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Island Smackdown – Reality TV vs. Mythology

We’re halfway through the first round of the Poptropica Island Smackdown. In the previous head-to-head, Nabooti handily defeated Big Nate. Now we’ll pit two favorites against each other: Reality TV Island vs. Mythology Island. It’s a battle on many levels. Reality TV was one of the most anticipated islands ever in Poptropica and we waited a year between when it ... Read More »

Shot Put Guide for Reality TV Island

Shot Put is a simple game that is part of the Reality TV Island competition. Your goal is to throw your boulder farther than anyone else. In this event, you only get one chance and two clicks. First, a meter will move up and down to indicate the angle of your throw, and then a second power meter will move ... Read More »

Mountain Race Guide for Reality TV Island

Mountain Race is a fun competition in Reality TV Island. The goal is very simple: be the first one to the top of the mountain. All the contestants race uphill together and need to avoid boulders that come tumbling down. If you get hit by a boulder, you’ll fall down and lose precious time in the race. There are two ... Read More »

Totem Hop Guide for Reality TV Island

Totem Hop is one of the easiest challenges in Reality TV Island, but there are some good tips, tricks and good old fashioned Poptropica cheats that you can use to make sure you’re the last one standing in the game. The idea is simple: you need to stand on a totem until it starts shaking, and then quickly leap off ... Read More »

Hang Glider Guide for Reality TV Island

Hang Glider is a new challenge that was introduced when Reality TV Island went out of early access mode and became available to all players in Poptropica. In this game, you and the other contestants are all on hang gliders. You need to avoid the flying birds and the volcano eruptions and be the last player flying. This is a ... Read More »

Reality TV Island Opens Up for Everyone Today

The newest island in Poptropica, Reality TV Island, opens up today for all players. For the past month, it has only been available to paid members. A lot of people have been waiting a long time to play the island, and today is your big day! If you haven’t seen my Poptropica Reality TV Island Walkthrough yet, check it out. ... Read More »

Reality TV Island Launch Date Set

The big upcoming news is that the newest island in Poptropica, Reality TV Island, will arrive for members next Wednesday, February 24. You must be a paid Poptropica member to get early access to the island. You won’t be able to buy early access with credits, like we were able to with Astro-Knights Island and Counterfeit Island. The island will ... Read More »

Reality TV Island Teasers

The Poptropica Creators are getting busy in their blog with posting some new teasers and updates for Poptropica Reality TV Island. This new island has been discussed for a very long time, but now it looks like it’s really coming out soon! Just a few weeks before Counterfeit Island came out, the creators began posting screenshots of Comic Kid touring ... Read More »

Poptropica Reality TV Island

Reality TV Island is the upcoming quest on Poptropica. It has been marked as coming soon for a very long time, but has been repeatedly delayed for several reasons. In the meantime, many advertising mini-missions and some short quests like Poptropica Haunted House have been released, but Reality TV Island remains a mystery. Reality TV Island was originally going to ... Read More »