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Skullduggery Sailing Tip

If you’ve been playing a lot of Skullduggery Island and have moved on to some of the bigger and faster ships, then you’ve probably noticed that it gets pretty hard to make quick turns and navigate around. This is especially true down near the rocks surrounding Golden Harbor. The bigger ships move much faster, especially when you have the navigator ... Read More »

Skullduggery Island is Here for Everyone

Everyone can now play Skullduggery Island on Poptropica. The creators posted on the official blog letting everyone know that it is open and available for the public. Up until today, you had to be a paid member to play it, or have been one of the lucky people that won a contest for early access. Don’t forget that I have ... Read More »

Pirate Flags

Skullduggery Island is only a day away from the public launch. Of course, paid members have been able to play it for a few weeks, but everyone gets access on Thursday. As everyone who reads this blog already knows, Skullduggery is all about pirates! And nothing reminds people of pirates more than pirate flags. The good old skull and crossbones ... Read More »

Famous Pirates – Captain Hook

Almost everyone has heard of Captain Hook. He’s the fearsome pirate in the story of Peter Pan, and he’s Peter’s arch-nemesis. He gets his name from the hook that replaced his right hand, which was cut off by Peter Pan during one of their many sword fights. Hook’s hand was eaten by a crocodile, and the hungry croc pursues Captain ... Read More »

Ships in Skullduggery Island

One of the best parts about Skullduggery Island on Poptropica is that you get your own ship and can sail it around from port to port. As you earn more money (called doubloons in the game), you can buy bigger and more powerful ships. Getting bigger ships is important for a few reasons. First, bigger ships can carry more cargo, ... Read More »

Famous Pirates – Blackbeard

The days until Skullduggery Island becomes available to everyone are quickly ticking down. To help celebrate, I’ve been posting a little bit about famous real pirates in history. Today, we’ll look at one of the most fearsome pirates of all, the notorious Captain Blackbeard. Born Edward Teach, Blackbeard originally came from Bristol, England. He was a successful and well-known pirate ... Read More »

Famous Pirates – Long John Silver

Aaaaaarrr! There are less than two weeks until Skullduggery Island launches for the public on Poptropica. Until now, only members and lucky winners of the Skullduggery Island contest have been able to play. It’s one of the biggest islands on Poptropica so far. The best part of Skullduggery is that it’s all about pirates, and in this adventure you must ... Read More »

Skullduggery Island Sneak Peek Contest

Finally, there’s something cool for non-members on Poptropica! If you’re not a member, then the next time you travel between islands and pull up your map, you’ll see an advertisement at the bottom for a chance to win early access to Skullduggery Island. They’re giving out free sneak peek access to up to 5,000 people. Well, up to 4,999 people ... Read More »

Killer Tips for Trading in Poptropica Skullduggery Island

Once you get your map pieces in Poptropica Skullduggery Island, your next major goal is to earn the mighty warship and assemble your crew so that you can fight Captain Crawfish and then go on to find the secret buried treasure. But getting your warship isn’t easy and it’s very expensive. You’ll need a lot of doubloons to upgrade your ... Read More »

Funny Shaped Clouds in Skullduggery

As you’re sailing from port to port in Skullduggery Island to do your trading at all the ports or to recover all five pieces of the map, you’ll pass by a lot of different clouds over the sea. Most of them are harmless, and some need to be avoided, like the dark gray thunderstorm clouds that can damage your ship. ... Read More »

Skullduggery Island Arrives!

It’s here at last for paid members in early access mode. Check out my Cheats for Skullduggery Island post for all the cheats and tips, including the walkthroughs. I’ve got part one finished with a video walkthrough to help you figure out Fort Ridley (the first part.) The other island walkthroughs are coming really soon! I’ve already got the map ... Read More »