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Secrets of the Rattlesnake Wrangler Outfit

One of the great hidden secrets in Wild West Island is the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit. It’s not required to complete the quest and it’s not totally obvious how to find it. It even was mentioned in the Poptropica Creators blog, but they didn’t give very many clues. Here’s how you get it. After you return to Rock Ridge from capturing ... Read More »

Every Cow Has a Story

If you’ve played Wild West Island yet, then you’ve probably run into this cow. When you finish the underground mine section and climb out via the rope, you’ll find this lone cow sitting in a mine cart. He’s wagging his tail a bit and nodding his head, but otherwise he doesn’t seem to notice–or care–that he’s inside an underground mine ... Read More »

Wild West Island Here for Members

Poptropica just released Wild West Island to paid members. It’s a little Valentine’s Day present for us all. In Wild West Island, you’ll take on the Grande Gang, led by the infamous outlaw, El Mustachio Grande. If you’re a paid member in Poptropica, hop on to the site now to play. Walkthrough and videos will be coming shortly! I finished ... Read More »

Wunder Bubble Tonic

The seventh and final sneak preview item from Wild West Island is now available. If you win Round ‘Em Up today, you’ll earn the mysterious bottle of Wunder Bubble Tonic. If you use this item, you’ll turn shades of different colors and blow bubbles into the air. You can turn it off but you’ll remain whatever color you last were ... Read More »

The Loaner

The prizes keep rolling in from the Wild West Island sneak preview mini-game. If you’ve been playing then you know that every two days the prizes change. The current one is The Loaner, which is a simple black hat and bullet strap outfit that you can wear over whatever you already have on. It’s not fancy but it makes you ... Read More »

Winning Round ‘Em Up in Wild West Island

The sneak preview for Poptropica Wild West Island is here and when you go to visit the island, you’ll get to play a new mini-game called Round ‘Em Up. The object of the game is to use your rope lasso to get three cattle and take them back to your ranch pen in two and a half minutes. If you ... Read More »