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Poptropica Cheats for Back Lot Island


The latest island from Poptropica is Back Lot Island, a fun romp through the world of old-school film-making!

Written Walkthrough:

Back Lot Island consists of 9 Areas.  Two of the areas are outside the movie studio and seven of them are inside the studio reachable by a cart, similar to the Lunar Rover on Lunar Colony.

  1. Main Street
  2. Sunrise Street
  3. Back Lot Entrance (get cart)
  4. Soundstage 1
  5. Kirk’s Trailer (use cart)
  6. Soundstage 2 (use cart)
  7. Soundstage 3 (use cart)
  8. Soundstage 4 (use cart)
  9. Post Production (use cart)

Main street contains a number of different stores (left to right):

  • Celebrity Wax Museum (common room)
  • Queequeg’s Coffeehouse
  • Digital Dreamscapes Studio
  • (Your Blimp)
  • One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency
  • A 2nd Queequeg’s Coffeehouse

Sunrise Street contains two other buildings:

  • Chinese Theater
  • Entrance to Grand Majestic Studios



In order to complete Back Lot Island you must first find a way inside the Grand Majestic Studio, then you have to help the famous director Carson Willis complete his film.  Unlike many other Poptropica islands, there is no villain.

  1. Part One: Enter the Studio
  2. Part Two: Get Kirk His Coffee
  3. Part Three: Monkey Around (Soundstage 4)
  4. Part Four: Build the Prop Train, Cast the Cowboys, Create the Effects (Soundstage 3)
  5. Part Five: Find Goldie, Get the Script, Find a Lead Actress, Act! (Soundstage 2)
  6. Part Six: Post Production
  7. Part Seven: World Premiere
  8. Bonus Quest


As always, you land on main street.  You’re immediately accosted by paparazzi who think you’re a celebrity.  Alas, you’re not.  They run off when they see former child star Willy Bingleman going into Queequeegs.

Go right and go into the One-of-a-Kind Talent Agency.  Talk to the talent agent.  She’ll send you to Harvey Scoops.  Go right to Sunrise Street area.

Head right, cross the street, at the tourists, click on the ground to see the hand and footprints of Carson Willis.  The tourists tell you Carson was one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, until his career went “off the rails”.

Keep going right until you find this guy, Harvey Scoops:


Talk to him and he’ll tell you he’s investigating activity at the Old Grand Majestic Studios.  Rumor is that something’s going on inside the studio walls.  When you offer to help, Harvey asks you to climb the nearby building and take a picture for his blog.  He gives you a TELEPHOTO CAMERA.  Unfortunately, you won’t have any idea how to use this old-fashioned camera.  So, you need to find someone who can teach you.

Go left back to Main Street.  Go all the way to the left, across the road, until you find the old man with the camera around his neck hanging out in front of the Celebrity Wax Museum.  Use the TELEPHOTO CAMERA.  He’ll give you CAMERA FILM.

Now go back to Sunrise Street to the green and purple building, Juan’s Celebrity Souvenirs.  Jump up until you’re all the way at the top and right on a small balcony. Use the CAMERA FILM. Then use the TELEPHOTO CAMERA.  You’ll be looking through the lens into the studio.  You’ll see a man with a beard and then…

Earthquake!  The balcony collapses and you fall inside the walls of the studio.

When you wake up, you’re in a mystical land of waterfalls and castles with a small dog barking at you.  It’s the magical land of…nope, sorry, you’re on a movie set in an area called the Backlot Entrance.



Head left and click on the big gates of the studio to open them. You need them to be open later.

Now, go right until you find the doors to Soundstage 1 with the blinking “Recording in Progress” light above it.  Click on it and a woman will appear asking if you’re from studio security.  She tells you that the legendary director Carson Willis is really close to finishing his movie and that she’s his assistant director Sofia May.  She tells you it’s okay to go inside and check things out, just stay out of the way.  Enter Soundstage 1.

Inside the soundstage, walk left until you’re on the set.  Oops, you ruined the scene!  The star Kirk Strayer storms off.  Exit the soundstage and talk to Sofia.  She tells you to take the cart and go get Kirk out of his trailer.  Go right and click “Ride” on the cart.

