry to balloon boy but i dont know where he is at!

  236. it is 5:03 and my speeches say its 2:03!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. hey guys I’m back!!
    short leopard, shut the frick up. I’m really pissed that you call people names, act like you’re mean and you’re proud of it, and you’re just plain nasty.
    loud rock, my username is mrpoopla

    btw, asians rock, don’t they?


  239. Slippery Starfish September 22, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    hey guys I’m back!!
    short leopard, shut the frick up. I’m really pissed that you call people names, act like you’re mean and you’re proud of it, and you’re just plain nasty.
    loud rock, my username is mrpoopla

    btw, asians rock, don’t they?

    F**k you, bitch. I don’t need your opinion. That’s the way I am, SO DEAL WITH IT!

  240. ugh i have been trying and i still don’t have the birthday suit! 🙁

  241. Where is that Dr. lady that u have to find?

  242. crazy flame brave star tlod you his answer here it is
    Brave Star September 10, 2012 at 11:34 am

    Monster Carnival- My guess, coming back in October, right after this “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” island.
    Fierce Moon- Yes, Zippy is the official blogger now, but he’s gonna seif he can get her to come back sometime for a guest post.
    Ballon Boy- Last seen on Cryptids.

  243. Cant wait for Super Villian Island!

  244. I can’t wait to fight with these bandits

  245. I’m 10 y u want to know??btw Short leopard I didn’t mean it when I said a little bit

  246. *sees all of the arguments and cursing*
    Da hek??? Um… Ok. Not going to say anything, I just feel like I should out of this. So…. I looked at the trailer for super villain island, it looks fun 🙂

  247. Btw does my belt make my gravatar look fat? O_O be honest…. 😛

  248. MadCheeta13 September 23, 2012 at 9:48 am
    I’m 10 y u want to know??btw Short leopard I didn’t mean it when I said a little bit

    I’m 10 too….

  249. But I don’t act like a 10 year old. Anyway, bitch. I hate you! F*ck you!

  250. Wow.

    Short Leopard September 22, 2012 at 4:54 pm
    F**k you, bitch. I don’t need your opinion. That’s the way I am, SO DEAL WITH IT!

    Well, thanks alot for calling me a bitc*. Hope you have a nice life.

  251. UR 10! ONLY 10! RLLY?!
    i’m 12…

  252. Yeah I’m 10, got a problem with it, bitch?

  253. i have membership! so i have already seen super villain island!!!!!!!!!!!!

  254. @short leopard
    duh, no.

  255. Your comments aren’t going to hurt me at all.

  256. the partys tommorow if you dony fk you

  257. well thanks alot

  258. super villain island is released today!

  259. I was wondering if any *spoiler alert for Super Villain Island* of you are having a problem fighting Zeus? I was fighting him and destroyed the 4 totems but nothing happened. I can’t kill him either. I pressed the give up option and am where Poseidon gives you his trident. Now I can’t go back in to fighting Zeus.

  260. So I can’t beat the island now.

  261. im jealous of someone from school!

  262. hmmmm
    how do u make an avatar?
    u no the thing in the corner of the comments?

  263. I need help with the demo i need help finding the totems please tell me where they are thank you if you help thanks

  264. How about the last week of SEPTEMBER????

  265. I am stuck in Cpt. Crawfish’s dream,where the ghost on the chair is… Dont their eyes freak you out?

    PS I called that it would be mythology island!!!

  266. OMG, this island was SO fun! For me, the easiest part was the Black Widow’s totem. Oh no, spoiler alert! xD

  267. how do i get past the door in mordreds dream?!!!

  268. i love the game so far its great

  269. How do you get the ship in the bottle from Captain Crawfish’s dream

  270. I just got on the island and i have no idea on what to do. I think i am stuck. heeeelllllllpppppppppp!

  271. yay no one’s arguing and everybodys being excited about teh game!
    too bad non members cant get it

  272. i want to check it out soooooo badly

  273. I am not a member I am just playing the demo.Does anyone no how to get the totems

  274. I want to see bonus

  275. wuv the game thought not a member playing the demo cant wait till the 18th of october or the 19th either

  276. y cant i flippin talk?!?!

  277. *spoiler alert*

    Why is Zeus so ducking OBSESSED with high places, getting items of raw power, and ruling Poptropica? ❓

  278. how do you leave the island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  279. zeus will never no matter how hard he tries, WONT RULE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  280. Just noticed something:
    If the Poptropican Creators are people like captain crawfish, black widow, and dr. hare, why do they try to take over poptropica if they made it? XD

  281. Hey whats up please talk

  282. ??
    no, not like that
    my computer wouldnt let me comment, so yeah

  283. I was hoping for a better ending, Zeus’ brother gives you his trident and you defeat him like in Mythology. Its a sequel to Mythology Island.

  284. Fake Fierce Moon- Oh, please. Like we’d believe THAT? 😛

    Slippery Icicle- IKR?

  285. I’m not too disappointed, but a different ending would of been nice. When the four villians fell into the water I thought they would stay and help defeat Zeus but they didn’t.

    Another thought, the four villians got away, does that mean they could come back as villians on other islands or did they actually become good after getting their totems taken?

  286. Hey!
    I’m so excited about the new island.
    (I didn’t want to bring this up but…Everyone,can we PLEASE stop with all these bad comments.And all the innapropriate words.I want to finish these islands and i like to hear the comments but,it’s hard to enjoy with all these people saying bad stuff.Thank you!
    P.S-I don’t want any answers about this post,and Brave Star did you get my earlier message?

  287. Yeah…. I was hoping for something different there.

  288. Who do you fight for the bonus quest? It’s not Zeus, so who is it? When the creators posted who the first 10 finishers of the island were, 2 of them were wearing this cloak that looked liked the Grim Reapers cloak, except in blue with yellow stars on it, so is that the villain? It looks cool, so if it’s not part of the bonus quest, where can you get it?

  289. Ugh! I finished the demo for Super Villain Island for non-members but now I don’t know how to get out of the jail. I really need an answer on how to get out. Guess I’ll just have to wait till October 18 before I can leave. 🙁

  290. The bonus is you going into Zeus’ dream/mind to get a code, I honestly don’t know why a grim reaper costume in a prize.

  291. hey fierce moon fraud…………………………………………….F*CK OFF AND DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. My membership expire so I can’t play island 🙁

  293. i agree with slippery isicle.


