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Mr. Silva

Shrink Ray Island Villain

Mr. Silva is the science teacher of CJ which is the famous science student and the main character of the island. You will meet him first at the celebration of the PS 101 River City Science fair. He is the guy with moustache standing after the last exhibit which is the Evolution of Belly Button. You will really think that he is a good teacher on your initial meet up because he is worried about CJ, who is missing, but the truth is he is so envied with his student. He is responsible for CJ’s disappearance and the one who took the shrink ray gun invention. He is the masked man on CJ’s apartment that appeared and shoots you with the shrink ray gun that makes you little. You will discover that he is the thief when you take a peek on the telescope and received a message form CJ before you leave the apartment and do the rescue task.

How to beat Mr. Silva?

On you final task which is rescuing CJ at PS 101, you need to use the remote control truck toy and pass the mini obstacle game and must end up on window of Mr. Silva’s office. When you run to the left and meet CJ, which is the time Mr. Silva will show up and will shoot you to nothingness using the shrink ray gun. You need to dodge on it because if not, you need to start over. Next step is to jump down and run to the left. And then you need to start hiding on the objects when the shrink ray gun appears on the screen so that it will shrink them instead of you. Your last object to hide will be the mirror which is after the apple and lunchbox got shrunk. When Mr. Silva shoots you, the shrink ray will reflects off the mirror and for that he shrink himself instead. He will fall onto the ant farm jar and will be trapped. And then CJ will tell you how to go back to your normal size using the shrink ray gun. You’ll return to the science fair and CJ will use Mr. Silva on the exhibit entitled “The Incredible Shrunken Man”.

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