Similar to Lunar Colony, the cart uses an overhead map which shows all the buildings inside the walls of the studio. Left clicking makes the cart accelerate.  Use the mouse to aim your cart. You’re looking for Kirk Strayer’s trailer.  Head south out of the parking lot of Soundstage 1 until you’re on the main studio street.  Keep going south until you come to an intersection.  Go east, then north into the parking area.  Kirk’s trailer is in the north part of the lot.  Click on the trailer.

Talk to the director, who’ll tell you there’s no movie without the star.  Click on the trailer door.  Kirk will tell you that he’ll come out if you refill his half-caf, double…wait, half-caf, latte, double espresso…wait…it’s a half-caf leviathan latte-espresso!  Pick up KIRK’S empty HALF-CAF LEVIATHAN LATTE-ESPRESSO CUP.  Time to head to the Queequeeg’s Coffeehouse!

Get back in your cart, go south out of Kirk’s trailer lot, go west to the intersection, go north and then west to the water tower and the parking lot for Soundstage 1.  Click on Sunrise Street to exit.  Go back to Main Street and enter the first Queequeg’s you come to, to the right of the Talent Agency.

Talk to the barista.  They’re out of half-caf leviathan latte-espresso.  But you can get a Full-Caf Infant Espresso instead by clicking on each item.  Press Buy and you’ll get an INFANT SIZED-COFFEE (full espresso).

Now go to the second Queequeg’s Coffeehouse, to the left of the Digital Dreamscapes studios.  Talk to the barista to get the menu.  Click on Latte, Infant, and Decaf to get an INFANT SIZED-COFFEE (decaf latte).

You see where this is going, right?  Kirk wants a half-caf, half-decaf, half-latte, half-espresso cup of coffee.  Go into your backpack and Use one of the INFANT-SIZED COFFEEs.  Then click on each cup and use your mouse to position the small cup over the large cup to pour it.  Once you’ve poured both: presto!  One HALF-CAF LEVIATHAN LATTE-ESPRESSO.  Phew.

Head back to Kirk’s trailer on the studio lot and click on his trailer door.  Hurrah, the coffee has calmed him and he’s ready to work again.  The director is thrilled and asks you to come see him in Soundstage 1 for some more errands.  Go back to Soundstage 1.

Camera Game
Just as you enter the soundstage, the cameraman walks off.  The director asks you to film the next scene.  Jump up on the camera platform and click on the camera. The goal is to keep Kirk in the center of the camera shot the whole time.  It’s a little tricky.  The gray circle that represents the center of the frame is sensitive, so you have to move it slowly.  At the same time, Kirk will move quickly when he gets scared or cold.  It might take a few tries. Once you get it, the director will thank you and ask you to drive around the studio and see if you can help out with other tasks to help finish the movie.

[EDIT: Okay, this can be a LOT harder if the computer you’re using isn’t responsive enough. The first time I tried this it only took me three tries. But when I tried to do it when I was recording, it took me over a hundred times and I still couldn’t get it, because the video software was slowing my computer down too much. SO, if you’re struggling with this, try shutting down all of the software except your browser OR…try a different computer.]


At the bottom right of the cart map is Soundstage 4.  Inside you’ll find Carson Willis directing Kirk in a monkey suit.  Kirk throws a tantrum and walks off.  Ready to be a star?  Walk by the gorilla mask and costume to put them on.  Then jump on the stage.

City Destroy Game
Game description: “Jump on the rooftops all the way to the top to collect the red balloon.  Be sure to pop all the green balloons on the way.”  While you’re jumping, cannons will be shooting at you, slowly lowering your “life” bar.  The trick is that you can destroy the cannons by hitting them and you can smash the army men by landing on top of them.  There’s one level that’s the toughest because it has three army men.  Try to jump on all three of them at once.  When you get the red balloon, you win.
Soundstage 3 is on the opposite side of the studio from Soundstage 4 at the bottom left of the studio map.  The entrance is on the western side.  Take the cart there.  Sofia (boy, she gets around) tells you that the set-builder is a no-show.  You need to sift through the props to build a prop train.  Click on the large prop bag to the left.

Build the Prop Train
Using your mouse, click on the different pieces of wood to fill out the train blueprints.  There are more wooden pieces than you need, so there are multiple ways to complete each puzzle.  Below are three possible ways:





Cast the Cowboys
Once you’ve built the train, Sofia will ask you to grab the hats and fill out the parts with out-of-work actors milling around Sunrise Street.  Jump up to the second level and grab the white and black cowboy hats.  Then exit the soundstage and head to Main Street.

