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Zeus is a famous king of Greek Gods, the mighty one. Here in Mythology Island, he shares power with his brother Hades and Poseidon and he stays in Mount Olympus. When you picked an apple on the Tree of Immortality he will come down and will assign you on a quest. The quest is about gathering the five sacred items. Zeus has an evil plan which is to rule Poptropica. He sends you on the quest for the benefits of himself. When you complete this said quest, you will find out the special message contained by the five items which is “Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica”. The revelation of his whole plan was too late for you, because Zeus will arrive and betrays you. Now you need to ask for Hercules to collect Poseidon trident and Hades crown and to help to reach the Mount Olympus by smashing the locked gate. But when you get in there, Medusa will turn Hercules into statue and that makes you alone on your final battle. It is now in your hands to save Poptropica on the evil plot of Zeus.

How to beat Zeus?

Use Hades crown and Poseidon trident to summon pink clouds for you to float. You need to shoot Zeus but need to dodge on his attacks. He will start to glow and will throw balls of energy that you need to avoid as well. He just has same basic attacks, so try to attack him in between those and when he is not glowing which is the time he is vulnerable. Also move quickly during that time to collect pink clouds to replenish your life force, because when you get hit you lose your clouds. Continue to do same routine and you will be able to defeat Zeus. He will give back the five sacred items after you win the battle and then Athena will show up to present you the Island medallion.

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