  295. Slippery Icicle,what is in the dream of Zeus?
    (Honestly I think it’s about the sky but…)

  296. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew Dr. Jupiter was Zeus! Jupiter is the roman name for Zeus… XD

  297. CRAP my membership expired 2day:(

    i m so sad


  298. that iz my signature:lol:


  299. I’m a non-member, and I can play demo.
    By the way, I don’t appreciate bad language.

  300. how and were do u get the shrinking postion!?!

  301. passed the game the bonus was so cool zues is the bad guy lol!

  302. where do you get the jey for Bird’s Dream

  303. I finished the game! It was AWESOME!!!! XD

  304. why dose everyone fight? Today i got th birthday hat YAY! also could people stop doing spoiler alerts because it ruins what you are going to do later. Also could people stop fighting?

  305. could u post the bonus quest?!

  306. Does anyone know how to get outta the prison after you finish the demo? i mean im stuck in the jail with no way to get out! someone please help me!


  308. u click on the cop then the doors open

  309. Please add the written walkthrough soon! I love this site but I use the written walkthroughs!

  310. Cheerful singer, you use the waki-taki

  311. This Island Sucks!!Just my opinion because they gave a cool name to a pathetic island

  312. BPW79 is my room code so come to my party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i am single and ready to mingle (i am totally hot!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  313. you’re fake she’ll never say that!

  314. Where’s the Bonus Quest Walkthrough for memebers?

  315. i dont think any one cares if ur hot

  316. So.. I am where Posiedson is at and i havent beat Zeus yet. How do i leave?

  317. i knew it! i knew it! lightning bolts on the doors, The name jupiter. Come on how obvious could it be!!!!!

  318. I had to restartthe island. :'(

  319. How do you get out of the demo?

  320. Uh, too little, too late. Is it closed right now?

  321. what did binary bard do again?

    If you’ve done the demo and can’t do the whole island because you don’t have membership but you can’t find another way off the island, don’t freak out. You don’t have to wait until the island is released to everyone, just use the walkie-talkie in your items bag.

  323. how can u get trapped in a jail cell

  324. noisy axe let me see a picture

  325. hi im new so if anyone wants to be my friend on poptropica this my username but please tell me your username if you want to be my friend.

  326. Slippery Starfish


  327. Hi,
    I’m a non-member so haven’t been able to play the full island yet but it looks pretty cool, in the meantime I’m trying to find the best islands, can anyone suggest some fun relatively easy islands for me to complete :D.

    Funny Jumper

  328. Cheerful Drummer

    Hi I am new here. Want to be my friend. I have 22 island completed. My username is Jabir0404. This cheat by fierce moon helped me a lot. I completed 7 islands with the help of these cheats. So, friend me.

  329. Who in the world is Zaggy Moondust?

  330. This is … different. New commenters. Not the typical Short Leopard, Brave Star, Cheerful Singer, Happy Bubbles, Brave Sky, Redwing, and Me.

  331. I don’t come on much anymore.

  332. I can see why, ST.

  333. What is your problem, zippy turtle?!

  334. Best island ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  335. Thanks again for hiring me brave star! 😉

  336. hey i am back!!! sorry for the delay the computer would’nt let me commet also i made the acadimic team!!!

  337. hello anyone here? bravestar PLEASE BEFRIEND me my username is cleapatrathequeen (not in caps) !! also zippy turtle how can you post and even own a blog on the computer ???

  338. the 9 year old??
    why would u put that down

  339. DEAR SMOKIN HOT LADIES I AM SINGLE also i have strong abbs and biceps and everthing i am hot dreamy kissable and sexy P.S lyana will you merry me in the future

  340. No one cares, Fearless Eagle…

  341. @SL- IKR!?!?

  342. @’fierce moon’ because of course the real fierce moon would just randomly say we all suck, have no profile picture, and have the standard kind of comment rather than the yellow tint….I’m feeding the trolls aren’t I?

  343. Thanks I only needed to look up 1 thing. I like to figure the rest on my own. I like your written down walk throughs.

  344. He’s STILL doing that? Last time, he pretended to be his own girlfriend to get RW to date him. 😛 🙄 He’s driving everyone nuts, again.

    Smart Ant- Oh, cool, doing that stuff like Eva and Ellis? Nice touch. Glad to friend you, can’t believe I didn’t friend you before! *friends* You can make a blog with http://www.blogger.com .

  345. Hello. Thought you guys wouldn’t really be expecting me to comment on here…

  346. I still don’t get it what is Zeus doing in this island?

  347. If u look at the letters on da copter they say Zeus backwards LOL. But I figured out it was Zeus before I read the cheats coz Jupiter is the Roman form of Zeus and I recognised his face

  348. And I think it is Zeus the great.

  349. Actually, its the upper left corner not the upper right for finding shrinking potion in the Picasso painting.

    Great walk through! Very helpful!

  350. thanks and i will not be here for a while okay i am really busy nowadays

  351. fearless eagle :okay that was kinda inappiate
    loud rock :i put it down because it was the only way it let me commet

  352. okay why is there a smiley face in my commet !?!?

  353. Hello!

  354. I have a soccer game tomorrow 😀

  355. Today is Saturday.

    Saturday is the best day ever.


  356. Slippery Starfish

    Fearless Eagle- What the heck?! Do you really think a 13 year old girl like me is stupid enough to fall for you????

  357. Fearless Eagle- uhhh why are you trying to get girls on a game XD, and i bet your like 12 years old too 😛

  358. Wat the heck is the bonus quest item? Death or somin??seroiusly

  359. Ow-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  360. I wonder when super villain island is going to be avaible to everyone

  361. dear hot laides if you are so hot and sexy and if you are online on Poptropica Secrets leave a Comment for me.

    this is onnnnnnnly for laides

  362. Slippery Starfish

    You know Erewhon Prison? backwards, it kinda sound like… no where…

  363. why cant i get out of the island? btw the island was so AWESOME!!!!!!!

  364. Slippery starfish@: exactly

    Happy peinguin@: u must b either gay or a pervert
    and u spelt penguin wrong

  365. hey happy penguin,Im hot and sexy but i need to see a pic of you before we do whateva u wanna do babe

  366. you are a idiot brave star because you said, this happy pengun- You, sir (sarcasm), should be ASHAMED to use PENGUIN to troll like that! Stop it, you idiot! NO ONE CARES. And if this is fearless eagle, STOP IT ALREAD. NO ONE WILL GO OUT WITH YOU IN REAL LIFE OR ONLINE, EVER.

