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Chicken Alarm

The Creators posted a strange and interesting screenshot up on the official Poptropica blog today. It’s a picture of a fake chicken strung up to a tree with a bell around its neck. The caption reads simply, You do need a good chicken alarm now and then. If you look closely, the tree the chicken alarm is hanging from is ... Read More »

Poptropica Pumpkin Head Card

Update: OK, thank you to everyone in the comments section for helping me to solve this one. This isn’t a new costume at all but is an old one that came out last year. So you can buy it. You just need to scroll over a bit to the older costumes. It must have come out right after the Dare ... Read More »

Woodstock Follower

I mentioned this in the Great Pumpkin Island Walkthrough, but it’s so cool it deserves a post of its own. Paid members in Poptropica who log in during the Great Pumpkin Island early access period will get a special limited edition Woodstock follower as a prize. This is the best thing ever in Poptropica. Woodstock rules! The early access period ... Read More »

Great Pumpkin Island Now Here for Members

Members can now play Great Pumpkin Island. There’s even a very special prize for completing the island (members only.) Get all the details including the complete video walkthrough here: Poptropica Cheats for Great Pumpkin Island Well, I finished Great Pumpkin Island. It’s a good adventure with a lot of different mini-games in it, including several mini-games at the Halloween Party ... Read More »

Poptropica Fish Hooks Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement quest available on some of the Poptropica islands. I found it over on Shark Tooth Island in the usual spot on Main Street. It features many of the characters from the Disney Fish Hooks TV show. In this mission, you need to sneak into the yearbook room and swap a bad photo of Bea with a ... Read More »

Snoopy Arrives in Great Pumpkin Island

Snoopy has now made an appearance in the sneak preview version of Great Pumpkin Island. If you haven’t visited it yet, travel to Great Pumpkin Island on your Poptropica map and you’ll see Snoopy there along with Charlie Brown, Linus and Lucy. Unfortunately, Snoopy doesn’t talk but you can learn more about the island by talking with the others. The ... Read More »

Dodo Bird and General Store

There are two new clues about the upcoming island in Poptropica. This isn’t about Great Pumpkin Island, the special Halloween mini-quest that’s coming for the holidays, but for a new main island quest that the Creators have been talking about for a few weeks. We’ve code-named it Dinosaur Island until we learn more. Poptropica hasn’t said it will feature dinosaurs, ... Read More »

Getting Crowded in the Pumpkin Patch

If you take a visit over to the sneak preview of the Great Pumpkin Island, you’ll see that it’s getting a little more crowded in the pumpkin patch. Last week, Charlie joined Linus and this week Lucy has appeared as well. You can talk to all three and learn a little bit more about the Great Pumpkin and the plans ... Read More »

Poptropica Pair of Kings Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission available for older Poptropicans. It’s a promotion for a new Disney TV show called Pair of Kings. In this quest, you need to rescue the two new king, Boomer and Brady. It’s a pretty simple mission where you navigate through a maze inside a cave and try to find the two kidnapped kings who are ... Read More »

Poptropica 3rd Birthday Balloons

Poptropica is celebrating its 3rd birthday this month and to mark the occasion, they’ve put lots of balloons in all of the common rooms. That includes the common areas found on all the Main Street zones in the Poptropica islands and in all the player multiverse rooms. Whenever you enter one, you’ll see a lot of balloons. Click on them ... Read More »

Charlie Brown Shows Up in Great Pumpkin Island

Looks like Linus isn’t alone anymore in the sneak preview of Great Pumpkin Island. If you go to visit, you’ll find Charlie Brown there standing next to him. You can talk to him and learn a little more about why Linus is waiting there for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. There’s still no word on when this new Halloween-themed island ... Read More »