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Poptropica Barbie Groom and Glam Pups

There’s another Barbie advertisement quest in Poptropica. This one is available on Great Pumpkin Island. It’s very easy to do as long as you can stand to stare at the color pink for two minutes. Using a girl character on Poptropica, head over to Main Street on Great Pumpkin to get started. Go inside the building and run to the ... Read More »

Poptropica Apple Jacks Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission in Poptropica. You can find it on Main Street on most of the islands. It’s an advertisement mission for Apple Jacks cereal. The mission is pretty simple. You must go inside the building and get your assignment from two guys inside named Apple and CinnaMon. The CinnaMon dude is a tall stick of cinnamon with ... Read More »

Poptropica Fish Hooks Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement quest available on some of the Poptropica islands. I found it over on Shark Tooth Island in the usual spot on Main Street. It features many of the characters from the Disney Fish Hooks TV show. In this mission, you need to sneak into the yearbook room and swap a bad photo of Bea with a ... Read More »

New Poptropica Walkthrough Page

Hey everyone, I made a new page with all the island walkthroughs on it. You can find it in the main menu above or just click here: Poptropica Cheats and Walkthroughs Hopefully that will help everyone who has been searching around for them. I also made a new video for Early Poptropica. I did the written walkthrough a long time ... Read More »

Poptropica Pair of Kings Advertisement Walkthrough

There’s a new advertisement mission available for older Poptropicans. It’s a promotion for a new Disney TV show called Pair of Kings. In this quest, you need to rescue the two new king, Boomer and Brady. It’s a pretty simple mission where you navigate through a maze inside a cave and try to find the two kidnapped kings who are ... Read More »

Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough

Poptropica Mythology Island

Well, I finished Mythology Island and it’s a lot of fun. It’s a pretty long island, kind of like Astro-Knights. There are some really fun parts to this island and some very difficult puzzles to solve. The final battle with Zeus is a lot of fun! Here is the complete video walkthrough for the island. I will post the written ... Read More »

Counterfeit Island Walkthrough Updated

OK, so I have had the video walkthrough of Counterfeit Island going for a long time. The first part has 500,000 views on YouTube. Thank you everyone for watching it! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a written walkthrough and I finally put it together for those of you who don’t want to watch the videos. I updated my ... Read More »

Poptropica Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Returns

There’s a new installment of the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs mission in Poptropica. This September, there was an advertisement mission for the release of the movie in theaters. Now the movie is coming out on DVD and Blu Ray so there’s another advertisement. The mission is new and so are the rewards. Your Poptropica character needs to be ... Read More »

Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ad Mission

There’s another new advertisement mission in Poptropica called Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs. In this mission, you have 90 seconds to help Scrat find twenty acorns. The acorns are scattered around in a small room, but you need to jump around on a lot of very tall cliffs and platforms to get them all. It might take a few ... Read More »

Poptropica Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure Ad Walkthrough

There’s another new advertisement quest available on Poptropica. Your Poptropica character needs to be the right age to see it and you need to be a girl. I was able to see it in the Early Poptropica island area with my 10-year old girl character. The story of this advertisement mission is that you need to help Tinkerbell recover three ... Read More »

Poptropica Froot Loops Advertisement Mission

Another week, another new advertisement mission on Poptropica. This one is only visible if your Poptropica character is aged 6 through 8 and I think it can only be seen on some of the Poptropica islands. I know for sure you can see it on Early Poptropica. This advertisement mission is very easy, but there are a few tricky parts. ... Read More »