  367. and brave star are you 17 years old

  368. How am I an idiot, stupid? You’re the one who’s trolling.

    Oh, and go figure, it’s HyperS, attacking me, calling me an idiot, talking s*x, lying about age, etc. And, know, I’m not 17, but you’re about to say you are, huh?

    At the very least, be friendly tiger again. I’m sick of your dumb names. Just use an old one.

  369. * no

    WHy do I keep messing up?

    And, BTW, stupid, I know what I said. I CAN READ. Unlike SOME trolls here…

  370. Actually, sorry I didn’t do this first, since this is obviously HyperS, let’s all just IGNORE HIM. He’s addicted to attention, just don’t post anything about him or what he posts and he’ll eventually leave.

  371. Um…….. Oooookaaayyy?? (confusion) (please don’t get mad at me if I spelled THAT wrong).

  372. (Don’t worry, spelling never really matters here) Just don’t worry about it. 🙂

  373. Slippery Starfish

    BS- (jokingly) I think there are clones of HS that are going to ruin ppl’s minds!!!! jaykay
    HP-Please don’t become FE(fearless eagle). and trolling is super annoying.

  374. lol
    i honestly can not explain how utterly crazy i am that i just hav enough control to read ur guys comments without laughing out loud

    @Brave Star- and i think u were just typing too fast (cuz m a fast typer and mess up a lot)

    but atleast i still kno how to spell when its appropriate

  375. @HP/FE (i mean who care, WTF?)- JUST GO TO HEII ALREADY
    (and yes, i kno those r i’s)

  376. Where is the common room? (multiverse room)

  377. Slippery Starfish

    I scraped my knee really badly and apparently someone started a rumor that I broke my arm(wtf????)
    also i have ten mil. scrapes 🙁
    sorry for trolling

  378. Wow what happened?

  379. Slippery Starfish

    PE, tripped, fell, 🙁

  380. Slippery Starfish

    bloody, bruises, scrapes, nurse, bandages, ice.

  381. OOOOoooooooOOOOOOhhhhHH
    sounds like someone got hurt
    but really, just accept it

  382. and kno that one day, death will come to take that pain away
    im not emo

  383. Hyper Shadow is BACK?!
    The Hyper Shadow rises.

    (Parody of The Dark Knight Rises)

  384. super villain island rocks

  385. brave star how did u put your pic

  386. Well, he was never officially banned. Wait, I’m confusing myself. He was banned from the forum for like a month, then he was unbanned.

  387. Slippery Starfish

    LR- Yep, that was me.
    DC- Yeah, he hasn’t been on here in a long time. He probably got bored with this site and started trolling on a different site.

  388. hey guys!sorry i didnt come out for a long time~

  389. Wendy! Hey! Nice to have you back! 🙂

  390. MadCheta WTF you are a total idiot because you said this wwwwwttttttttttttttfffffffffffffff
    Wat the heck is the bonus quest item? Death or somin??seroiusly wwwwttttttttffffffffffffff

  391. No, you’re a total idiot, because you keep repeating what we say. 😛

  392. Dude, Im green and I have harry feet the size of large turtles.

  393. *headdesk* Why can’t I just ignore him?

    and shi no senkusha everyone!!
    and metsu to all!

  395. You guys want cheat 4 ten dolla?

  396. OMG! i cant beat the stupid minigame in the begining! i mean i can beat lunar colony in a day but it will take over a week just for ONE PART of this island im not very happy with it either……

  397. You guys ar acting like idiots!!!!!!!!

  398. Hey Bianca I respect you so much for saying that.

  399. oh wow forget i ever said that

    hey brave star, would it be annoying if someone u barely knew just walked up to u and started playing with ur hair?
    i just need and answer- actually anyone can answer this i just wanna know

  400. LOL XD!!!!!!!!! on the bonus quest video before i clicked it i thought that the hamburger person was a fat berry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(NO OFFENSE FIERCE MOON)or the fake one i dunno.

  401. Slippery Starfish

    BS- Hey, what’s up?
    W- Welcome back!


  403. @breakthepickle- was that directed towards me? cuz hey, i am curious. AAANDD its none of your beez to say that, cuz its just the way i am

  404. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=benZVTHJQWW14MWFtVmxibm94 is how you see my avatar. sorry if i did it wrong it’s my first time with the contest. hope that’s okay, fierce moon.

    Neat Club <3

  405. What has happened here? I guess I havent been here for a while, but seriously… THIS??

  406. ??
    why, what happened?
    oh, hey, what was it…
    something like that

  407. Loud Rock October 13, 2012 at 5:44 pm

    oh wow forget i ever said that

    hey brave star, would it be annoying if someone u barely knew just walked up to u and started playing with ur hair?
    i just need and answer- actually anyone can answer this i just wanna know

    Hmmm… That’s actually hard to answer. I’m not sure if I’d get mad right away or be weirded out…

    Break the pickle October 13, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    brave star if u see somebody say something stupid just ignore it please cuz im pretty sure everyone thinks u r a fool.just saying.:\

    Really? Everyone here thinks I’m a fool? Well, thanks to the kid who went to a cheats site and posted something stupid because he misread someone else’s post.

  408. i missed alot of people here.
    what did i miss?is there another fight again?

  409. Hey Fierce Moon, could you please do a walkthrough for “Dr Hare’s Secret Lab” ? It’s in the Store and its free. Thanks ! 🙂

  410. How do you get the shrinking potion ?

  411. Umm,is it just me or is my kitten making wierd,faded,and still kinda wierd meowing sound because,I keep hearing things and it creeps me out

  412. add me,danipopo

  413. Slippery Starfish

    W- Don’t ask again. (sighs)Some people here are just weird.

  414. You actually go to the top left of the Picasso painting. I was looking for it in the right hand corner like crazy, and then I found it in the top LEFT hand corner. >:(

  415. it was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  416. Where’d you get the shrinkyy potion… :I

  417. If you see, the name of the prison in super villain island is EREWHON. That’s NOWHERE backwards. And I can’t believe they used Zeus’ roman name for his alias. Jupiter, Zeus? Poptropica does their research!

  418. The helicopter says Zeus backwards 😀

  419. How do you get the shrinking potion

  420. Hey everyone! I need some help. I completed Super Villian island till after SPOILER- Zeus escapes from the prison. Then the 4 villains swam away. Then Poptropica just showed the ocean and won’t do anything else. I tried refreshing, logging out and back in, and a new window and it still won’t load! Is this a glitch? What can I do? Please help!!! Thanks!

