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Get Ready for Some Football

The 46th Superbowl is almost here and Poptropica players can start celebrating with the American Football Player costume, which is now featured prominently in the Poptropica Store. There’s nothing new about the costume but the Poptropica Creators are highlighting it on the main Poptropica blog. The costume comes in four different colors: blue, red, green and purple. Blue is definitely ... Read More »

Is A Monster Island Coming?

One of the greatest mysteries in Poptropica History is the strange tale of Monster Carnival Island. This island was promoted briefly in the early days of Poptropica, but never launched. It was then forgotten completely until the Creators posted an old sketch of the island last year in the Sneak Peeks section of Daily Pop. And now, if you’ve been ... Read More »

Monster High Sweet 1600 Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement building for girl characters on Poptropica for the popular Monster High web site and game. There have been two Monster High ads on Poptropica before, including the original Monster High ad, where you were able to get a very cool outfit in the game. In this mini-mission, they’re throwing a 1600th birthday party for Draculaura and ... Read More »

S.O.S. Arrives

The big news of the day is that S.O.S. Island has arrived on Poptropica. It’s a shorter quest than some of the more recent islands, but it’s fun. Your quest is to save people that have become trapped on the Pequod, a luxury whale-watching cruise ship. It struck an iceberg and now is sinking. Check out the full Poptropica Cheats ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for SOS Island

The latest island on Poptropica is called S.O.S. Island. In this new quest on Poptropica, a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg and begins to sink. You need to rescue everyone on board the ship before it sinks into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. The island became available for members on Thursday, January 26, 2012 and for the public ... Read More »

Poptropica 2011 – Year In Review

Can it really be that 2011 is now over? It was a pretty amazing year in Poptropica, with lots of new islands to explore, mini-games to play and special events and news. Here’s a look at all the major events in Poptropica over the past year. January 2011 The New Year got off to a quick start with some new ... Read More »

50 Million Views and 3 Years on YouTube

Hi everyone. Today is my three-year anniversary on YouTube. I started my channel there posting Club Penguin videos and quickly started adding all the Poptropica walkthroughs that you see here on PoptropicaSecrets.com. Now, on my third anniversary of having my own YouTube channel, I’m nearly at 50 million views. The exact count as of right now is 49,598,864. Wow! I ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Spook Central

Spook Central is a fun introduction to Ghost Story Island where you search all over Poptropica to find and capture five ghosts. To get started, go to the main Poptropica map and click on the Spook Central button next to the Ghost Story Island logo. You’ll get a special device called the Plasma Net, which allows you to capture ghosts. ... Read More »

Ghost Story Trailer Here

The Poptropica Creators released a trailer for Ghost Story Island, which means the island is probably going to be here really soon! Take a look at the trailer below. What do you think? Kind of spooky! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Read More »

Monster Carnival – the Forgotten Island on Poptropica

A long time ago, in a Poptropica far, far away, there was once a plan to launch an island called Monster Carnival Island. It even appeared on the map as coming soon in 2008. But before it launched, it disappeared completely and was replaced with 24 Carrot Island. Since then, Poptropica players have often wondered what became of Monster Carnival ... Read More »

Jack and Jill Ad Walkthrough

There is a new movie coming to theaters called Jack and Jill. It stars Adam Sandler, who plays both the roles. There’s an advertisement building on Main Street for most of the islands, and when you go inside you’ll meet Jack. He needs you to help him feed his sister, Jill. You need to throw mashed potatoes at her when ... Read More »