Go into the first Queequeg’s and offer Willy Bingleman the BLACK HAT (use it in front of him).  Next go into the Digital Dreamscapes studio and go left until you find actor in the motion-capture suit.  Offer him the WHITE HAT.  Head back to Soundstage 3 and talk to Sofia.

Create the Stage Effects
The actors are on a treadmill.  You have three possible stage effects buttons below them: a tornado, a villain (hat), and a buffalo.  Simply hit the button when the director calls for that thing.  It’s easy.

Find Goldie
Exit the soundstage and jump in the cart.  Head northeast from the Soundstage 3 lot to the opposite side of the studio cart map to Soundstage 2.

Inside you’ll find assistant director Sofia May.  Talk to her and she’ll tell you that you need to find Goldie and get the script.  He’s “probably in his usual spot, head in the clouds”.  That right there is what they call a clue.
Go back to Soundstage 1 and jump up onto the roof of the soundstage.  You’ll see the pipe-smoking screenwriter, busily typing away at a screenplay. Click on him to talk to him.  His brilliant screenplay will blow away and land on Sunrise Street.  Head there.

Get the Script
There are four pages, two on Sunrise Street:

  1. stuck on the TV antenna on top of Juan’s Celebrity Souvenirs
  2. at the very top of the Chinese theater.  The sides of center part of the roof will help you bounce to reach it.

And two on Main Street:

  1. in the neon sign on top of the first Queequeg’s, to the right of the Talent Agency
  2. on the far left of the roof of the Celebrity Wax Museum

Head back to Soundstage 2 and talk to Sofia who will tell you that the script pages are out of order.  Go into your backpack and examine the page.  Use your mouse to place the gold numbers onto the correct page.

Page 1 begins: “The Many-Splendored Zephyr…”

Page 2 begins: “PILOT: ‘I know what you’re thinking. You can’t come with!’”

Page 3 begins: “PILOT: ‘What is it?’”

Page 4 begins: “The NAVIGATOR smiles bravely…”

Find a Lead Actress
Talk to Sofia again.  She tells you that the lead actress never showed up.  They need a “Lacey Williams type.”  Sofia gives you an ACTRESS HEADSHOT to match.

Go to the Talent Agency on Main Street.  Use the ACTRESS HEADSHOT next to the talent agent (who looks vaguely familiar).  Yup, it’s Lacey Williams herself!  Head back to Soundstage 2.

Act the Role of Navigator
Talk to Sofia and she’ll tell you that you need to act the role of the navigator!  Quick, get in costume.  Jump up to the dressing room at the upper left hand side of the room and click “Get Dressed”.

Now that you’re in costume and the camera is rolling, you need to remember your lines!  Did you read the script?  No?  Well, here you go…

  1. “But–”
  2. (Offer her a compass)
  3. “Safe journeys!  I’ll never forget you!”
  4. “Noooooo!”

Nice acting!  Exit the soundstage and head to the Post Production building, at the bottom of the cart map, towards the center.



Enter the Post Production building.  Inside you’ll find the director who tells you the first thing you need to do is edit the film.  Follow him into the Film Editing bay.  Click on the film editing machine.

Film Editor
“Can you find the mistake?  Scrub through each scene and locate the frame with the error, then splice it out with the razor.”  You’ll see three rolls of film.  In each roll is something that is off.  The first one has a yellow banana, the second one has a boom mic in shot, and the third one has stuffing coming out of the bear.  Use the bar at the bottom of each roll to move it forward or backward one frame at a time.  When you see the mistake, click on the razor blade at the right.  Then left click and hold to cut between the green lines.  Cut above the film cell and below it to splice it out.  Do it three times to finish.

Click on the director who will tell you it’s time to add sound.  Follow him into the sound editing bay to the right.  Click on one of the sound effect props.

Foley Sound
“Each of the scenes needs four sounds added at the right time.  Click on the correct sound when you see the indicator flash on screen.”  There are 16 sound effect (SFX) buttons along the bottom.  In the middle is a rolling film.  At the top is a digital screen which will flash and tell you which SFX button to hit.