  421. This thread is extremely funny. Made my day :3 P.S. Me too lazy to do this island now lol. 8D

  422. Hi Happy Peinguin.
    Do you know how to spell penguin?
    Obviously not.

  423. hey guys i’m havin’ a halloween party on halloween six in the evening.
    room no. djn53

  424. -____- i’m never going to get past this island thanks to those stupid ants

  425. help i removed the stopwatch by accident how to i get it back?

  426. hey guys check out my poptropican

  427. Wooooow allot of DrAmA on one website, geez people take a freakin break and look out the window into the real life [t]-_-[t]

  428. I’m in class.Not really supposed to be on this site.
    P.S-I just beat this island.So easy!!!

  429. I heart Leo Valdez

    If you aren’t a member and you just finished the island, how do you get back home? Where’s the helicopter?!? I’m gonna drown! Please help….

  430. I heart Leo Valdez

    Oh, don’t worry I

  431. I heart Leo Valdez

    Nvm (nevermind) I finished by looking at past messages. What’s trolling? I think of Shrek- (Yes, I know he’s an ogre).
    And yes, like the bottom of the page says: ‘Who in the world is Zaggy Moondust?’
    Lol probably an alien. Who reads Percy Jackson or Morganville books here? Or any books by Rick Riordan or Rachel Caine? I absoloutley adore those authors and Simone Elkelles (Might have spelt it wrong…) who wrote Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction and one more book.
    Lol I’m a bookworm, however I don’t wear glasses. You don’t have to wear glasses to be a bookworm, or do you? You’ve gotta love Quantum Physics (I do). (I don’t love this) And Schrodinger’s Cat. ZOMBIE- Was this whole message trolling?
    Watching Not going Out, so funny! Especially the one with the clowns, lol.

  432. I heart Leo Valdez

    I know the times says 12:14pm but it’s all lies! It is really: 20:15!

  433. On the piccaso painting, the potion is on the top right

  434. Did anyone else wish that, with the sources of their evil gone, the four villains would help you stop Zeus?

  435. In the written walkthrough, you say the shrinking potion is the upper right, but it’s the upper left.

  436. How do you beat level 3 in dr hares dream! (The one with all the blue ants) I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

  437. You know Jupiter is Zeus’s Roman God form

  438. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i74KdbTagI

  439. this island was epic! took me 2 days to beat it . cant wait 4 next island binary bard(aka. mordered) is my favorite villan . but i can”t get the robotic face

  440. Thanks for the cheats, by the way, can you please teach me how to do the Zeus part thing…. I don’t know and I know you have the video but I don’t know how to do it. It’s pretty hard to do and understand the video. I just hope I can tell you my password but this is posted publicly so I can’t tell you my password… Is there a way to communicate here without posting it publicly? I just want you to do the Zeus part and that’s all. Psst… do you know how to hack? (just asking because you might help me in the Zeus part) 🙂 okay thanks for the guide in this island… I do appreciate it a lot… 😉 —- Smart Ant —-

  441. Thanks for the help! This is the best guide ever!

  442. during the binary bard dream i got past the first door with out the stop watch (the game glitched) and i was soo confused

  443. ok ppl, random posts there
    and omigosh, just started listening to vocaloid and they r EPIC

  444. quiet hammer,you aren’t that quiet are you…. you should probably shut your little mouth and be aware that there are other ppl who don’t think this island is easy!

  445. How do you get out of the island once you”ve beaten it?

  446. how do you leave? i cant get to main street. HELP PLEASE!!!! 🙂

  447. I cant leave the island. how do i get to my blimp? help please

  448. how do you get off supervillan island?

  449. lol i guess there is a fight…

  450. can someone please help me ! i cant get to mainstreet on this island so i cant get to my blimp to go to another island. PLEASE HELP ME

  451. WOW!OMG!How can they do it so fast,did they just restart the island or something?Just asking!
    P.S.Anyway,who likes Lunar Colony?!Sorry to all the Lunar Colony lovers,but I am on the haters side(When I say hate,I dont really mean it,I just dont like space things and I think its not interesting:which practicly means its BORING!!!) 😀

  452. This is THE BEST Poptropica guide EVER!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!! 😀

  453. This was an AWESOME Island. It wasn’t EASY. Just AWESOME.

  454. i beat it it was really fun

  455. Not anymore, I don’t think.

    Hey, wendy, e-mail to this account: redyellow198@AOL.com (I’m doing this so neither of us has to reveal our e-mail)


  457. Love this site!!!! <3

  458. these cheats help me complete 15 islands which is like half of all the islands in poptropica!!!!!! Thank you Fierce Moon best poptropica cheats ever! add me as a friend CeceandRocky105. and if you need any help with any islands post it on poptropicasecrets SuperVillian.

  459. On super villan island while your in the elavator there are crinimals in theyre cells right next to you and they are all villans from other islands exept for the girl on the right of jetty betty on the top cell she looks kinda familiar but not completly. Who is she? I dono and am wondering so someone please reply.

  460. Your walkthrough makes no sense. I’m better off doing this myself.

  461. Spotted Lightning

    HOW DO YOU GET OUT OF THE PRISON EXTERIOR??? I need to get back to other islands!!! HELP!!

  462. Spotted Lightning

    Nevermind, I figured it out. I used the walkie talkie. :3

  463. Hey can somebody please help me? I completed the island, but I cant get back to the blimp on Main Street! It just keeps showing the ocean! Can anybody tell me what to do?

  464. This website is about cheats, not personal life, so SHUT UP!

  465. I need help. How do you break the ship out of the bottle?

  466. Ok, i’m pretty sure other people don’t want to hear about your personal lives on a cheats site so if you have something to say about how your boyfriend just broke up with you, do it elsewhere!

  467. the shrinking potion is on the LEFT corner

  468. You get off the island with the walki- talkie!:)

    P.S. Add me!!! (vitee)

  469. dont think its fair that the members are the ones who get the”cool” stuff

  470. To leave the island, use the walkie-talkie like the helo pilot said! 😐

  471. well where do you go to be able to use it cause where i whent it said i didnt need to use it there

  472. Slippery Starfish

    Green Grass Grows Greener on the Other Side- Did you know it’s not always the other side, but where you water it? 🙂

  473. Alek of Hogenburg's #1 fan

    Okay, why is everyone saying there “was a fight” and there was “inappropriate” stuff? Did Fierce moon delete the comment or something?!?

