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Return of Robin Hood and Light Ninja

This week, there are two more rare costumes returning to the Poptropica Store. The two outfits that have come back are the Light Ninja and the Robin Hood costumes. Only members can purchase them and they’ll only be available in September. Light Ninja The Light Ninja outfit is a white ninja costume that comes with a katana sword and nun-chucks ... Read More »

Mystery Train Inspector Outfit

There’s a new outfit available in the Poptropica Store. It’s the Mystery Train Inspector costume and it’s available for members only. You cannot buy it with credits. You can only get it with an active Poptropica membership. The new outfit is a classic 1800’s Sherlock Holmes style detective outfit, complete with a tween hat and jacket, black pants and a ... Read More »

Marshal in Charge

Howdy pardners! For all of you who want to dress for your part as Marshal in Wild West Island, then we have the outfit for you! Shop around for your fave western style shirt, (we used the shirt from the cattle driver in Rock Ridge) but many other shirts look fabulous with it as well. We got our skirt from ... Read More »

Midnight Red Ninja Costume for Members

There’s another new ninja costume available in the Poptropica Store. It’s called the Midnight Red Ninja costume and it’s available for members only. It’s based off an earlier costume, the original Midnight Ninja outfit, which is also still available in the store for everyone. The new Midnight Red Ninja costume features a black outfit with red accents. Your Poptropican will ... Read More »

End of the Rock Star Costume?

The Creators made a blog post today saying that soon, the Rock Star costume will no longer be available in the Poptropica Store. So if you want to get it, you need to go to the Poptropica Store right away. Members can get costumes for free and non-members can get it with credits from completing islands. I think this is ... Read More »

Live Report 1

Hi, Strange Moon reporting LIVE from the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica! I’ve been seeing this as a popular fashion choice: White skirt, white vest, and the blue shirt from the blue guy on Astro Knights Main Street. I kinda like it, and if you pair it with the elusive blue beret or newsboy hat, it’s really cute! Also ... Read More »

Art Students/Private School Students

It’s cliche, I know, but that only expresses it’s individuality. Everyone is so obsessed with marking their originality, that everyone has abandoned the cliches! Now’s the time to claim it! Here, you can see that it’s very simple. You need the black skirt with black tights, white and blue sweater vest combo, beret with the spiky bob, and a grey ... Read More »

Not So Normal Citizen

Ever get tired of your friends running away from you and screaming “Don’t suck my blood!” ? get this fab costume to help become a more normal part of Poptropican society. Here we have a magenta shirt with a peep of white at the neck, a brown vest-like jacket, a striped belt, and a black skirt w/ tights! Your pale ... Read More »

Something Old, Something New

Go to Mythology Island, and use the mirror to get to Aphrodite’s realm. Copy her mouth. Then, go to the restaurant place outside, copy the blue girl’s shirt ONLY. Then, buy the biker outfit and use the jacket, OR with your a cheaper, you can find someone wearing the black vest. You can use the infamous mannequin jean, or the ... Read More »

Tough Girl (or Semi-Punk/Ulti-punk)

This was one of my earlier costumes, but it’s timeless! You only NEED 225 credits, but in my version there is 375. You need to have Gamer Girl, Biker, and Rock Star 2. Use the shirt from the black Rock Star 2, the Biker Jacket and the hair from Gamer Girl. (For less credits, you might try the gray and ... Read More »

Sassy Spy Costume

This outfit uses 150 credits for: Pop Star and Royal Ball: From Pop Star, use the shirt, jacket, belt, and hair. Find someone wearing the glasses with attached microphone, and find a black skirt with black tights. Chew popgum, or use the Royal Ball mouth. Read More »