First clip:

  1. Rain (rustling paper)
  2. Thunder (metal sheet)
  3. Balloon popping (balloon)
  4. Balloon hitting water (cup of water)

 Second clip:

  1. Fireplace (match and can)
  2. Plates rattling (plates)
  3. Bear growling (bear)
  4. Ghost moaning (ghost)

Third clip:

  1. Buffalo (buffalo)
  2. Horses galloping (coconuts)
  3. Train (brushes and whistle)
  4. Punch (paddle and meat)

Fourth clip:

  1. Airplane (fan)
  2. Kong landing on building (anvil hitting box)
  3. Gorilla howl (gorilla)
  4. Kong falling (bottle)

Follow the director and talk to him.  He’ll give you FILM REELS to deliver to the theater while he has mysterious other business to attend to.  Head to the Chinese theater on Sunrise Street.



Sofia May is waiting for you in front of the Chinese Theater.  The marquee shows: “Now Playing: The Many-Splendored Zephyr, The new film from Carson Willis, World Premiere”.  Talk to Sofia and she’ll explain Carson’s behavior.  Then enter the theater.

You need to get to the projector.  Jump up onto the stage at the far right, then onto the theater boxes with the critics in them.  Jump across them into the balcony.  Then head left to the projector.  Go into your backpack and use the FILM.  Enjoy the movie!

Once the movie’s over, head outside to get your medallion.  Congratulations, you just completed Back Lot Island!



But wait…there’s a bonus quest to be had.  Sofia tells you that a camera was left on in Soundstage 1.  The bonus quest description: “Sneak into the studio and evade security to win a new prize in this island’s bonus quest!  Plus, get a bonus prize pack of costumes and items.”

Enter the studio and go to Soundstage 1.  Jump up to the camera to grab it.  Just as you do, the Warren sisters, the owners of Grand Majestic Studios, will catch you and accuse you of trespassing.  You hightail it out of there.

Avoid Back Lot Security
“Avoid and outlast the Back Lot security.  Collect (rockets) for speed boosts.  Collect (green balls) for extra protection.”

You’ll be in your cart and need to dodge the security carts that come after you.  The trick is to just stay to the outside roads as much as possible.  Don’t try grabbing the rockets or green balls, just keep moving.  It’s a little challenging, but not super difficult.

The reward is a cool hand-held camera!  Congrats!


Video Walkthrough:


Our Original Post When Back Lot Island Was Announced:

Welp, it’s official!  As was previously, if unintentionally, announced earlier, the next adventure from the fine folks at Poptropica is Back Lot Island!  On the Creator’s Blog, they describe it like this:

The greatest filmmaker of all time has come out of hiding, and he needs your help to make his masterpiece. But will you be producing the next big blockbuster, or is there trouble in tinseltown? From the first frame to the final cut, it’s lights, camera, action!

Based on the great teaser trailer, this next island looks to be a really exciting journey from classic cinema to effects-laden modern action flicks. Check it out below.

Again, it’s an amazing and very cool coincidence that the island you guys came up with for our Design Our Own Island Project, ended up being the identically themed Movie Island. It’s our Poptropica wish fulfilled!

And remember that we’ll have our award-winning* video walkthroughs and written guide up as soon as we can after Back Lot Island launches. No launch date has been announced, but we’ll keep  you posted.

* Winner of the 2013 Award for Best Poptropica Video and Written Walkthroughs (issued by the completely un-biased judge, Zippy Turtle). There were no runner-ups.

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    is anybody iranian here iam add me rockgirl3250

  90. I love this island it’s so fun!!! XP


  92. hey everyone! if you want to add me i’m silvercool101.
    (Don’t judge, I made that when I was 7)
    Also I have a multiverse: DSS92
    Hope you all can Come!!!
    ~Blue Claw

  93. I’m here in my Multiverse doing random moves;
    CODE: DSS92

  94. when you give the coffee to kirk i clicked on the door and he only says refill his coffee then i go to my backpack and i click use on the full cup of coffee and it says there’s nothing to do with it now, so what do i do?

  95. hmmmm… yvrsftceas4w6asdeb57df6tugvb,hiuhljb6ufgvyihv9867cry03489gtocrh0i[of;od’ck[.v]g9iuo6u0ny8hukg6myewk,vipgrjdbyjmcf\
    gyjglb nu bhtyp403r87bgvfty 08uge8 tnv97ovt0ygtobv8o u vtvrbgtuetbgodrbgfuodvrteoagroavbgf9ao9bgtfagdrobfubvdo dsf9tes fc9ew7tf r7W6T 7GF 7SEFS6BFB79SFBSY7 YFIETSFVESTY fydgbf ydf ityes f I

  96. hey how do you get the right coffee mix? btw,sticky cactus,i like ur poem.it’s pretty funny.