  474. I miss melvin(The owl).

  475. Super Amazing Person

    To get off of the island:

    Exit the prison and go back to where you arrived, in the water. Use the walkie talkie and the helicopter will pick you up and bring you back to the mainstreet.

  476. the shrinking potion is in the left not right

  477. You exit the prison then use your walkie-talkie to call the helicopter.

  478. White Fish, Why don`t you shut up! We can say what we want!

  479. BECAUSE, it`s annoying when people blab about whats happening at home!

  480. Just shut up, White Fish! Sorry about my brother, everyone! He can be quite stupid at times

  481. You need to use the helicopter walkie talkie and then you can fly back.

  482. the part were you go into the dream the light and waiting around is annoying but appart from that best island ever!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


  484. Love this site !! 🙂 I completed Super Villain Island!! 😀 Add me grgbrf. lol I know my username is weird xD

  485. where do you get the shrinking potion from?? 🙂

  486. p.s add me as a freind I’m hannah<3bailey (hey baileys a DOG not a person!!) 😀

  487. You’ve made a mistake… the shrinking potion in Picasso’s painting (Black Widow’s dream) is actually on the top LEFT, not right.

  488. where do you use the walkie talkie

  489. Ahh, good ol’ Zeus. The all powerful god and king. Temptation leads to the bad side. I really wish the Poptropica creators created another Mythology Island, Egyptian Style!! It’s be so cool! The animal heads are way more cooler than the Greeks (but I still love Greeks)! Though it might be hard to create animal heads, but they did it for the Minotaur!

  490. kobe person, thats gretchen grimlock from cryptids island

  491. don’t mean to be rude, but the shrinking potion is in the left top corner of the piacasso painting, not the right.

  492. i love this site I use it all the time!!!!! I tell my friends to get on it 2. I’ve beat 21 islands because of this site. if anyone wants 2 friend me my username is laurancan

  493. seriously guys remember the walkie talkie? geez. use it to get off.

  494. man! only Poseidon showed up to help and not Hades. i wonder why?

  495. yeah what do u use the walkie talkie for? PLZ CLICK MY NAME TO PLAY MY FAV GAME EVA!!! OTHER THEN POPTROP OF COURSE!

  496. Slippery Starfish

    Tall Starfish- Oh cool, you have Starfish in your name. I just have Slippery!

  497. brave star:redyellow198@AOL.com ?is that your email?whos email is it?

  498. Temporary e-mail. You send it there, I’ll e-mail you from what address you sent me.

    (Darn, trying to wrap up my loose ends so I can leave)

  499. Its so obvious that Dr. Jupiter is Zeus because Jupiter in Greek is Zeus and he also looks alot like Zeus LOL

  500. I get it!!! Zesus’s name in the Roman religio is JUPITER!!!!!!!!

  501. I beat super Villan Island right now!


  502. No, Jupiter in ROMAN in Zeus, not Greek.

  503. don’t have membership:(but i watch the videos<3

  504. theres one person that i know that plays this game and he has membership.

  505. @ Angel: Yeah…Jupiter is Zeus in Roman, not Greek (what 4rt3mls said) 🙂

  506. OMGEE! stupid ants, i’ll never get past this part :/

  507. okay,i might be able to email you in five minutes…

  508. the shrinking potion is in the upper-LEFT corner

  509. oh my god it was obviouus it was Zeus because he left clues like his name being Jupiter and that everywhere you looked there were lighting bolts

  510. That wuz SO easy. i like how that wall opened up 2 the prison! 🙂 ps my poptropica name (of course) is Perfect Crush. Do you like it? It makes me feel like im the PERFECT can of orange crush. LOL!

  511. HOW DO I FREAKIN LEAVE?!?!?!?!?!

  512. How do you leave the swim area where you enter the prison? I need to get to my balloon! Thanks!!

  513. Argh! I can’t recover binary bard’s totem…. i cannot go from The Spiky Plant Platform Room… Argh! this is quite frustrating! 🙁

  514. Thank you! I’m half done…I’m at the Zues part

  515. I worked a whole TWO HOURS!? Wow,….OHI KNOW WHY i worked alone for like 1 hour and finished half I redid the island and followed your thing

  516. TY! I FINISHED!!! :D! If u see me in a common room im: Cool Whale

  517. It was kinda hard…. but this is my favorite island!!!! but why did they chose NY? they could have chosen paris…… NY IS DOMINATING!!!

  518. There is a mistake in the written walkthrough; shrinking potion is on the top left, not top right!

  519. It makes sense with the whole zeus jupiter thing because zeus is jupiter in roman

  520. young crown u just click on them to stamp them with your spade it took me a few times but i got through it :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P LOL

  521. hey young star? when the ants are coming to you,just keep clicking on them like you do with the bricks and you’ll be alright 🙂

  522. what a coincidence,since i had just finished mythology island o.O

  523. I found that when your supposed to be attacking the totems, you can skip that part and just kill Zeus instead and you still get the medallion. ( I’m Lulyblue20)

  524. The funny thing is the helicopter’s name is R-SEUZ or should I say ZEUS-R

  525. littlemissbookworm11

    You made a mistake in your walkthrough. You’re supposed to grap the shrinking potion in the upper LEFT corner, not the right. Can you fix that??

  526. mannn this is pretty hard!

  527. Roman=Jupiter Greek=Zeus. Whats hard to get

  528. I think the wild west is harder than this because of the train robbery.
    P.S. if you want to find me, my username is sideswipe1122. 🙂

  529. There were so many clues that he was Zeus (Jupiter, the helicopter’s name, the fluffy beard) that I can’t believe I didn’t realize it earlier.

  530. This island freaking blows, SOS Island is WAYY better, am I right?

  531. Slippery Starfish


  532. Just asking, how many photos have you got, i bet i’ve got more. 110 photos, to prove it add me the name is benstiller9

  533. The potion is in the LEFT corner!

  534. when I try to use the grog band turpentine, my character says ” Maybe I should ask Black Widow first….” How would I get the grog band turpentine to clean the paintings?

  535. Where is fierce moon?? what happened to her??

  536. Can you fix it?

  537. I want to be like Fierce Moon!!!!!!

  538. It’s easier to just let the blue ants drop down by themselves by waiting a while.

  539. Fearless Seal, talk to Black Widow (all three sentences), then it should let you use the turpentine.

  540. thanks a lot Nice dolphin. I Beat the game last night!

