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Poptropica Dragon Followers

There’s a new follower item in the store: dragons. When you purchase the dragon followers, you actually get three different dragons that you can use. There is a red dragon, a yellow dragon, and a blue dragon. Each one has it’s own special breath power. The red dragon breathes fire. The yellow dragon breathes a lot of smoke. The poor, ... Read More »

Poptropica Lightning Staff

To celebrate the announcement of the upcoming Poptropica Mythology Island, the creators made a new item in the Poptropica Store. It’s the lightning staff and it looks really cool. When you hold it, it has a faint glow with sparkles that animate around it. Press the spacebar to activate it and the screen will go dark as thunderclouds move overhead. ... Read More »

Poptropica Costumizer

Using the Costumizer in Poptropica One of the coolest tools in Poptropica is the Costumizer. It’s really simple to use but many people don’t even know it’s there. What does the costumizer do? It lets you instantly wear any costume you see another character wearing in game. In just seconds, you can wear just about any outfit you want in ... Read More »