  97. Add me! This name ^ (My name here) is my name in poptropica…Oh and THIS IS THE MOST AWESOMEST ISLAND EVERRRRR! (crossed fingers) there maybe better island awaiting instead of this island.But this is the best island i’ve ever played (Temporaly)
    (i guess the arrow that i’m pointing at is wrong spelling
    don’t judge my spellings i just forgot to spell it
    it right) Well trying to try all multiverses

  98. when i saw the name “Kirk Strayer” my mind went to Homestuck’s character “Dirk Strider”. I didn’t know if it’s some sort of reference or what..

  99. This island is well cool the muisc to match? Now thats what i call music 83!! my favorite!!!

  100. Thanks for your help!!! By the way, can i have multiverse codes? I’m CRITICALLY bored… 🙁

    Lucky Snowball.

  101. i cant figure out how to do the splicing thing, i apparently keep cutting where im not supposed to. can somebody help me?!?

  102. i love this island but i am stuck where u have the flims

  103. The Camera Game took me one try! Seriously! Believe me!

  104. but how do u cut the film its impossible can someone tell me how to do it better

  105. really i cant cut the film thingy i cut it en between the green lines nd it sais that im cuting out side of the lines!!

  106. you can get the right coffee mix by ordering espresso infant full off the menu in the first coffee shop. Then order a latte infant decaf off the menu. Then click use on anyone of them. Pour the last cup into the middle one and then pour the first one in the middle one.

  107. I got past the camera game in just ONE try!

  108. who likes to dance and sing and be a boy when she is a girl i do

  109. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. what is your favioret color

  111. hi, Cheerful Tornado! New in poptropica?

  112. I completed backlot island!

  113. Anyone who is having trouble with cutting the film, put the BOTTOM of the razor in between the lines.

    Have A Great Day! ^.^ – Yellow Snowball

  114. Hi! Need help with any islands? I can help u! especially on Game show island (3x) and Mystery Train island (7 or 8x) I only havent completed: Nabooti island, Astro Knights, Skullduggery, Steamworks, Wimpy Wonderland, Poptropilis games because i can’t get to play it :(, Lunar Colony, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. They make it easier for members or something cuz the walkthroughs are different than some of my games!!! Anyway just leave ur username and password (at ur own risk) and I PROMISE I wont change the password, change info on pop quizzes, or change anything except that u have completed one more island! 🙂

  115. where is the post production?

  116. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. I had to restart it. I love the island, but I also HATE it!

  118. hey crazy hippo, whats your username?

  119. hey gentle fire, whats your username?
    mine is mariaisastar

  120. friend me!

  121. Cool Smarticle


  122. Hello.

  123. Cool Smarticle

    Hi Tall Bubble! Are you new here?

  124. Cool Smarticle

    I friended you Happy Hippo! 😛

  125. Hey y’all! I’m throwin’ a MULTIVERSE PARTY!!
    People Invited:
    The Room Code:
    And don’t forget to add me through the username thing! My user is fly3488.
    ~*Tough Star*~

  126. Don’t forget that you also have to bring:
    AT LEAST 2 items from a Store Outfit
    IF YOU’RE A MEMBER: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Island Everlasting Gobstopper Power, Zomberry Island Big Blue Power, anything else you’d like to bring that’s Members Only
    ~*Tough Star*~

  127. Welp, here’s my character.
    A blondie, wearing a hat and coat from the Pop Star store outfit, wearing a dress from Shrink Ray Island and a belt from one of my buddies, and chewing gum from Shrink Shot.
    ~*Tough Star*~

  128. Absolutley loved this amazing island!!!! but I kinda do miss the old style of the older islands my favorite one was 24 carrot island!! I this they should make a Les Miserables Island it would be awesome!!!! p.s. sry 4 bad spelling:)

  129. I am also throwing a multiverse party my user name is tinkfriendbella2002!!! and avatar name is Rough Crush!

  130. Where did you get the glasses ❓

  131. hi i have watched all of your poptropica videos please freand me its silverstorm395

  132. befriend hi.juyo and 55990022567 and customize athena’s staff and hade’s staff from the closet. voila you have athena’s or/and hade’s staff
    p.s can’t customize zeus’s staff boohoo ):

  133. haha but the hardest part is in the end, with the time i need to cut …

  134. don’t you guys think that it would be cool if they made an island where half the island was for girl poptropicans and the other for boys, and your family was stuck on the other side of the island and you have to be reunited with them and along the way you run into a bunch of obstacles, and this kid can’t find his family and you have to reunite him with his parents?

