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Binary Bard

Astro Knights Island Villain


Mordred, before he became the Binary Bard.

The Binary Bard is a genius who brought technology to the kingdom Arturus. Originally known as Mordred, he was a brilliant and talented citizen of the kingdom and was adored by many throughout the land. But his unnatural experiments brought him to jail and when he escaped and went to space; his spaceship had crashed and makes him injured. He reconstructed his body making him a half human body and half machine. He would like to take revenge and has a dream to be the king of the kingdom Arturus and to take the whole universe as well. But he needs the three mystical weapons from the three knights to have the ultimate power for his plan. You will meet him first on the Crystal gate; he pretends to be the princess and just revealed himself when you already hand over him the three mystical weapons. He made the princess as captive and plan to marry her when he becomes a king. You must not make it happen, you must stop him or the Arturus Kingdom and the whole universe will suffer.

How to Defeat the Binary Bard

The Binary Bard

The Binary Bard after his transformation.

After he revealed himself on the Crystal gate and left, you must solve a puzzle to go through a wall where he enters. You must complete the two parts for this battle with one health meter only. First part is you will fly Merlin around, your robot owl friend, and needs to avoid on the spinning discs and Mordred’s robot arms and the zap you can get. Merlin needs to get two black bombs from those that were dropped by Mordred on the floor and then fly over him to release them when they start blinking red. When you’re done, Mordred will kill Merlin.

The next part is you need to lure Mordred close to the platform where the princess is trapped. You need to jump on him and then get on the middle of the first chandelier. When Mordred fire his laser, he will hit the chandelier instead making it fall onto him. You need to repeat the process on the other chandelier until the green orb drops from his head. His robot will be destroyed but Mordred will come back to you, good thing the princess is already there to back you up. She will knock him down. And then, the princess will take the orb to restore the power of Arturus.

Binary Bard Trivia

  • The Binary Bard is a frequent contributor to the official Poptropica Blog.
  • In a poll on the official blog in 2009, the Binary Bard was voted the most popular villain in the game with 44% of the total vote. He handily defeated The Great Booga, Director D and Dr. Hare.
  • For a brief time due to a glitch, it was possible to costumize parts of the Binary Bard’s costume. Several players kept the costume intact and you can often find players with these pieces (such as the cyborg face) in the multiplayer rooms, where you can costumize off them.


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  2. Like Mordred? Add Hunter62208 as a friend and you will see the TRUE mordred!!! Or add EliteSanity#mordred!!! 🙂

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