  541. So what has happened since I’ve been gone?

  542. koolkiddo, you use the walkie talkie the helicopter pilot gave you and he will come with his helicopter

  543. This island’s so easy! It’s so obvious that Doctor Jupiter is Zeus because in the Greek Mythology he is Jupiter and he even looks like him. Plus, on the helicopter’s tail it says ZEUS if you look at it carefully.
    And all the villian’s dreams are so easy to beat! But I got stuck on the part of Binary Bard’s dream when there is the rat. So I used this website. LOL.

  544. Is the bonus quest only for members? ‘Cause I am not a member. If you finish the bonus quest, you get an awesome costume. And I really want it. Ahh!! I want it so much!

  545. To leave Prison Exterior after you finish the quest or bonus quest, you have to go into your items and use your walkie talkie and a helcopter will come and pick you up (:

  546. this game is the greatest

  547. Ok…
    No answer there….

  548. it’s fun and theirs a lot of clues to know it plus why do they let us in they don’t know us and add me 643487

  549. JUPITER IS Zeus because ,IN roman the word jupiter means zeus .Not only that



  550. Why do we keep having to run into Zues twice?But atleast they didn’ include Hades in this one because I could NOT belive he didn’t give you a task before giving you his crown.I still can’t belive Posidean gave you his trident so willingly either.

  551. after you knock down all the items how do you defeat Zeus

  552. Something’s wrong… I can’t find the sprayer. I’ve looked all around the ant thing and I don’t see it… is it behind a dirt square?? PLEASE help me!!!

  553. Nevermind!!! I found it.

  554. You’re right!It did look like Mount Olympus

  555. They did NOT haf to include the ragequits in binary bard’s dream.

  556. cant beat ZEUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  557. Okay I know a lot of people are asking this, but how do you exit?! I’m using the walkie- talkie and my character keeps saying “no need to use the walkie-talkie here”. So now what lol

  558. did you know that you could add shark boy, black widow, biary bird, and all other creators

  559. /Users/Nicholas_Siu/Desktop/Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 10.34.34 下午.png

    /Users/Nicholas_Siu/Desktop/Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 10.33.58 下午.png

  560. oops it didn’t work

  561. Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 10.33.58 下午

  562. how can you post images online?!!! it’s hard

  563. Not really. (^ talking 2 u!) just make ur own website and put in pictures!

  564. Friend me Fierce Moon! my username is kayleena08, not my real name of course! kayleena is way prettier than my real name.

  565. Reply to:Squeezy Walker um so in roman Planet JUPETER would be planet ZEUS lol

  566. oh!!!!
    mythology island is kinda crisp
    mystery train island is in a ditch
    and shark island is served on a dish

  567. These are all the clues I found that point at Dr. Jupiter being Zeus:
    1. Jupiter is Zeus’s roman name
    2. The oilworkers have lightning bolts on their helmets
    3. The helicopter has “R-SUEZ 104X” on it
    4. The jail is on a replica of Mount Olympus
    5. The bushy beard
    If you find other clues feel free to add on.

  568. Thank you so much for this walkthrough, it helped me SO much. I could have spent DAYS if you didn’t put this up. 🙂 <3!

  569. @ first I thought people only liked it becase it had villains returning now I know why people like this island über awesome twist
    🙂 :)I) 😀

  570. uh…

  571. hi my name is victor fong and i am a 9 years old child who tinks that you a popotropica girl is sexy so if you want me to be your friend you can add me and my username is oppagangnamstyle3 so add me fast so that we can chat sexy girl so add fast iam waiting to know you

  572. Um, I’m finnished with the island… but how do we get back to “the blimp on Main Street”????? When I come out of the prison, I looked all around, but there wasn’t any tool to go back…

  573. Wait, I ccan restart the island! Never mind…

  574. Errr guys could you give me tips to defeat Zeus? I can’t get all the totems and he shoots me down!!! Gah!!!

  575. Almost done! I love these walk through’s whenever I’m stuck. Ahem, you can ADD me, my name is ‘ madelene21 ‘ . Ahem..so yahhh. 😀

  576. heeeeeeeeeeeelp where the heck is the shrinking potion i cant find it any where someone help me pls pls pls pls pls pls

  577. wild berry, in the painting all the way on the left, just keep jumping up to the upper left corner. Its a blue and yellow and has a pic of a spider on it.

  578. Oh yeah its in the black widows dream

  579. I knew it! I wondered why he was called Jupiter, then it hit me. He is Zeus!

  580. That Guy With The Face!

    Here is how to get off the island when you finish it:
    Click on the home button and in the bottom-left corner it says that the most recent island came out and you can now play it. Click on it and it will take you to the Main Street of that island.
    Hope I helped.

  581. umm how do you get back to the blimp??? im stuck at the prison!!!

  582. Thanks so much for the walkthrough, I don’t think I could’ve made it through without! But I do have a small problem…I can’t figure out how to leave the island! I’m stuck inside the prison, and I can only go from the lab to the room where they cleansed you, but it won’t let me pat that point, it’s still closed of for me! Can somebody help me out?

  583. oh nvm i used the walkie talkie

  584. how do you get out of the prison

  585. greek mytholigy gal

    I already knew that zeus’s romon form was jupiter. U didnt need to put that. its oveous if u like mytholigy. Witch i LOVE!

  586. PROMO CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its wimpy2012 you get a paper king and queen

  587. i know this is in the wrong category,but this seems to be the most recent,heh <:D

  588. if you have trouble with zeus while shooting at the totems then move around them while shooting them!!!! lock n load your trident 😀 lol sees yas

  589. D:
    just trying to see if this would work

  590. lost my first account from password loss its username is actually the one im using as my name thingy so yah ive already beated the first island in around like 20 min 😀

  591. oh if youcant remember theres a walkie talkie in your pack to get back to the blimp

  592. no you find the potion in the upper LEFT corner of the painting!!!

  593. Poptrop-Poll: What do you think of the Poptropica Toys and their prizes? PS My userame is me30174 if you want to friend me. 🙂

  594. Zeus is the biggest villain in all of Poptropica!!

  595. Why can’t I get out of the Guard Room? I pushed it open the last time.

  596. How can I get off this island?

  597. how do i get to main street when i finish the island

  598. How do you beat Zeus? It is sort of hard to. What do you have to do after you get the totems?

  599. The villains are pretty cool and the best villains in poptropica. However, their dreams are quite easy to finish.

  600. Wow, this island is super fun! I just wish I was a member, so I can do the Bonus Quest!!! Uh, guys,do you know how to get free membership?? *wink* 😉

  601. (Yellow Bear) You can use the walkie-talkie to contact the helicopter. When the copter arrives, you can take off and head to Main Street. Easy-peasy. 🙂

  602. ”Inside the Picasso, avoiding the spiders, click on the red graffiti to make it fade away. When you’re done, go to the upper right of the painting to find the SHRINKING POTION. Grab it! Then head to the exit in the upper right of the painting.”

    the shrinking potion was in the upper left corner for me..