  135. Shy Moon i read homestuck toooooo im might lightning c: you should add me

  136. i’m a rebel. i ordered the papers BEFORE i saw her #SWAGGGGGGGGGY

  137. thanks and i got the camera one on the first try

  138. @ Zarah – Videos? What videos? What are you talking about?
    @ Smart Ant – Yes you can. Not off of them, but from a dummy.

  139. I love Back lot island add me I’m Amaturasu1 (wolf in japanise) I’m not jaspanise. I always wanted to be a singer and dancer. No rude comments

  140. the film editing is immpossible!

  141. I want a walk through Video

  142. Zarah and Smart Ant are never coming back.

  143. Same goes for Tough Star and Tall Bubble

  144. how do you get the paper on top of the chinese looking movie theater? (i jumped on the bouncy wall but its not making me go high enough)

  145. why is everybody saying they are “board” instead of bored?

  146. Gods, this island sure looks like fun!!

  147. Thanks really helped so how do you solve the worlds in the first place to tell *us how?

  148. this is a hard island. sigh”

  149. me too lazy rocks i only took one try in the camera game!!! 🙂

  150. Hey… Does anybody notice the sign behind the tourists on Sunrise Street? It’s called “The Hobo”, and I think it’s supposed to resemble “The Hobbit”! XD XD XD I literally laughed when I saw that… Please forgive my stupidity if the sign is SUPPOSED to be that obvious! 😛

  151. How do you cut between the green lines? I have tried millions of times and I still can’t do it! Anyone else know how to do it?

  152. you should post a video cheat

  153. beefy lightning

    thanks so much these cheats really help me get through lot of islands I didn’t get at first 🙂

  154. So Carson’s strange behavior was…? He went after money and he turned into a monster?

  155. Bendy Biker (Aka 90000bucks)

    I didn’t even complete this island but I will complete it.

  156. cant figure out how to use the razor to cut the films please please please help me

  157. cant figure out how to use the razor to cut the films please please please help me i do not know how your directions do not make any sense


  159. this was a pretty cool island. BTW please come up to my room. it kinda gets boring with no islands to complete on poptropica.
    room code: EQG68
    it’s a woodland theme so bring whatever seems woodlandish to y’all!

  160. anyone know where the post production building is??? for some reason mine doesn’t have a map so I dunno where it is.

  161. hi zippy – can i call you zippy? – anyway does your avatar not wear glasses ,has blond hair ,has red lipstick ,and do you eat cereal for breakfast? 😮 P.S. because i think i have you as a friend! check on your friends for “Perfect Skull”:)

  162. hey baby your ugly by the way do you like davis

  163. gentle drummer there’s little kids here! by the way hi! 🙂 P.S. gentle drummer is my brother! >:)

  164. The camera shot isn’t that hard, only took me1shot!

  165. i havent played this island yet but it seems interesting

  166. Well that would be a weird proposition.

  167. i cant grab the camera

  168. I know this sounds stupid but wheres post production?

  169. i cant do the camera game. ugh!!! help?

  170. interesting my username is rockgirl3250 please add me and this is my e mail please email me arminafani@yahoo.com

  171. I need help with the model train making. My puzzle pieces don’t match with the picture.

  172. @ CT – ❓ ❓ ❓

  173. I just completed back lot and I loved it. I think that that you should keep the islands coming!!!

  174. Arghhh. I can’t get past the camera game. It’s almost impossible!!!!!!

  175. The camera game was easy since my computer didn’t lag. I didn’t get the razor game at first so it was hard for me.

  176. Lone Heart??? Nah. Can’t be.

  177. thanks for helping me! I’m such a noob when it comes to finding things and puzzels.
    I wan’t on Poptropica in like, a year so when i got back on I got stuck and remembered that there was a website that helped me. Thanks!!!!! 😀

    -Silver Dolphin

  178. hey guys my username is redwasabi please add me 🙂

  179. Does anyone know how to change your Poptropican avatar’s name AFTER you’ve cretaed an account? ‘Cuz, come on, srsly, why Sneaky Hamburger? Why ME?! WAHHHHHAAHHHH!!!!