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Black Widow

Counterfeit Island Villain

Black Widow is the world’s greatest art thief on this island and appears also in Reality TV Island as a contestant. She is interested with the famous painting named “The Scream”, and pretends to be the chief inspector. She will help you at first to prove that the thief is the mysterious guy you have met on the underground tunnel tour but when you go to her house you will find out that she is the thief and keeps the painting on her place. You are just been set up together with the mysterious guy and will be her captives and will keep you on her underground hideout. She will leave the room and that is the time you and the mysterious guy can have a conversation and help each other to escape and to capture the real thief.


How to beat Black Widow?

When you and the mysterious guy have untied each other, you need to go to the next room and must get to a special access panel and use the key card dropped by the mysterious guy when you do the motorcycle chasing. When you arrive on its private gallery, you’ll see her on the above platform. The mysterious guy will help you, he will jump on the movable platform with a handle which you need to raise so that he could be on top and catch Black Widow. After that, Black Widow will start to drop arts on the floor to destroy them. You need to catch those and prevent them from breaking because if the amount of arts that got broke reach more than a million dollar, you will fail and need to start this part again. Every four pieces you’ve catches can make her mad and her face will turn red that is the right time to turn the handle of the movable platform. But watch out for the bombs she will throw at you which you need to dodge and then continue to catch art pieces. Just do this technique until the platform was raised to the top and the mysterious guy can run towards Black Widow to catch her. Newspaper will be shown announcing her capture.

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