  603. i can’t wait for charlie and the chocolate factory to open for non members.i can’t wait to play it.

  604. how do i get off the island when i am finished?

  605. The shrinking potion in the Picasso painting is actually in the upper-left corner, not the upper-right :]

  606. does anybody know how 2 finish the bunny’s dream

  607. i do. but it’s kind of easy. just keep going down and avoid the ants.or look in cheats.
    if you need more help comment.

  608. I completed the whole island except the bonus part. i can’t wait to play it.Does anyone know if the bonus part will ever be for free?

  609. Go to my multiverse room where I am the host. Code is DXE12.

  610. how do you get through the doors without the stopwatch cuz i dropped the orange key….

  611. the pirate part is sort of hard but completed the island!!!! (oUo)

  612. I wish poptropica never had membership!!!!!
    its not fair for non-members like me!!!
    but thanks for the walkthrough videos
    except for the bonus part :/

  613. I wish poptropica never had membership!!!!!
    its not fair for non-members like me!!!
    but thanks for the walkthrough videos

  614. I beated 21 islands 🙂
    including super villan island 😀

  615. P.S if u click on me, u will go to club penguin 😉

  616. The Shrinking Potion’s in the upper left…

  617. Golden Typhoon,

    I beat 30 islands.


  618. this island was semi-hard! (4 me) but it was fun! 😀

  619. To get off the island, use your walkie talkie!

  620. For coucouN: call the helicoptere with walkie-talkie and then go for your airship. That’s easy!

  621. i couldn’t get passed the captian crawfish’s jar totem i cant lock them in the boxes 🙁

  622. how do i get inside the bottle how can i find the shrinking poshon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  623. were is the poition and what upper corner

  624. How do you jump onto the bed? Because I can’t.

  625. i hate these people…they lie…no way to really defeat any island

  626. Click on my name and you will go to Webkinz login

  627. I hit a pirate and went to wear you find the orange key and it was not there! What should I do?

  628. this may sound ridiculous, but does anyone NOT want their account anymore? i understand if you don’t wanna, but if you do, tell me. thx!

    P.S. my name isnt nikki

  629. if anyone wants 2 b my friend, my name is icy lightning.

  630. how do u get back to the blimp???????

  631. Okay ppl remember that walky talky tht u have randomly in your inventory? yah if u want to get back to mainstreet to get the freack off tht island, click on it and a helicopter will come to pick you up.

    I learned this by having a month of confusion and finally going thru my inventory clicking on everything. . .U R WELCOME

  632. Thanks for the tip! On the helicopter it says suez which is zues spelled backwards.

  633. The shrinking potion is not in the upper right hand corner. It’s in the upper left hand. Just FYI. BTW, if you go in the no longer vandalized masterpiece painting’s in BW’s dream, the spider’s no longer attack you.

  634. hey does anyone here swim for the swimteam coast gaurd blue dolphins or has a sibling who does? [just asking ,and ps i do.]

  635. Hey, Smart Flame here, hey guys guess what i did on poptropica today?

  636. I made an Austin Moon costume from Austin and Ally.

  637. I can’t wait for zomberry island

  638. Hi tough lighting, How are u? the charlie and the chocolate factory is for everyone now.

  639. Hey icy lighting, i want to be ur friend

  640. IT’S 12.12.12

  641. If anyone needs any help on an island email me.

  642. Party in the multi verse code Bxr42!

  643. If anyone needs help on any islands than email me my email is Sairahjune@gmail.com just send a message with your username, password and an island you need done,i swear on my mothers life this isnt fake.

  644. Hi! I love this island… I completed it twice! So… if anyone needs help, well, I guess I will know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  645. thats cus this island is incredibly easy.

  646. I can’t seem to be able to get back to the blimp? Does anyone know how to get back?!?

  647. 😛
    I’m so bored…

  648. party at the multiverse DKN96 PLEZ COME!!!! P.S this is a real room code

  649. Come guys i completed all the islands and has created a party (Sweet Tooth Party) code: BXM56

  650. I love all the islands in Poptropica and I think that it’s a great place to play games and have fun. But one thing I really don’t like is that you need to be a member to play the bonus quests. I just hate how they’re trying to make money out of people’s curiosity. I mean, you can advertise, make members-only gold cards, but making people pay money just so they can know what’s gonna happen next is pathetic. I know they need money to make the game better and stuff, but they already have a lot of members and stuff.

    Just my opinion, I’m not saying Poptropica sucks or anything. Feel free to disagree. 🙂

  651. @PurpleCheetah, just use the walkie talkie and the helicopter will come to get you and you can get to the blimp. 😀

  652. Also, does anyone know how I can participate in the costume contest?

  653. TALL BITE PLZ HELP ME USERNAME lewie91 password dawgs!

  654. HI lewie91 i am Massive Storm, i hope you dont mind but i went onto your game and completed the island you were stuck on. Your welcome.

  655. Oops!! Ithought E-mail password!!

  656. I really liked this island. Dream breaking…. my specialty. JK!

  657. If anyone needs help on any islands than email me my email is Sairahjune@gmail.com just send a message with your username, password and an island you need done, I swear on my mothers life this isn’t fake. I swear I don’t hack.

  658. it needs to improve i agree with zany pelican

  659. i dont think its that dumb of an idea because a lot of games do that

  660. I have an account for everyone to use! You want to play on it? None of the Islands are complete yet! First people to comment back on this gets the username and password. BTW its a member account.

  661. ive already comleted all the islands…

  662. I finished shrink Ray! It was SO easy!

  663. slippery starfish there will be nothing like that for centeries now

  664. How do u get back to the blimp??????????

  665. they spelled weirdos like this: wierdos!!!

  666. since i couldnt beat zeus on mythology imagine how bad i will be on super villain

  667. I’m Barefoot Bird!!!!!!! Add Me Fierce Moon!

  668. I couldn’t do this one so I restarted the Island ;n;

  669. Little eggs why did u restart?!

  670. Spotted hippo: use the walkie talkie to get in the chopper, then blimp

  671. Purple rain i’ll take your accont, i have completed 28 islands

  672. not that it matters much but for the members quest…. although you still have to find the letters in the order given the last 2 “words” (theg and reat) are not actually words but if you take the ‘g’ off “theg” and add it to “reat” you are left with “The Great”…. makes sense now?

