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Game Show Robot Costume

Game Show Island will be here very soon (only a day away!) Yesterday, the Poptropica Creators released a new costume for members into the Store. It’s the Game Show Robot Costume. It features a silver metallic outfit with a cool helmet that has an old-school Cylon eye-piece (here’s a link to cyclons on Wikipedia if you don’t know what I’m ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Game Show Island

Poptropica Game Show Island has been released, and here are all the cheats for Game Show Island with a complete walkthrough. This new adventure is a bit of a cross between Reality TV Island and Cryptids/Skullduggery. You are a human far in the future, where the robots, led by the supercomputer Holmes, have taken over. Humans now serve the robots ... Read More »

Poptropica Robots in Sneak Peeks

This week, the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop is filled with more concept art and screenshots from the upcoming Poptropica Robots Island. There’s no official name yet, but I’m calling it Robots Island until I hear the official name! The creators of Poptropica have put a lot of sketches of robots up in Daily Pop over the past few ... Read More »