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Poptropica Fake Noses

Well, the Poptropica Creators had their fun April Fool’s joke about fake noses and I had mine about Poptropica closing but now April Fool’s Day is over and we’re back to (ahem) serious business. The Creators have followed up their joke by releasing actual fake noses in the Poptropica Store. These are fake nose, glasses, and mustache combo items and ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Poptropica Island Smackdown Winner

After weeks of head-to-head battles, we finally have a winner in the Poptropica Island Smackdown. Mythology Island emerged victorious in the championship round vs. Spy Island. Both islands fought hard to get there, but of course only one can reign as champion. In the end, Mythology Island beat out several worthy competitors on its path to glory, including Reality TV ... Read More »

Poptropica Island Smackdown Championship

It’s finally here. After weeks of voting, we’ve gotten down to the two finalists in the great Poptropica Island Smackdown: Spy Island and Mythology Island. Both islands defeated many strong competitors along the path to the championship round and are ready to go head-to-head to determine the best Poptropica Island so far. Here’s a more in-depth look at the two ... Read More »

Poptropica Island Smackdown – Time Tangled vs. Spy

Sorry for the long delay in getting the Poptropica Island Smackdown voting going! But now it’s here and we’re ready to rock. We’re now in the Final Four for voting. Only four islands remain: Time Tangled Island Spy Island Counterfeit Island Mythology Island In the first match-up in the Final Four round, we have Spy Island taking on Time Tangled ... Read More »

Island Smackdown Round Two – Spy vs. Nabooti

Time Tangled Island handily defeated Shark Tooth Island in the first matchup in round two of the Poptropica Island Smackdown, where you get to vote on the best island in Poptropica. Next up are two heavyweights, Spy Island and Nabooti Island. Which one will win? Read on and then vote in the poll to decide! Spy Island advanced to round ... Read More »

Island Smackdown – Spy vs. Super Power

The third competition in the Poptropica Island Smackdown is here. So far, Shark Tooth Island has put the bite on Early Poptropica and Time Tangled has tied up 24 Carrot. Both of those victories were lopsided, with the winners capturing more than two-thirds of the votes. But now we’ve got two heavyweights going head to head. Spy Island vs. Super ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Spy Island

Spy Island is one of the most popular and entertaining quests in Poptropica. In Spy Island, you are a secret agent who is given the mission of attempting to put a halt to the notorious and evil criminal organization, B.A.D. They’re up to no good, using lasers and a satellite to zap off the hair of Poptropicans all over the ... Read More »