  673. :poop:

  674. on the helicopter it says x401 zeuz-r backards

  675. dont say poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  676. YO who’s got a party i wanna come! Tell me the code. Peace out!!!!

  677. how do you get the shirnking potion i can’t find it in black widow

  678. I really need help getting Dr. Hares totem i can get there i keep get killed by ants

  679. I need lots of help i can not get past the 2nd time when we have to get Dr. Hares totem and suggestions? pleassse help

  680. I called the helicopter before i could talk to bisiden!!!NOOOOO!Help anybody??

  681. Aren’t any of ye gonna comment or something???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  682. Can someone complete this island for me! Only this island? My user name is curly_mustache and my password is mandmlvr223

  683. how did ye change yer pic

  684. I’ve tried sooooo hard but i can’t complete shrink ray!!!!!!!!!!

  685. I finally finished the island! I am soooooooo happy! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 😛

  686. hey Purple Rain! i’ll take you up on that offer!!

  687. This island was so easy I finished it the day it came out! And if any of y’all want a new friend my username is 13barbie13,
    Don’t judge me its an old account. Anyways please friend me!

  688. how can i friend ye 😕 😡

  689. this was kind of hard. my username is domo_lover2000….add me as ur friend:)

  690. This island is annoying. I just finished it but I didn’t enjoy basically doing Mythology island again.

  691. this island IS fun 😈 😡 :mrgreen: 🙄 😕

  692. I can’t seem to get into any multiverse…

  693. who wants to be my buddy?!?! BTW poisonivy0 is my username. JOIN THE LIGHTNING ARMY!!!!

  694. When getting the shrink potion, it isn’t in the upper right, it is in the upper left. You might want to change that.

  695. okay, yeah, i’m sorta new, so hello!!! my name is wild dragon, and you can find me on poptropica! (well, duh) my username is tomatin01. i’ve completed 26 of the 32 islands as of today. so, yeah, friend me if you’d like.
    ps: which common room is the best??? i really like the serapis one.

  696. I think the code is supposed to be Zeus the great, Zippy Turtle.
    It might seem like Zeus theg reat, though look carefully, it’s Zeus the great.
    It might be Zeus theg reat if you make the 4 letters in each place a word.

  697. wild dragon would ye like me to teach ye some emotions? 🙂

  698. wew i earned all books now i have much coins nice!!! 🙂

  699. part six is beat zues

  700. Haha!!Wrong info on the shrinking potion!It’s UPPER LEFT!
    Just correcting 😀

  701. the blue ant dig the dirt AND meatal yikes! O_O

  702. sometimes this is hard!!! but I can do it!!!!!

  703. i wish membership was free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i demand it free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  704. Thanks! I finished the island!



  707. This island was easy!!!1 my username is ds3712
    please friend me!!:)

  708. Shoeless Lobster

    Can someone help me?! I am stuck and I can’t beat Zeus.

  709. Shoeless Lobster

    Gah!!!! I can’t beat Zeus! If u want to friend me i’m katniss13201

  710. I think Jupiter is the Rome name for Zeus.

  711. I have to say, I love this website! I go on it whenever I’m in trouble. Thanks!

  712. The shrinking potion is in the upper left of the Picasso painting not the upper right.

  713. ugh i hate bards dream were there are the spiky plants because when i got to the top it sent me to the bottom so i had to restart and and i took me 2 days to do the whole thing

  714. How do you get the crystal key?

  715. the second time i completed the island it WAS SO EASY!;)

  716. Yeah, that’s why the dumb Romans named the biggest planet after him. And did you know that Saturn is really Cronus, Zeus’s dad? In mythology, Zeus was smaller than Cronus! I find that very weird! (Sorry, I just really, really, REALLY like mythology…)

  717. Hey, poptropica needs to make the profiles age with the user! I don’t want to start all over because I turned another year older.

  718. How do i leave the level? I’ve called the helicopter, but it takes me through the storm and back to the prison. I can’t defeat Zeus b/c i’m not a member fyi. PLEASE help me!

  719. this was so easy once I knew what to do in the first dream.

  720. thank you for this website I would have never beaten the islands if it wasen’t for you

  721. I was going to the walkthrough, and then I saw ‘Suez’ on the helicopter, and I remembered from a book Suez is Zeus backwards. And the building had lightning bolts on it?!?! And when I looked at Jupiter’s name, I remembered a lot of the Greek gods names in Roman were named after planets, I googled up ‘Roman god Jupiter’ and there were pictures of a dude in a toga w/ lightning bolts! Oh, you tricky game makers.

  722. It was hard beating Zeus the first time, SERIOUSLY AGAIN?! I knew he looked familiar…

  723. Zeus is a weird guy…..ME LIKEY I’m jking ppl ADD ME IM POPTESTER44

  724. How Did you Get the drill and the other items in the inventory please respone?

  725. the shrinking potion in the first painting is actually on the top left corner…

  726. Delaneytheangell

    seriously, Zeus is a total idiot! he got all of Mythology Island to rule and then he just HAD to go try to rule all of poptropica… which he failed. And then, after I beat the toga off him the first time, he just HAD to go try again… which he failed! It seems like he likes getting the toga beat of him!

  727. Delaneytheangell

    oh Delaneytheangell is my poptropica username too, so friend me!!!

  728. How do u get the shrinking postion! PLEASE TELL ME!

  729. i found a type-o or what ever in the picasso painting its the upper left not the right p.s. in black widows dream!

  730. the shrinking potion is actually in the upper left

  731. This is so amazing! Without Fierce Moon,i would not have done a ton of islands! Thank you so much,Fierce Moon! P.S. ZEUS IS TOTALLY DUMB!

  732. the shrinking potion is in the upper left, not the upper right.

  733. where was the shrinking posion in black widows dream

  734. “You’re a Poptropican who can’t help but stick your nose in trouble!”

    …Wait a minute…WHAT NOSE?!

  735. GS, ME TOO!

  736. Hey if u scramble the prison name it says NOWHERE! lol

  737. where do you get the shrinking potion

  738. Hi I’m Rosebud100000 on poptropica so friend me;)

  739. You find the shrinking potion in the upper left not the upper right 🙂