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Google Celebrates Marie Curie

Have you been to Google today? The Google Doodle is for Marie Curie, the famous lab researcher. If she were still alive, today would have been her 144th birthday. Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, was the first female professor at the University of Paris, and she coined the term, radioactivity. And as all Poptropica ... Read More »

Where is Hare?

Do you read the official Poptropica blog? If so, you may have seen that the Creators have been busy this summer posting pictures of Dr. Hare traveling around the world. They’ve been taking pictures of the Dr. Hare toy in different locations. He showed up in London, in Utah, in Maine, and in Australia. While he continues his adventures around ... Read More »

Dr. Hare Continues His Travels

Update: Well, it turns out my guess was right. The creators revealed today that Dr. Hare was hiding out in Acadia National Park in Maine. Now the only question is what is he up to? Dr. Hare is back on the Poptropica Creators blog, continuing his travels. This time, he’s shown sitting on some rocks overlooking the ocean. All we ... Read More »

Guide to the Science Fair in Shrink Ray Island

OK, so the science fair isn’t really all that important to solving Shrink Ray Island: you can read the cheats for Shrink Ray Island guide if you just want to know how to finish the quest. But since I’m a science geek myself, I really liked the whole science fair part of the mission. There are some pretty funny experiments ... Read More »

Shrink Ray Island Arrives for Members

Shrink Ray Island has arrived for members. The island launched this morning, so anyone with a paid membership account can play. Keep your eyes peeled on the Shrink Ray Island cheats page for the full walkthrough, screenshots, videos and more once they become available. If you’re already playing the island now, be sure to pop into the Poptropica Secrets forum, ... Read More »

Are Player Spaces Coming to Poptropica?

If you’ve visited the official Poptropica Creators blog recently, you may have seen that they’re running a poll in the blog sidebar asking about player spaces (a.k.a. houses) and whether we’d want to have them. The poll question reads, “Would you like your own space in Poptropica to decorate and play with friends?” The poll ends in a few hours. ... Read More »

Twisted Wizard Coming to Wimpy Wonderland

If you visit the Poptropica Creators blog, you’ll see that there’s a screenshot of the Twisted Wizard game. This is the game that Greg Heffley and his friend Rowley play in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. It also appears in Wimpy Wonderland when Greg is playing it in his house. But now it seems as though the creators ... Read More »

Announcing the Poptropica Secrets Forum

Hey everyone, I’m excited to announce the new Poptropica Secrets Forum. It’s a new place here on PoptropicaSecrets.com where you can hang out and chat, ask questions about the game, or share costume and fashion tips and tricks. There’s even a general chat area where you can talk about anything off-topic. While we’re getting started, all new accounts are moderated. ... Read More »

Poptropica Dragon Followers

There’s a new follower item in the store: dragons. When you purchase the dragon followers, you actually get three different dragons that you can use. There is a red dragon, a yellow dragon, and a blue dragon. Each one has it’s own special breath power. The red dragon breathes fire. The yellow dragon breathes a lot of smoke. The poor, ... Read More »

Cryptids Island for Members on Monday

The Poptropica Creators finally announced the launch date for Cryptids Island. It will come out this Monday, December 20 for paid members in Poptropica. Non-members will have to wait for one month to be able to play it once it’s out of early access. There’s also a video posted on the creators blog from Jeff Kinney, one of the creators ... Read More »

Cryptids Island Officially Announced

Well, we have all known for a while that the new island will be called Cryptids Island. And now it has been officially announced by Poptropica. There’s a new Cryptids Island page on the Poptropica web site that gives some details. The release date still hasn’t been announced, but you can learn a little bit more about the story behind ... Read More »