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Poptropica Friends

Poptropica will be releasing a new feature soon called Poptropica Friends. They haven’t provided very many details, but the basics are that you will be able to maintain a friends list of people that you meet or know in the game. You can add them as friends, share costumes and something they’re calling “game photos.” You can share costumes and ... Read More »

Vampire’s Curse Island Released for Everyone

After a few weeks of waiting, non-members in Poptropica have reason to celebrate: Vampire’s Curse Island is now available for everyone to play. You can get all the Poptropica Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island right here including the full written walkthrough. I’m also posting the video walkthroughs here on the main page just so they’re even easier to find. Vampire’s ... Read More »

Monster Carnival – the Forgotten Island on Poptropica

A long time ago, in a Poptropica far, far away, there was once a plan to launch an island called Monster Carnival Island. It even appeared on the map as coming soon in 2008. But before it launched, it disappeared completely and was replaced with 24 Carrot Island. Since then, Poptropica players have often wondered what became of Monster Carnival ... Read More »

Blimp Adventure Guide

Anyone who purchases the Poptropica inflatable blimp toy gets special access to a new mini-game called Blimp Adventure. To get access, you need to enter the code that comes on the green coin with the toy. This game has five levels, and in the game you need to put out fires set by the dastardly villain, Dr. Cumulo Nimbus. The ... Read More »

Game Show Island Released

Game Show Island was released to members on Poptropica earlier today. It’s a fun island: kind of a cross between Reality TV Island and Cryptids Island. There’s an introductory part where you learn about how the robots took control of the planet and made humans their servants. You then find the inventor of Holmes, the computer that began the revolution. ... Read More »

Back to the Old Look

Hey everyone, we’re back to the original look of PoptropicaSecrets.com. All the content on the site is the same as always: lots of Poptropica cheats and secrets and of course all the walkthroughs. But a lot of people were complaining about the “new” look that we tried out this summer, so I changed it back to the original style. I ... Read More »

Halloween Costumes – Over Excited Tourist

Looking for a great Poptropica Halloween costume that doesn’t require you to be a paid member or have lots of gold power cards from the store? PoptropicaSecrets Forum contributor Dangerous Leaf put together this ensemble from a variety of pieces that she found on a few islands. It’s quick and easy to put together and looks fun! Here’s what you ... Read More »

Dr. Hare Appears Again

Dr. Hare has appeared in another location on the official Poptropica Creator’s blog. This time, he’s standing in a plaza in front of an old building with a yellow, blue and red striped flag. A quick search on Google shows that this is the flag for Colombia. The building he’s standing in front of is in the city of Bogotá, ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Money Ladder

The brand new mini-game sneak peek for Game Show Island has arrived and it’s called Money Ladder. It’s a very straightforward trivia game done in the style of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. You need to pick the correct answer from a selection of multiple choices to a series of questions presented to you. Each time you give a ... Read More »

Where Are All the New Islands?

There’s been a lot of cool stuff in Poptropica this year. We’ve seen some recent announcements like the Legendary Swords mini-game and some earlier hints about improving the backpack and costume interface. But one thing we haven’t seen a lot of this year is islands. Yes, Poptropica is up to 22 announced islands, and that’s quite a bit, but after ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Mystery Train Island

The newest island on Poptropica is called Mystery Train Island. It was released to paid members on September 9, 2011. In Mystery Train Island, you’re on board a train headed for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. There are several celebrity travelers on board the train, including Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Gustav Eiffel and more. Early on, someone will steal ... Read More »