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Funny Shaped Clouds in Skullduggery

As you’re sailing from port to port in Skullduggery Island to do your trading at all the ports or to recover all five pieces of the map, you’ll pass by a lot of different clouds over the sea. Most of them are harmless, and some need to be avoided, like the dark gray thunderstorm clouds that can damage your ship. ... Read More »

Four Fashionable Outfits in Poptropica

Last week, I published a guide to cool costumes that were easy to get in Poptropica. A lot of you added comments of even more costumes that you can find, so here’s another guide of very fashionable costumes in Poptropica. These four are for girl characters. I’ll write a post tomorrow with dashing outfits for the guys. Special thanks to ... Read More »

Poptropica Skullduggery Pirate Costume

The new Poptropica Skullduggery Pirate costume has been released to paid members in the game. This is a limited edition item and you will get it automatically when you log into the game. Just remember that you have to be a paid member and you must login before May 15 to get it. The costume will appear in your backpack ... Read More »

Skullduggery Island

Update:The dates for Skullduggery Island have been announced! The island will be available for paid members on May 20, 2010. Everyone else will need to wait until June 17. If you take a look at the Poptropica Creators Blog, you’ll see a recent post with a new sneak peek screenshot for the upcoming island about Pirates. The picture looks like ... Read More »

Pirate Island Coming Soon

The pirate island now has an official name. It’s Skullduggery Island and it will be available in Early Access mode this May! The Poptropica Creators are busy working on yet another new island quest. With the public release of Mythology Island less than two weeks away, the creators posted a sneak peek screenshot to the Poptropica blog and Facebook Fan ... Read More »

Mountain Race Guide for Reality TV Island

Mountain Race is a fun competition in Reality TV Island. The goal is very simple: be the first one to the top of the mountain. All the contestants race uphill together and need to avoid boulders that come tumbling down. If you get hit by a boulder, you’ll fall down and lose precious time in the race. There are two ... Read More »

Hang Glider Guide for Reality TV Island

Hang Glider is a new challenge that was introduced when Reality TV Island went out of early access mode and became available to all players in Poptropica. In this game, you and the other contestants are all on hang gliders. You need to avoid the flying birds and the volcano eruptions and be the last player flying. This is a ... Read More »

Poptropica Mythology Island Arrives Today

No joke (I hope)! Mythology Island opens up later today in Early Access mode for paid members on Poptropica. The Mythology Island promo page on the Poptropica web site was updated recently with the release dates. Members can play starting sometime today and then the general public gets access on April 29, 2010. That’s a long way off–almost a whole ... Read More »

Poptropica Lightning Staff

To celebrate the announcement of the upcoming Poptropica Mythology Island, the creators made a new item in the Poptropica Store. It’s the lightning staff and it looks really cool. When you hold it, it has a faint glow with sparkles that animate around it. Press the spacebar to activate it and the screen will go dark as thunderclouds move overhead. ... Read More »

Strange New Island

While we’re all eagerly awaiting the early access release of Reality TV Island, the Poptropica Creators posted a sketch showing scenes from another upcoming island. Very little about it is revealed. The post is by Hazmat Hermit and all he says is: Yesterday Vlad showed me some sketches he made of one of the strangest islands yet. These can’t possibly ... Read More »

Poptropica Membership

Poptropica Membership has finally arrived in the game. Although you can still play the game completely free, now you can pay a monthly fee to get access to all of the outfits, golden power cards and early intros to the new islands in Poptropica. Before, you had to purchase and spend credits to buy all of these items. Membership costs ... Read More »