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Super Power Island Villain

Crusher is one of the six criminals who have escaped from prison. You will encounter him before your final battle with Betty Jetty. He stays on the junkyard which is after City Park. He shakes the ground by stomping his foot and growls. You will see him on top of a pile of junk when you arrive at the area. The police cannot capture him but it’s a great relief for them when you came to save the day!


How to beat Crusher?

To beat Crusher, you need to get on the crane’s cab but before you can do that you have to sneak past him. First you need to jump onto the fence and then to the top of the oil barrels at the right then hop on the platform where he is standing and then quickly run to the crane and climb to its cab. Next thing to do is to drag the magnet control lever to release a heavy refrigerator which will fall over Crusher and crunch him. He will lift this thing up and throws it on your direction, knocking you back down. He will get mad and will be more furious this time, so it would be harder for you to sneak past him again. So try to go back to the crane’s cab again while dodging on the oil barrels that he will hurls at you. You must also have the right time to jump on the barrels and to the other platforms to avoid fall off when he stomps.  When you get on the cab, drag the magnet control lever once again to turn it back on. This time the crane will pick up Crusher and will crush him flat. Put the anti-power handcuffs to him and send him back to jail.

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